Things have become a little ‘butt’-centric around here lately – and for that I can only apologise. It seems that whilst the whole sex toy industry is coming up with new and innovative ways to please and poke your prostate, the penis seems to get overlooked a fair bit.

I guess it’s because there isn’t really much you can do to revolutionise masturbation. If someone wants to prove me wrong, then I welcome it. But right now, much of the strokers/sleeves out there all pretty much do the same thing/feel similar to each other. Which was why when I was offered the chance to view the HEPS Otris last year, I was confident we were on to something… not revolutionary… but something that would certainly ‘spice’ things up a bit. The concept was simple – a masturbator you put together using different ‘sections’ which had a different texture in each – you could then mix them up into any order/length to truly customise your experience.

On paper, it honestly sounds like an amazing idea. In practice, the HEPS had a few shortcomings – namely that the textures were just too soft/not interesting enough. It also disassembled into so many small pieces for cleaning that it became slightly tedious. With that in mind, I was still hopeful that this was a good idea, and that it just needs some refinement. Then I heard about the ZOLO Stax and was intrigued, and Robbie from BlokeToys contacted me and asked if I would be interested in trying it out, to see how it would compare, so of course I said yes. So here we go… let’s see how the Stax… stacked up (haha….*sigh*).

I would like to thank BlokeToys for sending us the ZOLO Stax for free in exchange for an honest review. Affilliate links have not been used in this post. 

First Impressions

This will essentially be a 2-in-1 sort of review, as Robbie sent me both the ZOLO Stax main unit, along with 3 additional segments that can be purchased separately in order to give the unit a comprehensive review as an overall.

The main ZOLO Stax unit comprises of 3 plastic rings with TPE textures in the middle. These then clip into a base unit. It comes packaged in a brightly colour box with some rather colourful illustrations on how to use the Stax. Inside, you’ll find the included 3 textures and the clip that holds it all together. The 3 textures consist of the TIGHT HOLE – which is a series of vertical ‘flaps’ running around the centre of the ring in a fairly ‘tight’ formation. The RIBBED is 3 rings close together, and lastly the DOTTED which has a series of nubs all around the inside. Those nubs also have nubs on. It made me chuckle.

The clip measures around 5 inches and has space for 5 textured rings, bring the total penetrable length to be around 6 inches. The actual orifice has a diameter of just over an inch and an overall circumference in the hand of 10 inches. There are three additional segments available for purchase. LOOSE HOLE which features triangular shaped flaps with a ring of nubs in between them. The VIRGIN HOLE which looks like the ribbed hole, only instead of it being circular rings, they look more like flowers. And lastly the DOME. This is a closed ‘cap’ that has a ring of nodules around the inside. With this on the top, it’s supposed to provide a certain level of resistance as well as a mild feeling of suction.

To use the Stax – you can either use the rings individually as mini-masturbators for providing direct stimulation the tip of the penis, or you can stack them up and then use them like a traditional masturbator. You can then mix and match the textures into almost any order you like. With the DOME texture excluded, you essentially have an open ended masturbator that’s ideal for solo play, or if there are 2 penises in your bedroom, you can engage in some cock-to-cock fun. Right – that’s the boring stuff out the way – let’s get to the fun stuff!

In Use

The Stax textures are made from a pliable, and modestly firm TPE. Thankfully there is no discernible odour coming from them. However the material is porous so will need to be thoroughly cleaned after use and careful storage to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

So initially, we tried out using the rings individually, just to get a sense of what the different textures felt like. I’ll do my best to describe it the best I can. So, we started out firstly with the ‘RIBBED’ texture. It’s a fairly simplistic texture that as you glide it over the length of the penis, the ribs grip onto you snuggly and it feels nice. It was definitely one that I liked to ensure travelled the whole length of my penis.

Next up, I moved onto the TIGHT HOLE. In terms of tightness, yes, I would agree that it felt a little tighter than the ribbed hole – but not by much. What was interesting about this texture, was that because it has the rubs going vertical, rather than horizontal – this was a great one to actually ‘twist’ around the shaft – especially around the sensitive tip. As it spins, the little ribs lap at your penis like mini tongues. Definitely felt much nice than the first one.

The one I was most interested in was the DOTTED texture. Just from looking at it, I could see it was actually going to be the most intense. And I was definitely right. The TPE here just feels slightly ‘firmer’ than it does in the other segments, and as such, if you used very little lube, it almost feels like someone is gently brushing their teeth over the skin. For some people, I have heard this is desirable – and I admit, it didn’t feel totally horrible – it was just slightly unexpected. With a bit more lube, it softened up a little but still felt quite firm – for use around the tip it was just too much. But along the shaft, it felt much better.

As I held the segments in my hand, I was reminded of another toy that we’ve reviewed recently – the Quickshot by Fleshlight. With that in mind, I figured that these rings would actually be quite useful at making oral sex just that little bit more interesting. You can slide a ring over and then slide that up and down the shaft while you work the tip with your mouth. My husband definitely seemed to approve, so I was confident we were on to a winner here. But it was time to stack them up and try them in the clip.

So the great thing is, you can place the segments anywhere you like in the clip. You can place them all in the middle, or at the bottom or spread them out so there’s a gap in between (particularly useful if you are quite well endowed). However the thing you’ll really want to consider is lube delivery. If you are spacing them apart, you’ll have to lube each segment individually. When they are all closer together it becomes much easier – but because of all the lumps and bumps, you’ll want to get your fingers in there to make sure it’s all nicely coated.

After we were both thoroughly warmed up, I selfishly took the lead and grabbed the Stax to try it out first (however I know how deep down he really enjoys to watch so I knew he wouldn’t mind). For ease of use, I placed all three rings towards the bottom, with the ribbed as my entry, the dotted in the middle and the Tight as the top. As I slipped inside, I could already tell this was a slightly different sensation to using them on their own. I really I wish I could explain it, but as I slipped inside, I was definitely thinking how all of the textures suddenly felt much firmer. My other half agreed – to the point where he said it was actually too firm for him.

Not one to be deterred, I carried on. It felt good. I mean compared to the Otris, the texture is definitely firmer so you do notice it more. As it’s also open-ended, there’s no awkward suction or slurping noises. I personally don’t miss that (and neither did my husband). My only quibble is the fact that when the segments are in the clip, they aren’t held in securely. They kind of rattle and spin around and it becomes slightly awkward to hold. At this point, I preferred using them individually. Maybe the new textures might help?


As I mentioned earlier, there are three additional segments that you can buy, allowing you to expand and ‘remix’ the sensations with the original textures. As before, I tried them out separately before then trying them mixed in with the originals.

So the Loose Hole is definitely the lightest of the textures. This one was perfect for focusing stimulation around the tip as the soft flaps and nodules stroked and caressed the sensitive spots. The Virgin Hole felt similar to the original RIBBED but felt just a little bit firmer/tighter. Again, this one was perfect for just sliding along the entire length of the shaft. The Dome is an interesting one. Attached to the unit as a ‘topper’ – it’s the only one I found that when used on it’s own, it felt slightly odd as it can only be used to massage the glans.

When mixed in with the rest of the Stax, things definitely get a bit more interesting. There are so many different combinations you can create, you can be there for an absolute age finding that perfect combination. But that’s what I think is great about this – Every time you use it, you are going to get a different sensation each time. When all but the Dome are inserted into the clip, you have a dual ended masturbator. You can switch between the two openings to mix things up or as I said earlier, you can enjoy some cock to cock play if you so desire.

When using all of the segments in the Stax, my original quibble remains. Whatever 2 segments go in at the top and the bottom stay in place pretty securely. The three segments in the middle tend to want to twist around and rattle and honestly, it can get a bit annoying. I almost wish it actually had the similar ‘screw’ system that the Otris had – it’s more secure and just makes it easier to use.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Because you can completely disassemble the Stax into it’s respective pieces, clean-up is easy. A good thorough rinse with some toy cleaner and warm water will be enough to keep it in tip-top condition. As far as i’m aware, the actual TPE inserts are NOT remove able – however, in the one that I have, there appears to be some sort of gap – either in the plastic or behind the TPE that allows water in, so you will really want to give them a good shake once washed, to try and dislodge the water that’s trapped inside.

I only noticed this when I went to put them away after rinsing them and leaving them out to dry, picking them up and then dripping water all over the floor. You don’t need to dust the TPE however it’s a proper lint magnet, so I would store away in their boxes to try and keep them as clean as possible between uses.


In most respects, I would say that the ZOLO Stax is better than the HEPS Otris. The textures are more noticeable, and the TPE feels of a much higher quality, and doesn’t feel like it’s about to disintegrate after just a couple of uses. The segments when used individually are pretty sweet, and are great for spicing up a wank session, but I found them better as a helper during oral sex.

When used as a whole masturbator, it’s OK. Nothing mind-blowing but it still leads me to a fairly satisfying orgasm. I just wish that the segments fitted into the case a little better – and in some respect, I wish it was a little narrower – as even with my big bear paws, it can get a bit achy in the hand after prolonged use.

If you like the idea of having a masturbator that can be changed every time you use it, the Stax is definitely a worth while purchase. And it’s relatively inexpensive as well – so considering all of the different combinations you can achieve, it makes it pretty good value for money as well. Worth a shot, I reckon anyway.

Where to Buy

You can pick up the ZOLO Stax and REMIX inserts from BlokeToys.

The Zolo Stax retails at around £24.99 and comes with 3 textures.

You can also purchase the separate inserts: LOOSE HOLE, VIRGIN HOLE and DOME for £11.99 each.


I would like to thank BlokeToys for sending us the ZOLO Stax and Remix to us for free in exchange for our honest review. This does not affect or sway our opinion on this product or any other product we review. All thoughts and experiences are 100% genuine and our own. Affiliate links have not been used in this post. 

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