When it comes to male masturbators, TENGA have built up a reputation as one of the best manufacturers of male pleasure devices. Opening a TENGA product is almost as exciting as unwrapping a new iPhone. But there is so much choice, and when you have a product as pricey as the Flip-Hole – you want to make sure you get it right.

So with a little help from our new sponsors Peachy Keen, they helped me on my quest to produce a simple guide to this innovative male masturbator – to allow you to make an informed decision about which one is going to be right for you. We have tested, re-tested and tested some more so we can make sure that we cover EVERYTHING and try to make this as simple and easy to understand as possible.

So let’s just have a very quick re-cap on the Flip-Hole in general.

The TENGA Flip-Hole comes in 4 different styles: White, Black, Silver and Red. Each unit has a different texture, but ultimately are the same product – they are a re-usable male masturbator.

Each unit is designed to provide a slightly different sensation, either via the actual texture of the internal sleeve, or by how you manipulate the pressure pads on the side of the unit, which controls things like suction.

For those who are looking for the TL/DR version of the guide, please check out the table at the bottom of this guide.

Flip-Hole White

Flip Whole White

This Flip-Hole has a moderately soft texture, that’s main focus is to provide intense all round stimulation. On one side, there are lots of stimulating nodules, and on the other side there are 2 ‘walls’ that run the length of the sleeve, ending with an orb which will encapsulate the glans for all round stimulation.

During testing, we found the White to have the tightest canal – those who are around 6″ or more in circumference may find this one a tad uncomfortable. It has a moderate amount of suction but the main focus here is texture. We haven’t officially reviewed the White for the blog, however it was the first TENGA product we had tried way back in 2012.

Flip-Hole Silver

Flip Hole SilverCompared to the white, the texture here is fairly plain (at least visually) but when combined with the suction, provides a fairly intense amount of stimulation. The sleeve in this unit is much shallower and is also feels slightly firmer. The low profile texture should make this a much smoother experience, and suitable for those who would find the White Flip-Hole to be too tight.

When testing these out with my husband, he personally favoured the Silver out of all the others. Check out our full review of the Flip-Hole Silver.

Flip-Hole Black

Flip Hole BlackLike the White Flip-Hole, the big attraction here is the texture. It has a firmer sleeve (probably the firmest of the lot) and a more intense pattern. Whilst the White texture is more ‘encompassing’ – the texture is is designed for maximum frenulum and glans stimulation.

Personally, I think the Black is the most intense in terms of both texture and stimulation. Check out our full review of the Flip-Hole Black.

Flip-Hole Red

Flip Hole RedThe Red unit has a similar texture profile to the Silver – they are both fairly shallow, but here the texture is more ridged and bumpy which allows for a much stronger ‘suction’. The texture itself is fairly light and pleasant, much like the Silver. This is definitely a unit for those who seek strong amounts of suction, rather than focusing on texture.

Again, thanks to the lower profile of the texture, it’s a much smoother ride for those who have a girth of more than 6″. Check out our full review of the Flip-Hole Red.


Tenga Comparison Scale

And there we have it. Our whistle stop guide to the TENGA Flip-Holes. I really do enjoy these toys, and there really is something for everyone here. Whether you are a texture lover, or you are just looking for some serious suction – there is a Flip-Hole for you.

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Peachy Keen

This guide was produced in conjuction with Peachy Keen UK who provided us with TENGA Flip-Holes for comparison. This in no way sways our opinions on these products or any other products that we review. All words written here are 100% my own and represent my own personal feelings.