For me, my cock and vibrations are a match made in heaven. And I am always on the look out for toys that can put a spin on masturbation, and make things a bit more interesting. Sometimes it can be amazing…

… and sometimes it can be a huge disappointment. First of all, I feel I need to start this review with a bit of an apology. Reviews have been a bit sporadic recently, namely down to the fact we are in the holiday season (and I work in retail outside of the blog) so I am working more hours than I normally do. Secondly, for a short while, I was still struggling with the fallout of the accident I had at the beginning of November. Still, things are getting better (slowly) and I am doing my best to work my way through the backlog of toys I have!

Lovehoney was the store that really helped me on my way when I first starting blogging. They were the first company to take a chance with me, and for that I will always be grateful. I’m not sure the blog would even be where it is today, if it wasn’t for their initial help. So when the opportunity arose to work with them again, I was happy to oblige. They had just launched a brand new line of toys, Mantric, and asked if I would kindly review anything from the range. I saw the USB Rechargeable Vibrating Head Masturbator and knew that would be the one for me. Within a few days, it was here.

The Mantric USB Rechargeable Vibrating Head Masturbator was sent to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review by Lovehoney

First Impressions

When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at the very small, compact packaging. A simple brown box with the Mantric logo printed on the top. The only way you would know what is inside the box, as the sticker plastered over the flap (keeping it sealed) that told you what was inside. Once you slice through the sticker and lift it open, you’ll find the Masturbator nestled in some foam, along with the USB cable and a small operational manual. It’s very simple, basic but it does the job.

The Head Masturbator is fully waterproof, rechargeable and made from silicone. It features 5 modes of vibration. Inside the chamber, it’s ribbed for enhanced pleasure. It has an internal length of 3 inches. It’s lightweight and fairly easy to hold, and has a simple geometric design all over the outside of the toy. 100 minutes of charge time should give you around 90 minutes of play time. The vibrations are situated in a small ‘hump’, which should provide intense stimulation to the frenulum in use.

In Use

Up until trying to use it, I was very impressed with the overall look and feel of the Head Masturbator. It felt light, but not flimsy; so it doesn’t feel too much like a ‘cheap’ toy; and based on the £49.99 price tag, I would say it does look and feel like a mid-range toy. It’s not high-end, but it’s not cheap either. I applaud the fact it’s made from silicone (more masturbators from silicone, please!) and the vibrations seemed to be fairly decent – rumbly, if not very strong. I was genuinely quite excited to try it.

So imagine my complete and utter disappointment when I discovered I simply could not use the thing at all. I get very conscious and upset when a toy has me questioning the size of my own penis; and this is another one of those toys that made me go… ‘WTF?’. Only on this occasion, I can say that I was far too BIG for the toy… some people might see that as a plus, but to me, it’s a frustration.

When I first went to use the toy, I got myself fully erect and coated myself with lube, and added a squirt inside for good measure too. As I went to slip it over the head of my penis, I was met with pain, resistance and a mess of lube. Try as I might, I just could not get the tip of my penis into the toy. It was just not happening. I tried extra lube, I tried going slowly, I tried jamming my poor member in… it was going nowhere. I almost let out a howl of frustration.

My husband sensed my distress, and took it from me to have a go himself. The story is pretty much the same with him. “Well what is the point of that?” he said, as he threw it back down onto the bed. I decided that was enough torture for one night. We’ll return to it another day, I thought to myself. I’ll try something different…

So the next time I grabbed the Head Masturbator, I decided this time to go in soft, to see whether this worked better. And to some extent, it did. I was at least able to slip my chap inside (although it was still a tight squeeze). I turned the unit on, and lo and behold, the little hump was sending some nice vibrations through my glans and it felt lovely. Until it felt ‘too’ lovely, and it soon felt like my cock was being force-choked by Darth Vader. With a vigorous tug, I yanked myself out of there. Sex Toys should be pleasurable, not painful (well, *most* of them… wink wink). I felt we needed to call time on this toy, and I threw it in the sink, cleaned it and returned it to it’s box, where it has stayed there. Deeply upsetting.

Clean-up and Maintenance

As the Head Masturbator is fully waterproof, clean-up is an absolute doddle. A good rinse and wipe with a damp cloth is all you need. Once finished, you can just pop it back inside it’s box, ready for the next time you want to constrict your cock.


The Mantric range has a fairly decent selection of products, and most seemed to be rated fairly highly from other shoppers. I cannot fault the actual build quality of the Head Masturbator, and the vibrations themselves felt pretty decent (for what they were); it’s just, well it didn’t work as a sex toy. At least, not for me. My ‘average’ circumference of 5.5 inches was too big, so if you are of similar size, or bigger, this is definitely something to avoid. Smaller? Then this might be for you.

I’m not prepared to fully write off the Mantric range, but I am prepared to cast the USB Rechargeable Vibrating Head Masturbator into the sex toy desert (the attic), never to see the light of day again. You can’t win them all…

Where to Buy

NOTE: This product has been discontinued.

I would like to thank Lovehoney for sending us the Mantric USB Rechargeable Vibrating Head Masturbator  free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our experiences or opinions of this or any other product we receive for review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

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