Here at The Big Gay Review, we’re always looking for new and interesting toys to play with.

As you noticed, there have been a lot of reviews lately for dildos and butt stuff, but we haven’t really looked at many cock toys – so we sat down one night, had a good look round, and chose a few new masturbators to try out – not just for the blog, of course – we wanted them for ourselves – but at the same time, if it helps diversify content, then so be it!

I recently found Bloke Toys who offered an interesting array of masturbators that I’ve yet to find elsewhere. And it was here that I came across this weird looking thing – the Head2Head stroker. The idea is that 2 men can use the stroker at the same time. I figured this has to be an interesting way of making mutual masturbation a bit more exciting, so into the shopping cart it went.

First Impressions

The product proclaims on the package that it is a cyberskin stroker, so you already know what to expect when you open the very simple plastic clam-shell case, which has a … tasteful?… male torso slapped across the front. The stroker is made by US company Topco who I don’t really have any experience with (although part of me has a feeling it maybe a subsidiary of another company – research pending!). The packaging proclaims that the stroker is Latex and Phthalate free. When I first took it out of the package, it was incredibly sticky and tacky – like they had forgotten to powder it before it was packaged up. So initially, it felt disgusting – but a little dusting of cornstarch made it soft and silky and much more pleasant to hold.

The stroker is about 10 inches in length and has a canal diameter of about 0.75 inches. The inside of the stroker features a series of ribs all the way through, until it meets an untextured chamber in the middle. The outside of the stroker has large grip rings, making it easy to hold onto, even with slippery fingers. The soft cyberskin is incredibly stretchy and flexible, and should easily accommodate penises of almost any size. If you are ‘blessed’ in the trouser department, this could easily just be a regular stroker for you (if only, right?).

In Use

Lets be honest – there are times when you just can’t be bothered to engage in full on intercourse – and it’s totally natural. I mean, let’s face – it can be such a hassle – douching and the like – and sometimes I just want my jollies over and done – and that’s where things like mutual masturbation come into play. You still get to be close and intimate, but it’s virtually hassle free. This is where our regular strokers come into play – and sure it’s great fun using one on your own or using it on your partner – but I’ve always wished there was something we could both use at the same time, so we’re both getting the pleasure.

We were both very excited to try this out, so after getting each other sufficiently excited and raring to go, we grabbed hold of the stroker, lubed up and slipped in. The sleeve lives up to it’s name beautifully – as we both inserted into the stroker, our penises met in the middle – and as things were all nice and slippery with lube, as we stroked, the met and rubbed and essentially we were engaging in some good old fashioned frottage* – and I’m not going to lie, it was such a turn on – we were kneeling, face to face, the sweat pouring off us. Our breathing was deep and heavy but we were almost in time with each other…

And we continued to stroke together, until we both reached orgasm and then collapsed in a heaving, sweaty heap. So, that must mean I’m going to give this amazing marks, right? Well, actually no.

Let me just say, I actually think the reason the orgasm I had with this was as strong and intense as it was, has nothing to do with the toy itself. It was the mere idea of being that close to each other, the additional skin contact, the kissing, the breathing… it just was all so highly charged and incredibly erotic. But we could achieve that on our own with just our hands and a bit of lube. The thing is, I do really like the idea of the double-sided stroker, but I have a few issues with this one.

Firstly, the material. It smells. It’s a very strong rubbery smell (which is to be expected from this sort of material) but unlike other cyberskin-like materials – the smell did not go away with washing – which makes me reluctant to use again (or if I did choose to use it again, I’d probably insist on using a condom for extra protection!). I shouldn’t be surprised with this sort of material, but there have been other strokers that I have used made from a similar style material that don’t have the awful chemical smell.

Another issue is due to it’s extreme ‘floppiness’, it was actually quite difficult to ‘control’ – and by that, I simply mean when you have 2 people doing their thing, everyone has their own preference for how they do things, so unless you actually work out a ‘rhythm’ before hand (and let’s face it, you’re just going to kill the mood) it’s easy to end up out of sync with each other, and before long it’s just flopping around like a great big bit of spaghetti (sexy, right?).

Clean-up and Maintenance

With toys like this, you’ll want to ensure you only ever use water-based lube. Anything else could lead to the material deteriorating. When you’ve finished, rinse with warm water and plenty of anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Bear in mind, toys like this are porous, so if you want to ensure prolonged life of it, I would suggest considering using condoms. Once it’s clean and dry, you’ll definitely want to dust it with renewer powder (cornstarch) and then either store it back in it’s original packaging, or store it in it’s own bag – and remember to not store materials like this together, without any further protection – otherwise they will react together.


I find myself very torn with this. On the one hand, using it together was a nice, pleasant experience – but I can’t really decide if that was actually down to the toy, or whether it was just because of the moment it helped create. The more I think about it, the more I am tempted to believe it was the latter – as I said, we could have achieved the same thing with just our hands and some lube, and it still would have been amazing. However, I think if the toy was of better quality, was a bit sturdier, and I don’t know, was perhaps designed to look a bit more ‘human’ – I don’t know, it could potentially be a very exciting thing – and would certainly elevate a mutual masturbation session to something more knee-shaking.

Where to buy

If you want to give one of these a try, you an order one now from Bloke Toys.

*Frottage – Genital to Genital rubbing.

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