This is a review that is long over due, and I can only apologise it has taken this long. But as things are starting to get quieter and I have more time available, I am able to catch up on all the things that are outstanding. This is for those of who you love a bit of sex furniture.

So last year, Liberator contacted me and asked if I would review couple of their items – and as Liberator is a brand that is generally highly coveted in the blog community, I of course accepted most graciously. We’ve already checked out the Fleshlight ‘On A Mission’ Mount, and now it’s time to check out the Liberator Bonbon – another toy mount, this time aimed at allowing you to use your dildos and vibrators hands free. I was quite excited about trying this one out, as there are plenty of toys in my pleasure crates that don’t get much of a look in, because I am unable to use them in the way that I like best – but could the Bonbon be about to change that?

Let’s great straight down to business, yes?

The Bonbon was sent to me free of charge, in exchange for my honest review by Liberator. Affiliate links have been used within this post.

First Impressions

The packaging for the Bonbon is exactly the same as it is for the Fleshlight mount, only smaller. Inside the box, you get an instruction leaflet, some position suggestions, the soft suede washable cover and the Bonbon that is vacuum packed. Removing the Bonbon from it’s little bag was tricky and required a bit of force, but once it was out, it swelled majestically to its final size (which, for those who are interested is 15 inches long by 12 inches wide by 8.5 inches high). Once fully formed, it’s a cute little ‘hump’ shape, designed to fit comfortable underneath you, and work with the contours of your body. It still surprises me how they manage to shrink it down so much, to fit it inside the box along with everything else.

You can use the Bonbon to mount your toys in a couple of ways. Firstly, when the washable cover goes atop the cushion, this creates a sort of ‘flap’ between the cushion and the cover. This allows you to just slip in those dildos with rounded, flared bases. It holds them surprisingly firm and stable. Alternatively, if the dildo is thin enough (i.e perhaps something like an Icicles glass dildo) you can wedge it into the slit that is built into the actual cushion. As the toy sinks into the cushion, again this holds it relatively stable. This is also where you can insert your vibrators as well.

In Use

So the idea behind the Bonbon is that it’s almost like a saddle – you can straddle it like a horse and ride your toys hands free to orgasmic bliss. It can be used as a small position enhancer too (more on that later) – so let’s start of talking about the Bonbon in its intended use – as a toy mount.

Now let me get it right out there, that this does not work for every single dildo out there, and I was sad to see that it wouldn’t work with any of my Fleshjack dildos – the pocket in the Bonbon is just too tight and the bases on those dildos are just too big – so basically, any dildo with a large base or has balls – will most likely not work with the Bonbon. However, standard round bases (much like the ones on various Tantus dildos) work perfectly – as did the Adam by Godemiche.

Thinner glass/steel dildos will also work with the Bonbon as they can be pushed right down into the Bonbon and the firm foam cushion supports them enough to hold them fairly steady when being ridden. My favourite toys to use with the Bonbon were my Tantus vibrators – I could insert the Tango into the dildo, and then place that on the Bonbon – the cover held it on firm and the slit in the middle provided space for the Tango. Both Alan and the Duchess got an excellent workout this way – and it was excellent being able to use those sorts of dildos hands-free and with vibrations – something that wouldn’t really have been possible unless someone else was holding it for me.

All those dildos that didn’t have a suction cup have suddenly found a new lease of life in my bedroom and for that, I am really happy. But it doesn’t have to stop with dildos – you can use it to play with all of your favourite vibrating toys too (providing it has a long enough handle). For example, I was able to enjoy using the LOKI and Tickling Truman this way. The Fun Factory Big Boss and MOODY were 2 others that I could slip inside for a slightly new experience. I could imagine if you placed a cordless wand inside, like the Smart Wand or Desire wand, you could grind up against it and stimulate the clitoris. The Bonbon can be used by ANYONE.

The downside to using vibrators in the Bonbon is the fact it’s not easy to change settings once it’s in the mount. You effectively have stop and dismount if you want to change things up during use. So if you DO want to use a vibrator with the mount, perhaps it’s best to have decided on what setting you want to use first before hopping on.

I mentioned earlier that you could use the Bonbon as a position enhancer as well. If you lie over the top, it can provide support for spanking or penetrative sex. However, I did notice that unlike the Fleshlight mount, the Bonbon tend to squish a lot more when being leant on – which I put down to both the smaller size of the Bonbon, as well as the fact I am a larger, taller and heavier set gentlemen. There were times when I was riding the Bonbon. I would want to grab the end like I would someone’s waist or chest – but because of it’s shorter length it felt un-natural and also, I would tend to sink down towards the bed. Not necessarily Liberator’s fault – but it’s perhaps something to think about before buying.

But generally, the Bonbon delivered what it said it would, and it has helped expand the possibilities with a lot of the toys in our collection. So that’s always a plus.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The cover on the Bonbon is removable and machine washable. After the first wash, I noticed the cover was a little tighter when trying to put it back on, but subsequent washes haven’t changed anything – and it’s still a nice snug fit. Thanks to it’s relatively small size, it’s easy to store away – however if you so wish, you could leave it out in the open and I don’t think anyone could really guess what it is, other than some sort of orthopaedic pillow.


It’s not my favourite toy mount as it is just a little too small to work with a body of my frame – but with some careful experimentation, it has worked and allowed me to play with all of those dildos that don’t have suction cups, to use them in my favourite ‘riding’ position. Until LoveArc release their new harness to work with flared base toys, this will be a worthy option until then.

Where To Buy

You can pick up the Bonbon from Liberator UK / Liberator US.

You can also grab one from Lovehoney.


I would like to thank Liberator for sending us the Bonbon free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not sway or affect my opinion on this or any other product we review for the blog. All thoughts and experiences are 100% my own, honest experiences. Affiliate links have been used within this post. 

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