We’re delving into the world of white label sex toys again; thankfully it’s nothing spinning, which is a relief. We’ve not reviewed many ‘thrusting’ toys, so when BestVibe suggested reviewing one; I of course leapt at the chance.

The last major ‘thrusting’ toy we reviewed was the Keon last year, and as great as it is – it is quite expensive; and with the cost of living starting to bite hard, I’m always on the look out for products that might offer the same thrills but at a fraction of the cost. This is where sites like BestVibe can sometimes be an untapped resource. Our last review for them saw me pleasantly surprised at how decent a white label toy could be. So to say I was genuinely quite optimistic that the BestVibe 12 Function Thrusting Masturbator could be a lot of fun.

So did it thrust it’s way into the permanent collection or will it be left languishing in the dark and gloomy land of forgotten sex toys (aka the attic)?. Well there’s only one way to find out… to the lab! Er, bedroom!

I would like to thank BestVibe for sending us the 12 Function Thrusting Masturbator free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

First Impressions

As with most products from BestVibe; the toy arrives in a generic non-branded box. There is little to no information on the outside. Inside the box you’ll find your thrusting masturbator, an instruction manual and the USB charging cable. A full charge takes about 2 hours and should give you around an hours worth of play time (from our experience). The masturbator features several modes of operation and function. There are 7 modes of vibration, 5 modes of thrusting (although the manual calls it rotation) and it also has a heating element.

The sleeve is made from clear TPE that is quite firm. Inside, is a series of generic low profile bumps. A bullet is embedded into the sleeve, whilst being wired into the main control unit. In hand, the masturbator has quite a lot of weight and the handle is conical shaped, which I foresaw being a problem trying to operate if hands get a little slippery. Charging is done via USB and it has a DC pin connector. Once the toy was charged; it was time to take it for a test drive.

In Use

With a ‘hand-held’ toy like this (and I do use the term lightly because even I struggled to hold onto this. I imagine someone with limited dexterity would almost certainly struggle), I always like to just test it as a manual stroker first – just to get a real good idea of what the texture feels like without the added distraction. It’s alright; the texture profile is very low so the amount of actual sensation from the sleeve is very mild. There’s a decent amount of space inside though; which means those of us who are a little more blessed girth wise should find this fairly comfortable.

Deciding to save the thrusting til last, I moved on to add some vibrations to the mix. However a common theme with these more ‘affordable’ masturbators, is that the bullets they use to power them just aren’t strong enough. On the first vibration speed; I couldn’t even tell it was on. When we got to the third speed; there was the tiniest tickle that could be felt in one very small, specific spot; and sadly that was it. The rest of the functions are various patterns which again, just felt like nothing. We’re not off to a great start; I really hope the thrusting can save it.

I got myself comfortable and reapplied a good amount of lube; to ensure nothing was going to get chafed and I turned the thrusting function on. At first, the whole unit just shook my entire hand. Trying to hold my hand steady so the thrusting could do its thing was a battle of wits and determination. Now we’ve used ‘thrusting’ machines before. The previously mentioned Keon, the Fleshlight Launch and I think even the Handy counts. Where these succeed, is mainly down to the size and weight of the mechanical part.

Whilst the Thrusting Masturbator has a ‘heaviness’ too it, it’s still quite light in comparison to say, the Keon. This means that when it thrusts, there is nothing help to ‘weigh’ it down, so trying to use it whilst lying down seems almost impossible because the whole unit just wants to move – so I couldn’t really feel any thrusting. After a frustrating session, I decided to tackle it from a slightly different angle. But that would be another day. My first impressions were not positive and I didn’t think anything could save it.

After giving it a couple of days, I returned to the bedroom, determined to get an orgasm from this wretched device. Instead of laying on my back, I decided I would stand and rest the device on the foot of the bed. I would hold it down with my hand and then just let the thrusting do it’s thing. And on this attempt, it worked. With a generous helping of lube, the sleeve did indeed slide back and forth over my cock whilst the rest of the unit stayed perfectly still. The sensation wasn’t mind-blowing; but I was feeling something and after about 20 minutes of thrusting, we finally reached an orgasm.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The BestVibe 12 Function Thrusting Masturbator has a removable sleeve allowing for easy clean-up. Unfortunately, the rest of the case is not waterproof, so it’s best cleaned with a soft, barely damp cloth. No storage bag is included but to be fair, it’s unlikely I’ll be storing this anywhere for regular use.


As per usual, let’s go through the good points first. Granted there aren’t many but still… In terms of build quality; it’s got a good sturdy feel to it and it’s not terribly noisy. It’s not silent by any means but compared to the more expensive thrusters; it’s on the quieter end. The sensation of the sleeve in general isn’t bad; I’ve definitely had worse. But I’ve also had better. Much better.

Where this toy needs major improvements is in the vibrations; at this point they honestly could have just been removed. They added absolutely nothing to the experience. The heating element was also incidental. There was a tiny bit of heat but again, I would have gotten better results just warming the sleeve up in warm water before use.

Now the thrusting; it’s not a total loss. Using it like a regular stroker isn’t really going to give you any decent mileage. What this could benefit from is like, a suction cup mount so you can strap it down and go hands-free. So it’s not a total disaster; but also it’s not really left me excited either. Honestly, I think if you want a decent thrusting stroker; start saving for a Handy or Keon.

Where to Buy

If you still want to give the 12 Function Thrusting Masturbator a go, you can pick it up from BestVibe now. Alternatively, you can browse the rest of their offerings here.

I would like to thank BestVibe for sending us the 12 Function Thrusting Masturbator free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you want to help keep the blog online; please consider making your purchases through these links! It doesn’t cost you any extra and allows me to maintain the blog and source new products for review! Thanks in advance x

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