Much like the Fleshlight/Fleshjack, TENGA is another brand that I also like to sing their praises. For a starters, their products are like nothing else i’ve ever seen before on the market – I’ve always considered them the ‘Apple’ of sex toys.

We’ve reviewed a Flip-Hole on the blog before, and for a long time, I never bothered to review another because (and very foolishly so) thought that the only difference between the Flip-Holes was the colour – I genuinely had no idea that each unit had it’s own unique texture. So when Peachy Keen (my lovely new sponsors) got in touch to ask if I could assist with some review pieces for the TENGA products, I naturally jumped at the chance. They provided me with the Flip Hole Red and Black (review for the Black coming soon) – allowing me to finally compare all of the Flip-Hole models, and to provide a definitive comparison – however, for now – we’re just going to focus on the RED Flip-Hole unit.

First Impressions

I am always thoroughly impressed by how TENGA package their products. They never look or feel seedy, and initially, I never feel like I am unwrapping something I am about to slip my penis into. The TENGA 3D’s (for example) look like little abstract sculptures. The Flip-Hole… well I’m not entirely sure what else it looks like – but first glance, it doesn’t look like what I would typically expect a masturbator to look like.

The Flip-Holes arrive packaged in a round plastic cylinder, that comes shrink-wrapped so you can be certain no one else has been poking around in there before you get a chance too. It’s minimalist packaging, yet still feels… exquisite. There is very little writing, and again – nothing that screams ‘COCK PLEASURING DEVICE’ – so for those who are looking for discretion, you are looking in the right direction.

Included in the box, are three sample tubes of their ‘Hole Lotion’. They almost look like little test tubes, and are filled with 3 formulations of lubricant, allowing you to experiment with sensations. Each tube should last a good few sessions – so you’ve got a decent supply to get you started:

  1. Mild: The booklet included describes this as a ‘delicately enveloping lubricant’. I’m not really sure what they mean, but all I know is, it’s the ‘thickest’ in consistency. It’s also somewhat ‘stringy’ and feels sticky.
  2. Real: This is described as ‘moisture retentive lubricant’ – again, i’m not sure what they mean but in terms of consistency, it feels like a generic water-based lubricant. It’s not as thick as the ‘Mild’ but it’s still slightly ‘stringy’.
  3. Wild: The wettest and runniest of the three, this is described as a ‘direct stimulation lubricant’. It’s runny and very slippery – it’s the lubricant I prefer out of the three.

Texture wise, each half of the unit has a different range of stimulating nubs. On one side, there is a simple series of multiple ribs designed to brush against the penis on entry. At the other end, is a series of diagonal ribs designed to brush against the tip once you’ve slipped right inside.

On the other side, there is a series of firmer ribs at different heights which create a firm ‘brushing’ sensation, and then towards the bottom there are 3 fan-shaped ribs which encase your glans in different directions, providing more intense stimulation.

In Use

After removing the clip, you open up the toy, and apply a good, generous squeeze of your chosen lubricant (as I mentioned earlier, I personally favour the ‘Wild’ lotion). When it’s sufficiently lubed, close it back up and then slide the clip back on to the toy, this time, from the base – as this holds the whole unit together during use.

I got myself ready and (carefully) applied a little lube to myself too. The one thing I will note with the ‘wild’ lotion is that it’s VERY runny, and it’s very easy to erm, spill… (i’m just really grateful I had a towel down!). However, once I was ready, I slipped inside.

The initial sensation is delightfully pleasant. The beauty of the Flip-Hole is the fact that you get SO much texture for your money. No matter what size you are, there’s plenty of sensations to be felt – and this can only get better when you start utilising the three pressure points on the side of the toy. But when you first slide in, and see those pressure pads bulging outwards… it almost feels like a tiny boost to your ego.

So after a good few minutes of just slipping in and out, enjoying the gentle penis massage, it was time to up the game a little bit and time to start squeezing the pressure pads. These serve two functions – to intensify the sensation (by making the channel ‘tighter’) and thereby making the texture feel even more intense and to also provide a unique suction effect.

The three different buttons provide slightly different sensations. Squeezing the first button (by the entrance), this creates a delectable squeeze right as you slip inside. The additional pressure on the glans and frenulum as you enter is a welcome sensation.

The middle button helps squeeze out any trapped air for increased vacuum pressure. On the one hand, this allows for an almost realistic ‘blow job’ sensation. On the downside, this does have an unwanted side-effect. Have you ever squeezed a ketchup bottle, and it makes that squelching, slurpy noise? Yeah, it basically does that. It’s the same lip-smacking sound you get when someone is ‘REALLY’ enthusiastic during oral. For some, that can be a turn on – for me, it just made me want to laugh and totally throws me off. However, at the same time – it did provide the BEST sensation. By that, I mean when I simply slipped right inside, and just held the Flip-hole still, whilst just applying pressure to the middle pads, it was much quieter but it led me to an amazing orgasm in a short amount of time.

According to the TENGA website, the RED Flip-Hole is supposed to provide the strongest suction. To be honest it’s been a while since i’ve used the other units (however I am in the process of researching for my comparison guide) however it definitely does provide a good amount of suction (it’s just… noisy).

The third pressure pad provides direct stimulation to the glans and frenulum. When used sparingly, it can be toe-curling. For me, when used excessively, it got a little ‘too much’ and made me feel overly sensitive to the point it felt a little uncomfortable. However, each use of the RED Flip-Hole resulted in an overwhelmingly satisfying orgasm.

Clean-up and Maintenance

When it comes to the old TENGA VS. Fleshlight debate, one of the deciding factors for most is the clean-up and maintenance routine. So for a Fleshlight, you need to remove the sleeve, rinse, dry, powder and then put the sleeve back into the case. With the Flip-Hole, you just remove the clip, open, rinse thoroughly and then rest over the clip and allow it to dry. Once it’s dry, simply re-attach the clip and then store it away.

The Flip-Hole is also rated for only 50 (approximate) uses. Dependant on how often you use it, this could be an expensive investment – however, I have both the White and Silver Flip-holes that are still going strong after 2 years (although i’ve no idea how often they’ve been used). The rule of thumb is to make sure it’s thoroughly clean-and dry and always inspect the toy before use – if you spot any tears/rips or notice any black spots or notice any changes in odour – it’s time to move on.


So out of the three Flip-Holes I have tried, this one is probably my favourite (so far). The texture is less pronounced than the White, but much more intensive than the Silver. The only issue I have with the Flip-Holes is their size. Not the internal size – it’s holding them. They are quite bulky, and if you have slippery hands, it can be difficult to keep hold of (let alone squeeze).

But the custom sensations provided by the pads, and the fact that they are so much easier to clean and maintain, I can almost forgive the bulk. I’m not overly fond of the ‘Mild’ or ‘Real’ Lotions – personally they are just too stringy and thick – but of course, nothing says that you have to use those tubes – go with whatever lube you prefer – as long as it’s water-based, you are all good.

Do you fancy getting hold of a Red Flip-Hole? Pick one up from Peachy Keen where it is currently on sale for just £51.99!

I would like to thank our sponsors ‘Peachy Keen’ who sent me the TENGA Flip-Hole Red for free in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affects my opinions or experiences with this toy. All experiences and opinions presented in this review are 100% honest and my own. 
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