It’s safe to say, that at this point, our strokers are getting smarter. Interactive content is booming, and sex tech is getting more and more advanced with each passing minute. We’ve reviewed our fair share of robotic strokers over the course of the blogs history. 

Sometimes they are terrible; like the AutoBlow 2 (I still haven’t gotten over that one). And then sometimes they are just incredible; like the Handy (game changer). And then there are those that had potential but then disappeared (like the Fleshlight Launch); but now it makes sense; the ‘Launch’ was originally made in collaboration with Kiiroo and now, we have the Keon. Featuring a similar concept to the launch; an automated stroker that you can put in different strokers into and then you can either use it ‘manually’ and explore the different stroke lengths and speeds… or you can sync it to your favourite content for the full interactive experience.

I was slightly more hopeful with the Keon than I was with the Launch; firstly the size difference is very noticeable. Also, the amount of content that is available for consumption now vs back then; I was eager to see what 5 years can do in terms of improving on what was a fairly interesting concept.

I would like to thank Kiiroo for sending us the Keon + Feel Stroker Butt free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

First Impressions

The Keon is packaged in a fairly sturdy cardboard box, and inside you’ll find the Keon; a charging cable, instruction manual and a card that will allow you to sign up for a months worth of free content (which came in very handy). Set-up is pretty straight forward. You’ll need to charge the Keon fully before use (which takes about 4 hours) and this will give you about 2 hours of play time. It’s important to note that the Keon does not come with a stroker in the box; these need to be purchased separately. You can buy a bundle that has the Keon and a Sleeve or you can buy sleeves on their own. We’ve been provided the new Feel Stroker Butt; however you can buy sleeves modelled on the vulvas of interactive cam stars if that’s more your flavour.

The Keon weight about 1.5 kilos without a sleeve in, add the stroker and it goes up to around 2 kilos. It’s still quite a heavy toy which was my main concern about the original launch; however the smaller size of the unit as a whole, it’s slightly more comfortable to hold than the Launch.

Setting Up the Keon

Set-up is quite straight forward. Once you have fully charged your device, when it turns on it will automatically go into interactive mode; and will start flashing it’s little LEDs. You then need to open the FeelConnect app (available on iOS and Android) and usually the app is quite good at picking it up for pairing; but if it doesn’t – there is a little Bluetooth icon in the corner of the main menu screen; tap that and it will start searching for devices. Once you can see the Keon; tap that and it will connect you to the FeelConnect network. From here, you can then connect to another device or pair it with some interactive content. To do that, you simply need to create an account with FeelXVideos (which you get a month free in the box). It will ask for payment info but as long as you cancel in those 30 days, you won’t be charged – unless you decide to keep up your subscription. Once you are in, find the content you want and then scan the QR code on the page with the app and then it should automatically connect and sync along with the action.

Of course, if you just want to go solo, you can switch the Keon into manual control mode, by tapping the smaller button above the power button for 2 seconds. From here, you can now control the speed and depth of the stroke yourself. I had no issues connecting and the signal seemed pretty stable. So let’s start with the manual side.

Manual Operation

The Keon has had some slight improvements to its power; it can produce up to 230 strokes per minute on its shortest/fastest setting (compared to 180 on the Launch). The controls are also far easier to use on the Keon than the Launch. The latter used some sort of ‘touch’ pad to control and it was never really quite obvious where exactly I needed to touch in order to change anything. Here, the controls are far more obvious and are sturdy buttons with a good ‘click’ – so you know you’ve pressed it. The buttons to the left control the depth of stroke, whilst the buttons on the right control the speed.

When you’re ready to give it a go, you just need to slip the stroker into the Keon from the bottom; the case has little grooves that help you align it correctly with the Keon and then it just ‘clicks’ into place. And then… well off you go. We’ll talk more about our experience with it shortly. For now, let’s talk about…

Interactive Content

As I’ve previously mentioned; connecting the Keon to content is quite straight forward; and once it’s connected, the Keon does a decent job of keeping in time with the action on screen. The catalogue of content has definitely increased significantly from the time we first tested out the Launch. For example, in terms of gay content – we’ve gone from 2 videos to well over 150 (I can’t tell you exactly how many as its not easy to see) but that’s huge. However, it’s still disproportionate to the ‘hetero’ content (there’s at least 3,500 videos (based on the 303 pages of ‘new’ content). There is still definitely room for improvement in terms of content – but credit where credit is due; we’re heading in the right direction.

The Feel Stroker Butt

Of course, to use the Keon, we need a stroker. Right now, the ‘Feel Stroker Butt‘ is the only sleeve that isn’t a vulva. Again, this is something I hope to see change in the future. The stroker arrives in similar packaging to a Fleshlight and the overall style is somewhat similar; although it is a fraction smaller than a standard Fleshlight/Fleshjack. This means that ONLY the Feel Strokers are compatible with the Keon. The sleeve itself is made from the same sort of fleshy material and is in a soft peachy sort of colour. The texture inside is quite simple; just a basic twisting tunnel.

The case is a marked improvement; it has the same feel as the Keon and it just looks a little more… high-end than a standard fleshlight case. Attaching it to the Keon is easy but it does add a fair amount of weight to an already heavy unit. But now we need to get onto the nitty gritty; how does it all feel?

In Use

Using the Keon in manual mode with the Feel Stroker Butt, the sensations were pretty much as I expected. It’s important to make sure you have applied plenty of water-based lube, as the risk of a friction burn is quite high here; especially in the Keon shortest and fastest speed. The range of stroke length was adequate; it definitely did feel like it was getting every inch of me however for me, personally; the speed I could get at the stroke length I enjoyed did leave me wanting a tad more power. I understand why; the weight of the sleeve and the mechanism involved just wouldn’t be able to keep the stroker moving at a higher speed without potentially causing damage to the device. This was a concern with the original Launch, and is why I typically end up favouring things like the Handy a little better.

As for the Feel Stroker Butt sleeve; it’s alright. The texture is quite basic and when used by itself as just a manual stroker; it gets me there but it’s not like ‘OH MY GOD’. It’s just alright. I wish it had a little more tightness or some more pronounced textures. However, when you mix in the interactive content – that’s where it really comes into it’s own. It syncs perfectly with the ‘top’ in the scene and it really helps sell the ‘fantasy’. The only downside is the weight of the machine can put a bit of strain on the wrists and I do wish the opening of the Keon was just a smidge more padded.

Keon Compatible Stroker Case

Since we reviewed the KEON, Kiiroo have now released a compatible stroker case that will allow you to use sleeves you might already own with the KEON. So far, I’ve only managed to use Fleshlight/Fleshjack sleeves with the case; but it certainly has opened up the possibilities of fun and pleasure. So far, only standard size sleeves will work (so no quick shot, flight, GO etc) but I tested it with a selection of sleeves including the ‘Boys’ sleeves, Turbo Sleeves etc and they all fit perfectly well.

The compatible case comes with an additional clip that allows sleeves that are higher and longer than the original ‘feel stroker’ sleeves (so almost all fleshlight/fleshjack sleeves) to stay in place. This is not something that comes with a boxed feel stroker sleeve, so you will need the compatible case in order to use your sleeves with the Keon.

This certainly means that I can use some of the more stimulating and exciting textures with my KEON, and combine that with the growing interactive content – this makes the KEON an even more attractive perspective, especially if you own a lot of sleeves like I do. But also, if you have been put off buying because you don’t want to enjoy vulva textures; you can now grab yourself an empty case and a fleshlight/fleshjack sleeve you like. The empty case retails for £12 and if you just buy a standard sleeve from Fleshjack; they go for about £40 which is about the same as it is to buy case and sleeve, maybe a couple of quid cheaper.

The fact I now have more flexibility and freedom, means I will be adding a point to the ‘Re-playability’ score down below. I have’t found any other sleeves in my collection that will work but as and when I do, be assured that I will update this article to let you know!  (Edit made 28th April 2023).

Clean-up and Maintenance

The Keon is not waterproof; so will need to be wiped clean with a barely damp cloth. The Feel Stroker Butt can be cleaned exactly like a Fleshlight/Fleshjack – simply pop out the sleeve from the case; give it a good thorough rinse through with soap and water and then allow it to fully dry before giving it a light dusting with some renewer powder and then popping it back into the case.


The Keon has potential. Lots of potential. So much so, that you can now turn your Keon into a full blown sex machine; with the new dildo adapter and table mount. We have a separate review coming for that very very soon. But in terms of an automatic/interactive stroker; it’s certainly an improvement over the Launch. Its easy to set-up and use, and works very well with the library of interactive content that’s available.

My main areas of feedback are on the size/weight and the lack of diversity with the sleeves that are compatible with the Keon. It’s a shame it’s not compatible with Fleshjack/Fleshlight sleeves as I have an entire cabinet full of them! But I do hope to see an expanded range of sleeves to appeal to those who either prefer a non-descript orifice or maybe even butts/mouths inspired by popular male porn/cam stars? Maybe that’s already in the works… I can only hope so.

Where to Buy

The Keon can be purchased as a standalone unit for £199.

You can purchase a Keon/Feel Stroker bundle for £241 (it comes with a vulva sleeve in one of 4 colours).

The Feel Stroker Butt Sleeve can be bought separately for £60.

You can pick up the Keon Compatible Stroker Case for £12.

You can use code TBGR10 to save 10% off your order.

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I would like to thank Kiiroo for sending us the Keon + Feel Stroker Butt free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you would like to continue supporting the blog and the work that we do, please consider making your purchases through these links. It helps keeps the lights on and the puglets in lots of treats! 

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