In a first for the blog, I had decided that I would do a video review. But don’t panic.

For those of you who simply hate video or would much rather read a review – I’ve included a written summary after the jump, so you can still get the low down on these little beauties without having to listen to me croak and mumble my way through a video.

First Impressions

I do love how TENGA package their products. They really do look and feel like high-end, premium products. In fact, as I have mentioned before – opening a TENGA product is like opening up a new smartphone. The 3Ds are no exception. Each TENGA 3D is housed in a solid plastic cylinder which features very minimal branding or imagery. In fact, they don’t look like sex toys at all – they look like little sculpted works of art – and I reckon you could get away with leaving these in plain sight and no one would be any the wiser.

At the bottom of each cylinder is a removable ‘base’ which hides a little instruction leaflet and a sachet of water-based ‘hole lotion’ – meaning you are ready for action as soon as you get it. The sleeves are made from a TPE/TPR type material – meaning they are super stretchy. This does mean you will want to take extra care when cleaning and storing a toy like this (but more on that later). There are five different textures available – but this review will be looking at the three that I have – The Polygon, The Pile and The Module.

In Use

Unlike the TENGA eggs or Ona-cups – the 3Ds are designed to be used more than once. To use, you simply need to flip the sleeve inside out – so the texture that was on the outside is now on the inside. They flip around really easily. Using the sachet provided (or any other good quality WATER-BASED lube) simply apply to the inside of the sleeve and to yourself – and then you can slide in and have fun. The sleeves are incredibly stretchy and despite only measuring 5″ – these will stretch to accommodate almost any size – and unlike the eggs – these will retain their shape for longer. So let’s have a little look at them individually:

The Polygon

This one is easily my favourite out of the 3Ds that I have. The outer texture is a random angled geometric pattern. Once it’s turned inside out, it bulges in all the right places and caresses and teases every inch of you as you slide in and out of the sleeve. As you increase or decrease your grip on the sleeve, the sensation will either intensify or be less – meaning you can really customise your experience to be however you want it to be.

It’s interesting because when I first got this particular sleeve, I wasn’t all that impressed with it. I think visually, whilst it looked ‘nice’ – it didn’t look all that exciting, and I think that clouded my judgement when I first started to use it. In a twist, the Pile (which I will come to shortly) was my favourite, but has now become my least favourite over time. The polygon is also the easiest to clean – there’s a lot less nooks and crannies for lube and other fluids to get stuck in.

The Module

The Module was one of the first sleeve style masturbators we’d ever tried. In fact, it was over 2 years ago that we first gave them a try. The Module has a series of raised and indented ‘squares’. Unlike the Polygon, the texture in use feels a little less “obvious” but it still felt very pleasant. In fact, it was my husbands favourite texture. It was great fun watching my OH use it on himself when we first got them – although now-a-days, they don’t see that much usage.

The Pile

This was originally my favourite texture but is now my least favourite. The sleeve is covered in these little triangles that are spaced at different intervals. It looks really impressive, and I think that was what drew me too it. However, upon reflection, because all of the triangles are similarly sized and all on the same level, I can’t really feel any difference in sensation, and ultimately, it just feels really bland. It’s also the trickiest to clean as there are lots of smaller holes for gunk to get stuck!

Clean-up and Maintenance

When cleaning the TENGA 3Ds, you’ll want to ensure that you use a good quality anti-bacterial toy cleaner, and ensure that the 3Ds are completely dry before storing them away. You can use the base of the packaging to allow the 3Ds to air dry before you store them away (and it encourages air to circulate as well).

Due to the material these strokers are made from, you will want to ensure you store them in their original containers. Failing that, keep them away from other materials that could be classed as jelly/rubber-like. Toys like this are known to melt and deteriorate when stored together. These are not cheap sleeves, and designed to last for a while – and as long as you take good care of them, they will indeed last for a long time.


As the first sleeve style masturbator I ever tried – I still harbour something of a soft spot for these little buggers. They helped me introduce new and interesting sex toys to the bedroom, and you have to admit, they do look quirky and cute. The textures on some of them are a little bit hit and miss, but if you are someone who likes a more generic looking sleeve, rather than your typical pocket ‘pussy’ and ‘ass’ then you can’t really go wrong with the TENGA 3Ds.

Where to buy

I bought my TENGA 3Ds from Lovehoney: Polygon | Module | Pile

Visiting from the US? also stock them: Polygon | Module | Pile

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