Last year, The Rabbit Company wowed me with their line of rabbit vibrators designed for anal stimulation. They were strong, rumbly and built extremely well.

It’s also great to find something I can recommend over the LELO LOKI or LOKI Wave. Not that those 2 products are bad, no. It’s just ethically, I don’t feel I can really support LELO any more. I’m not going to go in too much detail, but feel free to read this post to get an idea. Anyway, moving on…

After I posted the review, I was emailed asking if I would consider trying out another of their new products, once it released. Attached was a PDF for a product called the Prostate Rabbit. As I opened it, a sly grin spread across my face. Inevitably, more comparisons to LELO products are going to be made, and in this instance, it makes me so happy!

The Prostate Rabbit is your typical prostate massager, along with a remote control for easy hands-free play. After discovering how great the Backdoor Rabbit was, I naturally couldn’t refuse this. A few weeks later, it arrived. This was going to be fun…

The Prostate Rabbit was sent to use free of charge in exchange for an honest review by The Rabbit Company

First Impressions

The packaging is almost identical to the original rabbit vibes that we got, so I won’t go into any more detail. Inside, you get the Rabbit, the remote control and a USB charging cable. Before you use it for the first time, it needs to be charged for around 2 hours. This gives around 1 hour of play time. The Rabbit is made from smooth silicone and ABS plastic. The remote control is small, very lightweight and also coating in silicone. The remote requires a CR2032 button-style battery (but this is already included).

The Prostate Rabbit has a total of 6 different vibration modes, with 5 levels of intensity. A mix of constant, pulses and waves means there should be a pattern for everyone. Pairing the remote is simple. A quick press of the button on the Rabbit puts it into standby mode. You can then press the power button on the remote and it will buzz into life. Alternatively, you can use it without the remote. However you are limited to just the 6 modes on the highest intensity.

The Prostate Rabbit is a similar size and shape to the HUGO, perhaps having a couple of mm of additional length on both the perineal arm and the internal stimulator. It has an insertable length of around 3.5 inches, and a circumference of 4 inches. The external arms measures 3.5 inches in length. It has the rabbit ears for additional tickles and the ‘rabbit whiskers’.

In Use

Naturally, there are going to be a lot of people asking how this compares to the LELO Hugo, so I will do my best to cover as much as I can. First things first, the thing I know you are all wanting to know. How much power does the Prostate Rabbit pack. Well, when compared with the HUGO, there are actually about the same. Initially, I thought that the PR had the edge on the HUGO but feel that actually, they are almost identical when it comes to power.

So this means that the Prostate Rabbit is indeed powerful, strong and rumbly.  The patterns offered by the Prostate Rabbit are also somewhat similar. The difference here being that the pulses and random patterns seem to be a bit longer, and slightly smoother. But this is where I believe the similarities end. I personally enjoyed using the Prostate Rabbit more.

Insertion is simple, as the shaft is tapered, allowing it to not only conform to the body, but slip inside with minimal effort. The base of the rabbit is contoured nicely, so it sits between the cheeks quite comfortably. As I got comfortable, I switched it on and immediately felt the pleasant rumbles shaking through my lower extremities. The tip of the Prostate Rabbit has a slightly different shape; it’s pointed but it also has a sort of bulge, which felt like it allowed for greater contact with the prostate.

Admittedly, the first outing was a bit of a damp squib. It felt extremely nice, but it just couldn’t lead me to a hands-free orgasm. I was disappointed, but at the same time, I appreciate I perhaps may not have been in the best ‘mood’. It’s important to remember that NO toy guarantees a prostate orgasm, and it can take time to achieve one. But I wasn’t deterred. It took a few tries, but I finally achieved a hands-free orgasm. Sort of.

One afternoon, I was giving the toy another trial, and I decided I would try sitting on it, to see if this could help maximise the pressure. This already made a bit of a difference. I selected some adult entertainment and sat back, and kicked off the vibrations. As I sat there, I clenched my muscles, drawing the Prostate Rabbit closer, and then relaxed. I repeated this over and over, and it was already starting to have the desired effect. With a mix of kegel clenches, and a slight grinding of the hips, I could feel an orgasm building. I had been stroking initially, but it got to the point when I didn’t need any more.

I could just feel it building with each clench, and with each movement of my hips. I could feel myself getting a little light headed, and then it happened. I came and the whole chair shook. I was so extremely happy! Hurrah! It’s happened on 2 other occasions, but not everytime. But you know what, that’s not a bad thing. Because even when I’m not aiming for the Super-O, it’s still fun to slip the Prostate Rabbit inside and just have a good old fashioned regular wank session.

Whilst the HUGO has the sensemotion aspect (which, truth be told is a pretty cool feature), the Prostate Rabbit doesn’t need gimmicks like that. However, what it does offer is the ability to control the different motors individually (like in the regular Rabbits). So when you switch it on, pressing the ‘pattern’ button changes the pattern on both motors. But if you press the middle ‘Rabbit’ button, the external motor will change pattern on it’s own. You can also turn off individual motors as well. This allows for additional customised play.

The remote seemed to operate from a decent amount of distance. I was able to control it from opposite ends of the house, between a door and a wall. However just due to the sheer size of the Prostate Rabbit, I’m not sure it’s something you could get away with playing out in public. For standard play though, it is pretty quiet, so most people would be unaware of what you might be doing behind a closed door.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The Prostate Rabbit is ‘Splash Proof’, not Waterproof, so do be careful when cleaning. Ensure the little charging port is completely covered (you’ll need to use a well placed finger!) before attempting any rinsing. The manual suggests some antibacterial soap, rinsed with some lukewarm water (or a damp cloth). Once clean and dry, you can store it in the original box which is nice and sturdy. Although as i’m running out of room, it’s a shame a little storage bag isn’t provided. Perhaps for future models, eh?


There’s just a couple of tiny ‘niggles’. Not with the toy itself, no. I’m definitely very happy with the Prostate Rabbit. These are more to do with the ‘gendered’ advertising on the box. The Prostate Rabbit is marketed as for Him and Her. Whilst it’s great that they feel that the toy can be used by anyone; whether it’s anally or vaginally – not everyone with a prostate identifies as him, and not everyone with a vagina identifies as her. I would much rather just see products marketed ‘for anal/vaginal/clit stim’ and be done with it. That’s my opinion and i’m sticking to it.

But back to the toy. It’s strong, powerful and rumbly. It sits comfortably, the patterns are good and has given me some good orgasms. But the million dollar question. Is it better than the HUGO? Yes. I think so, but only because of the shape of the shaft. I personally felt more contact on the prostate than with the HUGO and I think that made all the difference for me. I like the ability to switch up the patterns between the motors, giving a lot more choice. This allows for a completely custom experience.

Where to Buy

US Shoppers can pick up the Prostate Rabbit from LUVOQA.

For those in the UK and Europe, you can finally pick it up from Simply Pleasure.


I would like to thank The Rabbit Company for sending us the Prostate Rabbit free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not change our opinion of this or any other product we review. Some affiliate links have been used in this post. 

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