A little while ago, I nearly purchased the Big Boss G4, as i’ve been lusting after it for an absolute age, but never bit the bullet.

However, after perusing the XBIZ online magazine, I saw an advert for the new G5 line that Fun Factory were due to release, including an updated version of the Big Boss. And then, as if the sex toy gods were answering my prayers, Lovehoney kindly offered me the G5 in exchange for an honest review – and I was completely happy to oblige.

When it arrived, I had been at work, and it had been a very stressful day – but coming home and seeing this behemoth of a vibrator certainly cheered me up, whilst also making me gulp with a little uncertainty.

First impressions

Fun Factory always put a lot of effort into their packaging. It comes off as both fun and luxurious. When you remove the outer slip, you get the gorgeous gold box emblazoned with the slogan ‘Your Perfect Moment’. As you lift the lid, you will find your Big Boss, along with the USB magnetic charging cable and a little care/instruction leaflet.

The Big Boss has an insertable length of 7 inches, and a chunky circumference of 5.75 inches along the entire length of the shaft. The top half of the shaft is completely flexible and will bend to almost any angle. It’s also got a good amount of ‘squish’ to it as well. The shaft has a ‘realistic’ shape, featuring a bulbous glans and some minor ‘vein’ detailing on the length.

The silicone has a fair amount of drag, which is not wholly unusual for Fun Factory toys, which is why it’s always a good idea to ensure you use a good amount of water-based lube. It’s also a massive dust magnet (as you can see from the photos).

The Big Boss will require charging before use – this will take approx. 6-8 hours to complete a full charge cycle, and you will then get between 2-4 hours playtime, dependent on which settings you use. This is a significant improvement over the 16 hour charge time for the Stronic Drei. To operate, simply press the ‘FUN’ button and it will spring into life. Using the +/- buttons allow you to cycle through the 6 speeds and 4 powerful patterns.

In use

So after allowing the Big Boss to charge, it was time to give the vibrations a test. As I switched it on, the vibrator kicks off into the middle speed (there are 6 speeds). Immediately I noticed how deep and rumbly the vibrations were. I’m not sure why, but I really wasn’t expecting that. As I moved up to the highest speed, I was impressed with how far the vibrations travelled throughout the entire length of the shaft. They permeate strongly throughout the entire length. There is some mild loss of vibrations at the tip, but it really is very mild. However, the key point is that at no point do the vibrations feel ‘buzzy’ – so fans of rumbly vibrations will be very happy indeed.

When it comes to using the Big Boss – it’s definitely something I need to warm up too. Despite the flexible squishiness of the shaft, it is massively chunky all the way down the shaft, and the bulbous tip makes penetration slightly tricky if you aren’t at least a little bit warmed up. However, after following my usual warm up routine of using the Leo, I was soon ready to take it all on. With a deep breath, I lubed up it up and began to slip it inside.

It took a few moments to full insert, but once I did, I was Immediately left feeling incredibly full. I lay back and felt tingle all over as I got accustomed to the size. When I was comfortable, I carefully turned on the vibrations. Internally, they felt just as strong on the inside, as they did on the outside. The bulbous glans was resting happily against my prostate. I initially just allowed the vibrations to just work me over, and I was soon feeling incredibly aroused. I was aching to thrust. The base of the Big Boss has an ergonomic finger loop, making it easy to keep hold of. I took another deep breath and began to thrust gently with the Big Boss. Oh god, it felt good.

With each thrust, the thick shaft was stretching my hole, whilst the vibrations provided additional stimulation around the prostate and the sphincter. It was all the best things about thrusting with a really good dildo, but improved with the introduction of the vibrations. It really didn’t take me long to reach the point of no return with the Big Boss. It’s definitely a vibrator that’s in charge.

There is a good selection of vibration speeds and patterns – the lowest speeds are definitely rumbly, but on the lowest speed, the vibrations almost disappeared and weren’t really felt inside as much as the higher speeds. The 6 patterns are split into 2 ‘categories’ – Aerobic Mode and Razzle Dazzle mode. The Aerobic vibrations are basically 3 different ‘pulsing’ settings, ranging from low to high. The Razzle Dazzle mode is best described as a mix of alternate waves and pulses. In fact, here’s the diagram from inside the instruction leaflet that might do a better job of explaining the patterns.

Personally, the Aerobic patterns did nothing for me, but the Razzle Dazzle modes had my cock twitching in time with the patterns, and it was an incredibly erotic experience, as the vibrations worked me over.


A couple of minor complaints though.

Firstly, the silicone. Whilst it makes the toy completely body safe, I am concerned that no matter how often I wash/clean the toy, it constantly looks and feels dusty. In fact, just rubbing the silicone makes it feel dusty – like a suede sofa – if you rub the fabric the wrong way (if that makes any sense). It’s only a minor complaint, purely because I always want my toys to look their best, but sadly, the Big Boss always looks dirty!

Secondly, the seam around the base of the shaft and the handle is quite noticeable, in the sense that, lube and ‘gunk’ can get stuck in there, so you’ll need to pay extra attention when cleaning to ensure everything is removed from there.

If you choose to play anally with this toy, like I did – do take some extra care. It doesn’t have a flared base, BUT it does have the finger loop in the handle – so as long as you keep a good hold on the handle, the toy would be safe for anal stimulation – but as I said, if you have a very hungry ass, just make sure you do keep hold!

Clean-up and maintenance

The Big Boss, like most of Fun Factory’s products, is completely waterproof – so not only does that make it easy to clean, but you can take it into the bath or shower for some aquatic fun (if that’s your style). A good rinse with some water and toy cleaner will be enough to ensure the Big Boss stays in good condition.

As I mentioned about the silicone, storing it in a bag or in it’s box makes absolutely no difference in terms of keeping it dust free! I always give it a quick wipe with a toy wipe before use anyway, but to be honest, i’m just fighting a losing battle.


So whilst I really enjoy prostate specific vibrators and toys, I tend to find I get much more enjoyment from regular dildos, as it’s the closest analogue to real sex. However in this case, I get the best of both worlds – I get the nice full feeling of a good, realistic dildo combined with the deep rumbly vibrations of a good prostate toy. And this certainly makes me feel incredibly good inside. So in that respect, I am really glad that Lovehoney gave me the opportunity to review this product.

If you can get past the ‘problems’ with the silicone, then this is definitely a vibrator that should be in your collection – especially if you like good vibrations and filling toys.

If you would like to get your hands on the Big Boss G5, you can order yours from Lovehoney today, where it’s available in 2 colours: Flesh or Black.


The Fun Factory Big Boss G5 was sent to me by Lovehoney free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This in no way sways my experiences or opinions on this product or any other product we review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are 100% honest and my own. Affiliate links have been used within this post. 

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