Whilst I enjoy using my masturbators solo, or using them on my husband, I crave for  toy that we can both use at the same time, so we can engage in some mutual masturbation play that’s a little bit more exciting.

We tried a toy last year that was a dual ended masturbator, designed for 2 men to use at the same time – the AdamMale Head2Head Cyberskin Stroker – and sadly, it was a complete bust. Whilst we really liked the concept, the actual execution of the product was incredibly lousy – which was a real shame. However, when I saw this on the Simply Pleasure website, whilst it didn’t mention being used as a mutual masturbation toy, I just had to try it out and see if it could work. And i’m glad I did.

First Impressions

The toy is modelled after Falcon Exclusive model Roman Heart (NSFW) and is a dual-ended toy – featuring a representation of Roman’s mouth and butt. The toy arrives in a basic plastic case and is very minimal and features Roman in all his naked glory on the front.

The toy is a textured sleeve held together by a ribbed ‘plastic’ case. It feels incredibly light, which in turn makes it feel very ‘cheap’ – it didn’t feel very sturdy. The toy has a total length of around 9.5 inches. The mouth end features a basic ribbed texture, and the butt end has a tight, bumpy texture.

The sleeve is made from ‘real feel’ TPR (as is typical with these types of masturbators). There is a slight odour, but a good wash removed that fairly quickly. Thankfully, the smell was nowhere near as bad as a the small on the Head2Head stroker or the PDX ‘Fuck My Cock’.

In Use

As a solo masturbator, I rate this fairly highly. The mouth is incredibly realistic, in fact it almost looks ‘too’ realistic. As I parted the lips and slipped inside, it was incredibly arousing watching the lips grip my shaft. The ribbed texture was tight, and pleasant. I used a sample sachet of ‘Spunk’ lube, and i’m not going to lie, seeing the creamy white lube on the lips got me going as well.

The realistic ‘Butt’ end felt nice and tight, and featured lots of tight little bumps, close in sensation to the Bondara Masturbator Cup. Again, using with the Spunk lube added a certain level of realism that gave a nice additional thrill. But the real fun came when using it with the Mr.

So after setting the mood with some decent lighting, I pulled Roman out of his packaging and slowly starting teasing him with the mouth. It started off pretty goofy, actually – with me making little ‘kissy’ noises as lunged at him. However, after getting that all out of my system, we got down to serious business. To get him in the mood, I slipped inside Roman’s mouth and made sure to go nice and slow, so he could see the lips as they gripped me. This had the desired effect and the Mr was already murmuring.

After a little more teasing, we both kneeled on the bed, face to face. Each taking hold of the toy, we slipped into our respective ends. We gently met in the middle and there was some erotic cock rubbing going on. We looked into each others eyes and we both began to thrust. Holy cow – this was amazingly hot! Everything was just… right.

The best part was as we continued to thrust, and kiss – the sweat was pouring and there was so much grunting and groaning – and before long we both came at the same time, right inside. Never have I felt as satisfied as I did right there and then. We both just sat there, huffing and puffing with a smile on our faces, our hair stuck to our faces with sweat.

It was only when it came to cleaning the toy, that I realised that despite the amazing orgasms it gave, it was majorly flawed in it’s design.

Clean-up & Maintenance

So… despite the amazingness of the orgasms it produced, I was extremely frustrated at how DIFFICULT this thing was to clean. So I removed the sleeve from the case, gave the sleeve a thorough rinse and clean. Turning it inside out was a bit of a challenge, but not impossible. The problem came when I tried putting it back inside the container. No matter how hard I tried, the sleeve just did not want to slip in – and this is in part down to the fact the central shaft is narrower than the rest, and as the mouth and butt ends are considerably larger, they just would not go through. So in order to fully get the sleeve back in, I had to get creative and use any long implement I could lay may hands on to help shove the sleeve through the case. This in turn led to stretch the sleeve, and there was a minor tear on the inside of the sleeve by the time I had gotten it all back in place.

So where do we go from here? Well, i’m tempted to say NEVER TAKE IT OUT OF THE CASE – however if you want to give the sleeve a thorough clean (which is recommended with toys made from TPE/TPR) then you really should – you are just going to need a LOT of patience and care. Once the sleeve is all clean and dry, give it a good dusting with renewer powder/cornflour and I would definitely recommend keeping it in it’s case – as the sleeve attracts dust and hair like a magnet.


So on the one hand, I really loved this toy – as both a solo masturbator AND as a mutual masturbation toy I could use with my husband. It was like engaging in a threesome, but there was no hurt feelings or awkwardness. Although I will say one thing. The addition of the ‘nose’ does give it a slightly odd, and somewhat ‘creepy’ feeling – but if you want realism, well you got it.

My real problem with this toy is the fact it’s ridiculously frustrating to clean, and that may put a lot of people off. If you are EXTREMELY careful, then it is entirely possible you could use it and only ever need to flush the inside of the sleeve out – but if you do happen to get anything (and I mean ANYTHING) on the sleeve under the case, you really are going to have to take it out and give it a clean – just take EXTRA care when putting it back in the case.

I ordered my Falcon Roman Heart 2 Fisted Mouth & Ass Masturbator from Simply Pleasure. If you would like to order one, you can order it now


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