Time flies when you are having fun, as the old saying goes. And masturbation is incredibly fun. Can you believe it’s been almost TWO YEARS since the original Flip Zero was released?! What have I been doing with my life in that time?

Back in the day (I feel enough time has passed that I can say that), the Flip Zero revitalised my interest in the TENGA brand. That’s not to say I wasn’t bored with them, but you know, there is a LOT of competition out there, and it soon becomes a bit… stagnated. The new design of their signature FLIP range, was a stroke of genius. Everything got sleeker, sexier and SO MUCH MORE FUN TO USE! The original Flip Zero was (at the time) the BEST masturbator I had ever used. Of course, TENGA had do go even further and release their EV version… which is the BEST MASTURBATOR I HAVE EVER USED.

OK, that was a lot of caps in one paragraph, but I don’t think i’ve asserted my excitement enough. My old TENGA Flip-Holes have been relegated to the big sex toy graveyard in the sky (well, my attic) – i’m only here for these beauties. And TENGA have come at us again with another addition to the newly improved line. Presenting, the Flip Zero: Black Edition!

First Impressions

The packaging is exactly the same as the original Flip Zero, just in Black. So you can go back and look at that on here if you REALLY care about it. Instead, we are going to focus on what’s new in this version. Obviously, there is the colour difference. The shiny white has given way to a shiny black that, for reasons I am unsure of, looks so much nicer than the white version. However, there was just a tiny part of me that wishes it had a … matte finish, rather than the glossy finish it has here. But I am just clutching at straws here; it’s still a beautiful piece of masturbation engineering.

The Black Edition is designed to be firmer and more intense than it’s predecessor, and from opening it up and having a poke around, they weren’t kidding. The TPE material inside is definitely slightly firmer than the original. It’s not necessarily obvious with your finger… but more on that later. The texture inside has mutated into an intense orgy of huge orbs and spikes, aimed at providing sensation over every inch of you as you slip inside. What’s great about that, is no matter how long or short you are, you will get a great sensation, no matter how deep you go. But again, more on that later. Alright, enough waffling, let’s get on the good stuff…

In Use

Let’s just say TENGA were not kidding, when they said this version will offer a more intense ride. It’s very rare when I can genuinely notice a difference in texture and sensation between models; but with the Flip Zero’s, it’s like night and day. To really give myself the full experience, I started out with the original Flip Zero. The squishy texture exquisitely hugs every part of me, and I am in heaven. The sensation is smooth and pleasant; squeezing the sides creates a nice level of suction which draws me in deeper, and has me curling my toes…

After a few strokes, I am good and warmed up, still confident that the Flip Zero is one of the best penis toys on the market right now. I place the original on the towel next to me, and reach down for the Black edition. I place the top of my penis at the opening, and within a few mm of going in, I already knew I was in for something a bit different. I was met with a little resistance, but not enough to make it difficult to get inside, but enough to make me appreciate the Black edition is not messing around.

As I forced my way deeper into the toy, I could certainly feel a difference in both the firmness of the material, and the general intensity of the texture inside. Squeezing the sides created a stronger amount of suction than in the original. My whole body shuddered as I twitched inside, and I suddenly gasped, as that orgasm sprung up out of nowhere. Maybe it was the anticipation, maybe it was the fact I hadn’t had a release in a few days, or maybe, just maybe, my penis REALLY enjoyed the much more intense sensation of the Black edition. Either way, I was left with a bewildered smile on my face.

I decided I would introduce the Black edition to my husband in a blind ‘taste’ test; this really is my favourite part of the testing process – using toys on him is aways so much more fun than just on my own, and I was so curious to see what he thought. With his blindfold firmly in place, I did the same to him as I did with myself – I started off gently with the original for a few strokes, before switching it out for the Black one. Each time the Black edition wrapped itself around him, the sudden intakes of breath further proved that you can very obviously notice the difference between the two. Of course, at this point, he didn’t know which one was which, but I’m pretty certain he had an inkling.

As he was getting closer, I switched exclusively to the Black edition, and within a few moments, his body was convulsing as he reached orgasm.  Feeling a bit like a sexy optician, I said to him “So, Number 1 or Number 2?”. And then this is where he surprised me. “Number 1… Number 2 is nice but it’s very intense. Number 1 feels a bit more ‘realistic'”. So her prefers the original. Although he did say that he still really likes the Black edition; for him, he sees using the Black version to ‘get him going’ but ultimately, would then switch to the original to finish as it feels more… ‘real’ to him. Well different folks, different strokes… we can’t all like the same thing.

Clean-up and Maintenance

With great power, comes great responsibility; and naturally, with a more intricate and intense texture comes a more intense cleaning regime. There are far more nooks, crannies and hiding places for lube and bodily fluids inside the new texture. You’ll need to pay extra attention when cleaning the Black edition. Don’t be afraid to get your fingers in there and work it through every little crevice and canyon. Whilst TPE is porous and will harbour mould and bacteria over-time, with thorough cleaning and drying, your Flip Zero(s) will last you for a long time.

The clip and base of the packaging double up as a way to air dry your Flip Zero before putting it away. I only just recently discovered, there is a magnet in the clip and the base; allowing them to sit together without falling over. How i’ve only just discovered this… but it’s another nice little touch which shows a lot of thought has gone into the design of these Flip Zeros. As with our experience with the original, it did take a little while for it to air-dry (so many cracks…) so I would honestly recommend using some sort of lint-free cloth to remove some of the excess moisture BEFORE you leave it to air dry. Storage is a breeze, as it’s packaging doubles up as a simple storage case; so this helps keep it clean in between uses.


So, what do I think of the Flip Zero Black? I LOVE IT. In fact, I would go far as to say I prefer it to the original Flip Zero. But I generally do tend to prefer the slightly more textured toys, whereas my other half prefers things a bit more realistic. And that’s cool. It’s still not as good as the Flip Zero EV… but this is half the price and still feels bloody amazing!

This does give me high hopes that we will see a Flip Zero Red and a Flip Zero Silver in the future… wouldn’t that be awesome? So the big question; do you go black or white? Well, as Micheal Jackson said; it doesn’t matter (OK, that was a TENUOUS link and I am sorry…) but the answer to that question really comes down to you. I, personally really ship both of them. The original (white) still feels incredible but has a slightly softer, slightly smoother experience. The new (black) is firmer and significantly more intense. You can certainly have fun with both; but you know, that’s a LOT of dough to drop on toys. But would it be worth it? You bet.

Where To Buy

The TENGA Flip Zero Black retails for around £79.99 and can be purchased from the following:

Lovehoney (UK) / Shevibe (US/CA/UK/AU)

I would like to thank TENGA Global for sending us the Flip Zero Black free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our experiences or alter our opinions of this or any other product we receive for review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you appreciate the work we do, please consider supporting the blog by making your purchases through these links! Thank you! 

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