So I think it’s certainly safe to say, that over the past few months, I have become a huge fan of ‘Fleshjack’ (Fleshlight) despite my initial aversion to them – but that’s all in the past now.

Just a few weeks ago, the lovely Emma from contacted me and asked me if I would like to review some more items for them – so I happily browsed through their extensive selection, and after trying out a couple of the Fleshjack Boy’s Dildo’s (Brent and Mick) – I thought it would be nice to give one of the actual masturbators a try – even if part of it was just because I loved the powder blue colour case!

As usual, Sextoys discreetly and promptly shipped out my little treasure trove of goodies, and inside was the Austin Wilde Fleshjack! For those who haven’t read any of my previous reviews from the Fleshjack Boy’s range – these are a series of dildos and masturbators that have been moulded from some of the hottest (open to opinion) stars in the world of gay porn. Now, I wouldn’t say I have a particular fantasy to be doing it with Austin – sure he’s hot in an ‘obvious’ sort of way – but at the same time… mama, may I? So how did Austin shape up? Well let’s plunge right in… (ooer!)

First Impressions

There is no subtlety here – it’s very obvious from the box what is inside, and what it’s used for. The Fleshjack is packaged in a simple cardboard box, plastered with images of Austin in various states of undress, along side a few ‘key’ facts about the man who’s arse I was going to be sliding into. Immediately after removing the unit from the box, I couldn’t help but just ‘coo’ over the gorgeous colour of the case. For me, visual appeal is just as important as how something feels – and the colour just sat so right with me. Isn’t it weird how the simplest of things can have an impact on you?

As you open the lid, you are greeted by a ‘accurate’ moulding of Austin’s ass (complete with ass wrinkles). The sleeve is soft, squishy and silky and feels inviting. Around the edge, is Austin’s signature – I don’t know why, it doesn’t really add anything. This particular sleeve has what Fleshlight refer to as the ‘squeeze’ texture – it’s basically a short, tight ribbed tunnel which then gives way to an undulating, wavy tunnel.

I was concerned that the texture was going to be too ‘simplistic’ for me – compared to some of the textures I’ve had in the past – however this appeared to be the same sort of texture that was included in the ‘Cherry Pop‘ Sex-In-A-Can that we reviewed a little while back – and to be honest, I didn’t hate it – but I didn’t rate it as ‘overly exciting’ either – but this time, I was going to get my other half involved to see what he thought.

In Use

When it comes to using these during a hot and heavy session, I guess we tend to lean on the ‘voyeur’ side of things – as in I love to just sit back and watch him use it on himself (and vice versa). And occasionally we’ll use them on each other. This particular occasion, I was just going to sit back and let him enjoy himself. For the sake of keeping things simple, prior to us ‘getting down’ – I placed the Fleshjack on the USB Sleeve Warmer in order to bring it closer to body temperature (as the sleeves can get quite cold. It had been on their for a good half an hour when things started to get steamy after our shower.

The internal canal had reached a suitably toasty temperature, so I applied a liberal dose of lube and in a rare moment of selfishness (yeah, right!) – I plunged inside. The canal had just the right amount of tightness, and when combined with the fact it was really quite warm on the inside, it felt amazing. I shuddered and gasped as I stroked with it, and he lay there, just looking at me with a look of complete lust in his eyes. The tight ribbing clings to the shaft and as soon as you enter the wavy canal, things feel a little bit looser.

After a few more strokes, I could see he was getting a little eager to give it a try, so I handed it over to him and he got straight down to it. He expressed a huge amount of delight at how warm it felt, even after I had been using it for a few moments. Sadly the heat didn’t last that much longer, but by that time, we were so ‘into’ it, that it didn’t really matter. It’s quite funny how we enjoy using it differently – I prefer to use it with the screw-cap closed, whilst he prefers it with the screw cap open.

Speaking of which, I didn’t notice a massive amount of ‘suction’ which this particular sleeve – but with that said, it still provided enough that it led him to a satisfying and somewhat explosive orgasm, and it’s also ‘squeezed’ a couple out from me. I still couldn’t help but wish that there was just a little bit more to the texture – it feels great, don’t get me wrong (especially when warmed up) but compared to things like ‘The Sword‘ or ‘Count Cockula‘ – the texture here is just a little bit plain and may get boring for some people really quickly.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Despite my initial aversion to the whole Fleshlight/Fleshjack clean-up routine, I’ve actually found myself rather enjoying it now – but at the same time, I can see why for some people it is just a huge fuss – especially if you live in an arrangement where discretion is an absolute must – for me, I can just rinse the sleeve in the bath with some toy cleaner, then let it dry in the bath. The internal canal can be a bit tricky to dry – so I do my best to try and pull a lint-free cloth through the middle (with difficulty) and now, once the majority of the water has gone, I can place it on the warmer to dry out the last little bit (be careful – the warmer isn’t WATERPROOF – just ‘Splashproof’ – so don’t go and slap a soaking wet sleeve on there or you’ll be asking for trouble!). Once it’s completely dry – give it a good dusting with some renewer powder (cornflour) and then pop it back in the case.


As masturbators go – it’s not the best I’ve tried, but no way is it anywhere near the worst I’ve ever tried. For those who don’t need a demanding texture – this sleeve is perfect – it’s got a good amount of tightness, and when warmed up, it does feel incredibly realistic. The detail around the outside of the sleeve is a good touch and will certainly help with ‘the fantasy’. For those who really do like their textures – I fear you may find this once just a bit too pedestrian. I know I certainly wished there was just a bit more too it – but my other half enjoyed it for what it was – just goes to show we’re all different.

If you would like to pick one up, you can order one directly from Don’t forget to use code BIGGAY10 when you purchase to save 10% off the purchase price of this, and any other toy from their extensive catalogue!


I was sent the Austin Wilde Fleshjack free of charge by in exchange for an honest review. This does not sway my opinion on this product, or any other product I review for the blog. All experiences and thoughts are 100% honest and my own. Affiliate links have been used within this post. If you would like to support the blog, then please do consider purchasing through these links.

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