Earlier this year, I was blown away by the PalmPower and it’s tiny size but epic power. It may not have been the rumbliest vibrator I had tried, but it worked well, and I was curious to find out if there was something similar in power, that could be used internally.

A representative from BMS Factory (who manufacture the PalmPower) got in touch and offered me one of their LUX LX prostate massagers. They are also (supposedly) powered by a similar motor to the PalmPower (they call it ‘PowerBullet Technology). With that in mind, I felt it would have been silly to say no, and so I agreed to review the LUX LX3+. When it arrived, I wasted no time in whipping it straight out of the box and getting it charged, ready to go.

The LUX LX3+ was sent to us by BMS Factory free or charge, in exchange for an honest review.

First Impressions

Right off the bat, the LX3+ looks like a luxury product. The box it comes in is surprisingly sturdy, and is sealed for hygiene (so you know you are not getting a used product. Unfortunately, the box features several uses of the phrase ‘male stimulator’. We are in 2017 folks, sex toys do not need to be gendered. Can we not just call it a ‘prostate stimulator’ and be done with it? I appreciate this product has been out for a while, but surely we can repackage going forward? Do you have a butt hole? Then this product is for you.

As you lift the lid to the box, there is a thin, see-through bit of paper (feels a little bit like wax paper) that details all of the features of the LUX range (that it’s all silicone, waterproof and that they are all packaged in a discreet, easy to store case). That last part I take issue with; whilst the case is lovely, it’s plastered with ‘MALE STIMULATOR’ on the lid, so there is no hiding what this is, should someone happen to stumble across my box.

As for the toy itself, the LX3+ is a slightly larger version of the LX3, but offers the same features. The LX3+ features 1 button control (exactly like the PalmPower) and lasts for about 80 minutes on a full 2 hour charge. It’s USB rechargeable and is surprisingly quiet in use. It has an insertable length of 4 inches, and a circumference at it’s widest point of 4.5 inches (making this fairly beginner and intermediate friendly).

In Use

Once the LX3+ had fully charged, I turned it on. Well, I tried too. It wouldn’t turn on. Turns out it was travel locked. That will teach me to not read the manual before use (🙄) although once again, the manual is very heavily gendered and needs revising. Once I had figured out how to turn the travel lock off, the LX3+ burst into life. On it’s initial speed, it’s modestly powerful, but definitely leaning towards the buzzy side. Thankfully, we’re not talking ‘cigar tube filled with bees’ kind of buzzy, but it’s closer to that, than it is the glorious rumble of say, the Prostate Rabbit?

To increase the speed, you just have to press and hold the button on the base (just like the PalmPower). Whilst I didn’t mind that so much with the wand, it’s a little more awkward here. Cut to me on several occasions, getting frustrated because I kept accidentally turning it off. On the higher speeds, the LX3+ does become a lot buzzier, but it does contain a fair bit of power. Sadly, we are not talking the same kind of power as the wand. It’s close, but not quite there. Which is an absolute shame. But hey ho, we can’t have it all, can we?

Thank’s to it’s fairly small size, insertion of the LX3+ was swift and comfortable with a little dose of Sliquid Sassy. However, it was upon insertion that I realised I wasn’t going to completely love the LX3+. The shaft is VERY STIFF. There is literally no flex on the shaft whatsoever. The reason I loved things like the ROSA or the Backdoor Rabbit was because the shafts have a little bit of flex in them, allowing me to, sort of, wriggle the tip into the right spot for the best sensation. It’s not something you can really do here. Still, with that said, the tip of the LX3+ does (just) come into contact with my prostate, and we were soon buzzing away.

Let’s cut to the chase. Did it give me hands-free orgasm? No. Not for a lack of trying. This could be down to a number of reasons. The stiffer shaft, the less rumbly vibrations, or the fact i’ve been feeling a bit.. well, meh, for a few weeks now and I just can’t get into the mindset. I decided to bring out the Prostate Rabbit again (as this was the last product to induce a hands-free orgasm) and once again, it succeeded. So I guess perhaps, as always, whilst my butt did enjoy the vibrations, they still weren’t quite enough to make my prostate happy. Credit where credit is due though, the toy did stay in place comfortably, and it certainly helped improve the strength of my erection, and it made a plain old wank seem a little bit more enjoyable. So it’s not a complete bust, I suppose.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Can we just talk for a second about how much of a DUST MAGNET this thing is? In fact, i’m almost certain it makes it’s OWN dust. The silicone is comfortable in use, but it’s not the smoothest; still, it picked up every single speck of dust and pug hair it could find. And that was with it being INSIDE the box as well. I assure you, we do hoover (you have to when you have 2 pugs shedding everywhere) but still… I gave it a thorough clean and as I rubbed it dry, it sort of went.. dusty. It sort of reminds me of what happens with Fun Factory silicone.

As for the actual clean-up, the LX3+ is waterproof, so you can fully submerge it for a good thorough clean. The storage box is cute, but for someone like me who is rapidly running out of space, I would have preferred a storage bag be included, so I could just toss it into the chest with the other vibrators. But the box is cute, so for those of you whose collections aren’t quite as vast, it does give you a nice storage option.


So I didn’t hate it, but i’m not quite in love with it either. It’s definitely not one of the worst vibrators I have tried, and if you are new to prostate vibrations, or have a prostate that isn’t as fussy as mine, than the LX3+ is a moderately powerful little vibrator that’s a little more on the affordable side (I say little, it’s still $80, but compared to the likes of the ROSA, HUGO and the Backdoor Rabbits… it’s about half the price of most luxury brands).

My main grievances with the LX3+ simply stem down to the stiff shaft (normally that’s not a bad thing… *wink wink*), the power button and the vibrations. Still, it was mildly enjoyable in use, and I do think there are people out there who are going to love the hell out of this little prostate toy. I won’t assign it to the bottom of the trunk yet, I still think there is a place for it in my pleasure routine. We shall see…

Where to Buy

NOTE: This product has now been discontinued.

LUX LX3+ Silicone Prostate Massager

I would like to thank BMS Factory who sent us the LUX LX3+ free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinions or experiences with this or any other product we receive for review. Affiliate links have been used within this post. Please help support the blog by making your purchases through these links. Thanks! 

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