Yes! Hurrah! Finally, a toy that is meant for massaging and stimulating another part of my body! Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a good dildo, but there comes a time, when it’s just too much? Queue TENGA coming to my rescue… Merci, TENGA! Merci!

So a little while back, TENGA got in touch and asked if I wanted to review their newest edition to the FLIP ZERO series; heaven knows the last 3 releases have been HUGE successes in my bedroom (or bathroom, kitchen, garage… wherever the mood has taken me!). The original Flip Holes were a triumph. Their space-age design and cornucopia of textures made them some absolute must-haves of masturbation. When they revamped the line for the Flip Zero (0) range, I was floored. The first Zero was incredible. The design was sleeker, sexier and looked STUNNING. The texture inside was out-of-this-world and everything was just easier. It was pretty much perfection.

But TENGA were like, ‘Hold on, we got another trick up our sleeve…’ and thus, the EV was born. It looks like a regular Zero on the outside, but inside, it’s housing 2 surprisingly powerful motors, placed in strategic points, designed to send waves of vibrations throughout your penis. And it was a 10. A perfect 10. All other masturbators have paled in comparison since the EV arrived on the scene. Then the Black Strong Edition came out; featuring a tighter and more intense ride. I really liked it, but my husband not so much; so naturally the Black Strong Edition EV was inevitable.

I would like to thank TENGA Global for sending us the FLIP ZERO EV – Black Strong Edition free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

First Impressions

Receiving a package from TENGA is honestly just so exciting these days. The difference in packaging from this EV to the previous EV is literally just a colour difference. This is black, the other was white. That’s it. But, somehow, the black packaging feels much more luxurious and enticing. It’s bold, sturdy and the box feels quite heavy, so you know something expensive and exciting is inside. As you lift off the lid, you’ll find the typical instruction manual. Underneath that, your new toy lies in wait, safely cocooned in it’s charging case shell. You also get 2 sachets of lube and a USB charging cable.

It looks exactly the same as all the other devices (just in smooth matte black), but features a different internal texture. As with the first Black edition, the material inside is once again a little firmer and has a slightly more intricate design. There are 2 motors as before, and they are placed in the same sort of spots as in the original EV. Charging is the same, patterns are the same, and the motors seem to kick out the same amount of power as before. I’m still eager to give this a try. Let’s go…

In Use

I’m going to preface this by saying that if you find the original Zero’s too tight for you, then the Black EV will be an absolute no-go for you. I don’t know if it’s because of the actual texture, or the fact there are 2 motors in there now, but this feels like the tightest Flip Zero yet. Even I had a ‘slight’ issue, and i’m not the girthiest of fellows; a typical 5.5″ circumference. But I definitely noticed the tightness. Drowning the inside with lots of lube obviously does help a lot, but it’s a noticeable difference between the original EV, and even the non-vibrating Black Strong Edition.

As with the previous EV, I wanted to try out the device without vibrations, just to see how it feels. The inside texture looks a bit like the surface of the Death Star; all sorts of canyons, bumps, ridges. With a good coating of lube on myself and inside, I slipped in. I say slipped in, what I actually mean is I very slowly forced my way inside because I wasn’t expecting it to be as tight as it was. But we got in, and actually it wasn’t too uncomfortable. It was actually very nice. I could feel every little nobble and bump as I slipped the EV over my penis. Squeezing the side panels activate the suction and this creates and even more intense tightening. It really does cling to every inch of you! The first orgasm was swift and messy.

The second time round, we went for the vibrations straight away. As before, there are 5 modes of vibration; 2 constant in Low and High, a pulse mode, an alternating mode and then i’m going to call it ‘random’ because that’s what it felt like. After playing around with the modes, I settled on the alternating mode, where the vibrations switch between the 2 motors. Goodness; the tightness of the texture REALLY enhances every single vibration. Even though i’m pretty certain that the motors are the same as in the original, they feel more powerful. The positioning of the motors, the firmness of the canal and the texture… it all comes together to create a delicious symphony of pleasure. Switching it to the ‘high’ constant mode is enough to tip me over the edge. My entire body convulses and I collapse, breathless.

Every session with the EV ends the same. I actually think I like it more than the original EV, which was pretty perfect. However, as I mentioned, this one isn’t going to be for everyone. I tried to use it on the Mr. who didn’t really get on well with the first Black edition. This one was just a little too tight for him, and didn’t feel as nice for him. He much prefers the original EV. And I can understand that. For me, I think i’m leaning ever so slightly more towards this one… but it’s OK, because I really love ALL of them, and at one point, was half-tempted to throw out all other masturbators and just keep these. But that would be silly…

Clean-up and Maintenance

With tighter textures and more intricate detailing, comes great responsibility. The internals require a bit more attention when cleaning, as there are LOTS of little nooks and crannies where lube and bodily fluids can gather. With masturbators like this, it’s vital to get them thoroughly clean and allow them adequate time to dry before being stored away, in order to prolong their life.

The battery and stand once again convert into a little drying stand that helps make things a little easier. Although I do still like to give it a thorough wash, rinse it out and then take a lint-free cloth and just run it through some of the texture, just to take away some excessive moisture. These textures can hinder the drying process because they are so tight. Once it’s dry, it can go back into it’s charging case, ready for next time.


I’m trying not to ramble on as realistically, this worked as well as the original EV, and I covered a lot of my thoughts on that in the original post. Is the Black Strong Edition worth the splurge? For me, it does indeed tick all my boxes; it feels amazing, looks beautiful and leaves me feeling incredibly satisfied. It is a very close toss-up between which one I actually prefer. The original EV blew my mind (and my husband’s) and is one of our favourite toys to use together. The Black EV is more my cup of tea; and the Mr. will certainly get use out of using it on me. All four FLIP ZERO’s have something different to offer, and honestly… I really do like them all. If money is no object, the FLIP Zero EV – Black Strong Edition is a worthy addition to any collection.

Where to Buy

So far, it looks like the Black EV hasn’t made it to many retailers yet, but you can pick it up directly from TENGA (USA only), or if international, you can ship it from Lovehoney (where it retails for £189.99). As it becomes available from more retailers, I will update the links!

Once again, I would like to thank TENGA Global for sending us the FLIP ZERO EV – Black Strong Edition to us free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our experiences or opinions of this or any other product we receive for review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you wish to support TBGR, please consider making your purchases through these links! Thank you! 

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