I don’t know if I’m just getting softer as I get old, but products that previously would have turned me off seem to be having a positive effect on me. I’ve reviewed several masturbators that feature some sort of ‘rotation’ on them and I’ve hated them.

Well, hate is a strong word, I suppose. But I certainly haven’t favoured them (the cyclone?!). I received an email from a new brand called Twijoy who were very interested in having me review their product. Part of me wanted to say no; the product looks very similar to a few things we’ve reviewed recently and they were all lack-lustre and I wasn’t sure I wanted to put myself through that all again.

But then the other part of me was like “Well, they can’t *all* be terrible, right?”. Something has to buck the trend. And you know what, I’m kind of glad I did say yes because this one surprised me. It wasn’t a perfect experience but given I had very low expectations – the Twijoy Night Masturbator pleasantly surpassed them.

I would like to thank Twijoy for sending us the Night Masturbator free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate Links have been used in this post. 

First Impressions

I will be completely honest and say my first impressions of the actual product were not the best; the packaging feels very ‘white label’ and for the price of this product – I do kind of expect something a little more, I dunno – luxe? Am I just a packaging snob? Probably. But to be fair, packaging isn’t as important as the product inside. And to be honest, the design go the masturbator looks pretty white label too. Then again, how many different ways can you design a product like this and it look innovative or different?

The Night is an interactive app controlled device that has both a suction and a rotation function. For full transparency, at the time of writing; we had not been able to test the actual interactive function as the product is currently only working with android based products (the iOS app has been held up and is still not available). This doesn’t affect being able to use the masturbator as it will still work without it – we just cannot play around with the interactive features. However as soon as that is available, we will be back with an update – so watch this space!

The Night is rechargeable, waterproof* and is made from a mix of ABS, Silicone and TPE. It has a sleek, white casing and the Night breaks down into separate parts to allow for simple and easy clean-up after your session. You also receive a small pair of earbuds that can be plugged into the device to allow you to listen to the sounds of moaning and orgasm. I don’t know why this is becoming a prevalent features in these sorts of toys but it seems like it’s here to stay…

In Use

Even though I was unable to test out the interactive part, I still had a pleasant experience with the Night; a better experience than I was honestly expecting. As you open the cap to explore inside, the opening is your classic ‘donut’ shape. It doesn’t look like any particular orifice – it’s quite gender neutral (which I always appreciate). The canal then becomes a nobbly, bumpy tunnel – made from very squishy TPE. It looks fairly standard for this type of device. Operation is simple – there is a button to turn it on and then one button that controls the 7 speeds of rotation, another the 7 suction modes. There is a manual suction button and then a quick release in the middle. It’s fairly responsive and the buttons light up making it easy to see what’s what in low-light situations.

So how does it feel? Surprisingly good. There suction is strong, but feels quite ‘natural’. It feels more like contractions than suction. Twijoy suggests this simulates vaginal contractions – I wouldn’t know, personally, but it does feel a little like when my husband clenches around my dick during sex – so they could be right?! Either way, it offers a good sensation. The rotation… normally I don’t really like this – I tend to find it just over-stimulates far too quickly and it ends up feeling somewhat painful, rather than pleasurable. But here, it wasn’t so bad – and I don’t now if it’s because the texture inside is a little softer than some of the other similar devices I’ve tried, but it took a little longer for me to feel more sensitive to the sensation.

Is it perfect? No, it still took me a little while to get there – whilst the sensation was pleasant – it still felt like it was missing something. I think some vibrations might have been what was needed to really ‘boost’ this up. I think that combo would be absolutely delicious and would have me reaching for this more often. But for a first run, it’s not bad. The only issue is, I think it might be quite restrictive in terms of who can comfortably use this. According to the website, it comfortably fits girths of up to 5.7 inches (which I comfortably sit at) and I can say it was a snug (but not tight) fit. However I do worry that larger may find it a tad restrictive (although TwiJoy just suggest using lots of lube and you should be fine). I’m not sure I agree so just take that as a warning – if your 6″ or more in girth, you may not get on with this.

Clean-up and Maintenance

I love when a product makes clean-up a breeze. The Night disassembles into smaller parts to allow for the quickest and easiest clean-up of your life. The entry hole removes as one piece, then you can twist the body off which allows you to then remove the internal textured canal. All of those pieces can then just be rinsed in the sink with some soap and water and boom! You’re done! As for the main control portion – I would suggest just wiping that down with a barely damp cloth. Thankfully, there is little chance of any mess around there (apart from some lube on the control panel). Whilst it says it’s ‘waterproof’, there is a note inside the manual that says to not rinse the cup body with water.


I’m glad I did accept the offer to review the Night because I enjoyed it a lot more than I was expecting. I still think there’s a little bit to do to get it perfect, but for the first release – they haven’t done too bad! My concern is mainly with the sizing and how comfortable it would be for someone slightly larger and of course, I haven’t been able to test out the interactive features yet. However on the packaging when it arrived, there is a QR code that grants you 300 free tokens to use with the interactive content; so as soon as it’s iOS compatible (or there are other ways to use it besides Android) we will revisit and update you with how that goes.

But for now, as a rotating and sucking masturbator; it pretty much performed better than I was actually expecting; and I think if that is the type of sensation that you enjoy and don’t own anything like this – then this could be a decent place to start. I’d just love to see a Night 2 in the future that incorporates some vibrations (but they’ve got to be *good* vibrations…). I’m keeping my eye on you, Twijoy. Let’s see what you got.

Where to Buy

You can order your Night Masturbator directly from Twijoy.

Twijoy night male masturbator

I would like to thank Twijoy for sending us the Night Masturbator free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate Links have been used in this post. 

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