Since the dawn of time, there have been countless amazing inventions that have helped change the world. The wheel. The Internet. The iPhone. Nutella. And life is better with all of those things in them.

And now, in 2016, Masturbation is about to receive a huge leap forward too. OK, well maybe not quite, but the product we are reviewing today is pretty awesome. Those of you who have been long time readers will know that last year, we conducted a comparison of all four TENGA Flip-Hole masturbators. And the general consensus was that we loved them. There were a few things that I would have liked to change, but for the most part – they were pretty sweet.

Little did I know, that behind the scenes, TENGA were beginning a masturbation revolution, and the FLIP ZERO was born. The first time I laid eyes on this futuristic beauty, I sat there and silently mouthed ‘WOW’. I was beyond excited. A few weeks back, a little package turned up on my doorstep containing none other than the new Flip Zero. I have played with it – A LOT – and now it’s time to try and put my thoughts to the page.

I would like to thank TENGA-GLOBAL for sending us the Flip Zero free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

First Impressions

Right from the get go, you can see a lot of thought has gone into redesigned the Flip-Hole into this new generation masturbation device. Gone is the flimsy plastic tubing that the original toys came in. Now, there is a sleek hard plastic shell that wouldn’t look out of place in an Apple store. It also serves as a storage container once you have finished with the toy. And that’s only one of the awesome improvements they have made; but more on that later.

As you peel off the outer-plastic holding it all together, you’ll find a little tray at the bottom that sort of falls off (well, I dropped it) that contains some sachets of Lube and the instructions. It’s not a big deal, I suppose – as I generally read the instructions once and toss them, and once the lube is gone, it serves no other purpose.

You twist off the lid to reveal the Flip Zero sitting delicately on the base, which keeps the orifice covered, and dust free. The ZERO has a new shape, one that is more streamlined and much easier to hold. But that’s not the only design change. Firstly, the orifice is now seamless. They’ve swapped everything around, so the hole is now where the hinge used to be – but it’s one whole piece (see pictures).

The Flip Zero is also more ‘secure’ than the previous models too. As you remove the clip that holds it all together, you’ll find you need to squeeze it to release 4 little catches, that are also helping keep the unit together. Gone are the three ‘pressure’ buttons – there is now just one long one, that still works the same way.

It’s an odd one, because it all feels totally familiar, but at the same time, completely new. The inner textured sleeve is made from the same soft TPR, which is soft and extremely flexible. The ZERO features a whole host of toe-curling sensations (which I will cover shortly). It’s rare to say this about a wank toy, but visually I think it’s beautiful. Everything about it just feels luxurious and high end. In fact, it looks like it’s from a whole other planet when stood next to the original. Bravo, TENGA, BRAVO!

In Use

The operation of the ZERO is pretty much as you would expect, if you’ve used any of the other versions. Remove the clip on the outside, open it up, apply lube, close and then re-attach the clip. So far, so good. The first time I opened the clip to look inside, I was completely blown away by the texture that was inside. There was a lot going on, but it all looked incredibly exciting.

TENGA Flip Zero

I don’t know how TENGA come up with the names for the little features, but they seem to get the job done. So, when you first enter you are met with the RIPPLE DOME. This is a big spongy ball with ripples all over it, which looks like it’s half encased in a shell. It kind of looks like an eye, but like, a sexy eye. On the other side, there is the RIDGE WALL. It looks like half a cog stuck between two more half cogs. My description is terrible. The pictures will explain all.

In the middle on both sides, is the TRIPLE CHAIN GATE. This is just 3 rows of nubs and bumps – it doesn’t look as exciting as the next part – the LAYERED END ORB. Oh my god. It essentially looks like the RIPPLE DOME, but it’s pretty much fully enclosed, so as you slip inside, it encases the tip of the penis. It’s sort of like MAD MAX in there, really. Thankfully, there’s no Tina Turner bellowing that we don’t need another hero.

The new design of the entry orifice is an improvement as well. As it’s now all one piece, when you apply the lube inside, it’s less likely to spill out. It also looks neater and more inviting as well. It’s still ‘genderless’ though, which is fabulous as it means it will appeal almost anyone with a penis. At this point, I was already thoroughly impressed. But would all of this new shine distract from a less than impressive experience? Was it all just smoke and mirrors? Well there was only one way to find out…

After opening the FLIP ZERO, I emptied one of the sachets of TENGA Lube inside and worked it into every crevice with my finger. TENGA Lube is perfectly fine for use with the ZERO, but I find it get’s sticky after a while – so it’s not my lube of choice for continued use.

I got myself comfortable, lubed up and slipped inside. Immediately, the first thing you feel is the RIPPLE DOME as it brushes past the frenulum. If you squeeze the base of the ZERO, you can intensify that feeling as you create suction. It’s definitely a very noticeable sensation. As you release your grip, this releases the pressure and it pulls you inside.

As you slide deeper, you go through the TRIPLE CHAIN GATE and this just surrounds and grips the entire shaft. I haven’t even reached the Thunderdome, sorry, LAYERED END ORB yet and I’m already sat there crying ‘OH MY GOD’. Once you finally start knocking on heavens door, the hood at the end surrounds the tip of your penis, whilst the squishy ball in the middle once again massages your frenulum.

Every inch of the texture inside feels exquisite – I can feel every nuance and bump and it just feels jolly good. I cannot lie – on my first use; it only took me a few minutes to reach orgasm. It was definitely a knee-trembler as well. Subsequent uses always end the same – in a huge sticky mess – but I can take my time to appreciate all the different sensations. Sometimes I just like to slip inside and stroke. Sometimes I just like to slip inside and just hold it in place whilst I squeeze the sides. The sensation of the suction is also enough to bring me to orgasm.

I find myself making excuses just to go and have another play “It’s all for research” I say. But that’s a lie. It’s because it just feels AWESOME and I don’t think I could ever give any of the regular FLIP-HOLES a second glance, because frankly, this one really does blow them out of the water. At least, I think it does.

BUT, you’ve had your sugar – it’s time to take your medicine. As much as I adore the FLIP ZERO, it’s not perfect. GASP! I know, but there has to be at least SOMETHING wrong with it. And it really does come down to the cleaning. Whilst it is much easier to clean then a Fleshlight (mostly) – that crazy internal texture is a bugger for holding onto lube and bodily fluids – so you definitely need to get in there with your fingers and scrape out every nook and cranny.

Drying it has also been a bit of a bugger. Every photo I’ve seen shows the FLIP ZERO; resting gracefully on the clip, holding it apart allowing it to drip dry. Whenever I try to do that, it just falls off. Unless I squeeze the clip and dig it into the TPR sleeve – but my worry is that this could damage that area (as it’s by the orifice) making it unusable. My ZERO also never dried fully on it’s own – those crevices also hold onto water as well. So even though I left it upside down in the bath for 2 days, I still found little bits of water hanging about. It’s so important to make sure this is thoroughly dry, otherwise mould and bacteria will take hold.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Well we’ve sort of just covered this. Like the old style Flip-Holes, you simply unclip, flush the insides through with lots of warm water (make sure to get into every crack) and then use the stand and clip to allow it to drip dry. The first time I washed it; it was still slightly wet in places after 2 days of drying. I would definitely consider using a dry, lint-free cloth to help remove some of the excess moisture from those deeper crevices (like in the END ORB etc).

Once dry, the internal sleeve will feel slightly tacky. This is perfectly normal, but does mean that it will attract dust and hair like a magnet, so once it’s dry, close it back up as soon as possible to keep it clean. You can pop it back on the base and put the plastic shell back over the top to keep it all nice and safe.


The FLIP ZERO has definitely been one of the most fun toys I’ve used for masturbation in a while. And I do think there is good reason. The new design is far sleeker and easier to hold. It never felt took awkward in my hands, whereas the Flip-Hole originals bulkier frame could be a bit more difficult, especially if you have smaller hands!

The texture inside is incredible, and certainly provided a uniquely stimulating experience. The internal length is around 6 inches, so those who are more well endowed might find the ZERO restrictive, but for me, it was enough and I still got to enjoy every single inch inside (especially that damn END ORB!).

Cleaning aside, I do feel this is a vast improvement over the earlier entries in the FLIP series, and I hope that like the old series, they consider doing new versions with different textures and colours. As Christmas is approaching, I think this would be an excellent gift for the penis in your life. Whether it’s your own or someone else.

Where To Buy

I was sent the FLIP ZERO directly by TENGA for review. You can order one yourself from the following:

Lovehoney UK /SheVibe


I would like to thank TENGA-GLOBAL for sending us the FLIP ZERO free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not sway or alter my opinion on this or any other product we review. Affiliate links have been used within this post. 

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