Occasionally, I am asked by various people if I would be interested in testing out and reviewing a product before a retailer considers stocking it.

I was approached recently by the lovely folk over at Lovehoney, whether i’d be interested in reviewing a product they were considering stocking. For those that may not know, we recently reviewed an item by the Japanese company HEPS – who produced the hilariously named ‘Fantastic Oral Sex Simulator‘ that looks like you are getting a blow job from a duck-billed platypus.

Jokes aside, we were quite impressed with the HEPS – but our experience was tarred by the fact that HEPS had tried to pass off the sleeve as silicone, when it wasn’t. I really hate when toy companies do that. However, I was still prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt – and when I discovered what I would be reviewing, I have to admit, I was quite excited.

First Impressions

The HEPS Otris is a fully customisable, discreet masturbation device, consisting of 4 textured rings that can be removed/added as you please, allowing you to create the perfect toy. It’s like a sex toy transformer! We were both very excited to receive this. However, where we are normally in agreement with most things – the Otris proved to be quite polarising in our bedroom, with myself quite enjoying it, but my husband pretty much hated it. I’ll explain why very shortly.

Unfortunately, in a moment of complete stupidity, I threw away the packaging before I had a chance to take all of the photographs (duh!). However, it is the most discreet packaging i’ve seen on a toy, and unless you speak Japanese, no one will have any idea what on earth is inside. It looks NOTHING like a sex toy, and there are no lewd images or descriptions plastered around it’s clear plastic casing to indicate what it is.

The Otris comes in 6 ‘pieces’. There are 4 ‘textured’ pieces, the screw cap and the suction cap at the bottom. The textured pieces are made from TPE and can be removed from the plastic casing to be cleaned. The whole thing disassembles into pieces. One thing I did note as I was taking apart the Otris to have a good look, was the general finish on the TPE sleeves looked a little… shoddy. They looked a little tatty, like they’d been used several times already – and that was before we’d even gotten started. Although after several thorough tests, they didn’t look any worse – they seemed pretty resilient – however one would assume that a product like this would retail at a ‘premium’ price, so I would have expected better quality.

Each ‘segment’ is 1.25 inches, combining to make a total of 5″ of internal penetrable length with a canal width of 1 inch. The Otris has a circumference of 9″, making it fairly comfortable in the hand, helped by the deep ridges on the outside which make it easy to grip, even when things get a little bit slippery.

In Use

The idea behind the Otris is that you can add/remove pieces and create a masturbator tailored to what you really like. You can make it small and just provided stimulation to the head or you can add more and provide full length stimulation.

Inside the Otris, there are 4 textures – there are 2 pieces that look similar, consisting of a thick wall with splits which provide a really tight feeling. There’s a third piece which has what look like horizontal scales which will flex backwards and forwards as you thrust and the last piece which I can only describe as what looks like a ‘traditional’ entry orifice, which is multi-layered in different directions, which will again flex in different directions as you move in and out.

The bottom contains the built in suction control. It’s a small ‘piston’ that reacts to the pressure inside the toy. As you slide in, it pushes it up, allowing the air to flow out. On the downstroke, it closes, creating intense suction. Out of every masturbator i’ve ever tried, it has the most intense suction (in my opinion).

So I really liked it, but my husband didn’t. Let’s break it down.

I liked it for several reasons. I think it’s a great idea, to be able to create and customise a masturbator. I love my Fleshlights, but unless you are hung like the proverbial donkey, i’ll never experience all the texture it has to offer. Here, I can remove or add to suit my ‘needs’ – so if you are smaller in the trouser area, you can make it ‘fit’ you, and you’ll get to experience the whole texture.

I personally could really feel the difference between the textures. Placing the 2 ‘tighter’ textures at the top and bottom, with the 2 ‘looser’ textures’ in the middle felt incredible. My only concern was the suction – it really was quite intense, and it’s not really adjustable – it’s either full on suction or nothing at all. When used without the suction cap, it still felt pleasant, but it wasn’t as satisfying, as it felt much ‘looser’ overall. Should you choose to go with the suction, it does have the tendency to create some rather off-putting ‘raspberry’ noises – which if you are on your own, might not be a problem – especially if you can distract yourself with the noise of some sexy music or perhaps some good old fashioned adult entertainment. However, should you play with a partner (as we do) it’s almost an instant mood killer.

My husband, on the other hand – didn’t rate the Otris at all. Firstly, his main problem was with the suction. It was too strong for him, and it detracted from the pleasurable sensations of the TPE sleeve. When he tried it without the suction, he said it felt pretty pointless – he figured he’d get more sensation just using his hand – which leads on to his second problem. He felt that the textures didn’t feel overly different to each other, and said it felt like the same sensations he’d felt before in other sleeves. However he did agree that the idea of switching/adding/removing pieces to make it ‘fit’ an individual was a brilliant idea.

This is why reviewing sex toys can be incredibly difficult – because everyone is different!

Clean-Up and Maintenance

This is where you pay for the customisation aspect – cleaning the Otris is a bit of a labour – as there is so many pieces to clean! Although if you don’t use every single piece during your session, then it’s not so bad. Simply unscrew all the pieces and then give a good rinse with water and toy cleaner. You can pop out the TPE sleeves from the plastic casing to give everything a thorough wash. When all dry, simply give the sleeves a light dusting with renewal powder and then put it all back together. It’s a bit more involved then cleaning, say a Fleshlight, but as the material is TPE, you’ll want to ensure you clean it through thoroughly.


Let me be completely frank. It’s not an absolutely horrendous toy by any stretch of the imagination. I do think it’s a fantastic innovation, one that I think has been severely lacking in the male masturbator sector of the multi-billion dollar sex toy industry. I truly do appreciate the ability to switch things around, for a different sensation each time – and it will suit ANYONE with a penis.

However it’s not all kittens and rainbows. I think the suction is going to divide a lot of people – you are either really going to love the deep intense suction (if you can manage to put up with some of the additional noises it creates) or you are going to hate it – especially when you have so little control over it (unlike with a Fleshlight or a TENGA Flip Hole).

Unfortunately, Lovehoney have decided they will not be stocking the HEPS Otris. Should any of my recommended and reputable retailers choose to stock the HEPS Otris, I will update this page with some relevant buy links.


The HEPS Otris was kindly sent to me by Lovehoney in exchange for my honest review. This in no way affects my opinions of the toy. All experiences given are both my own and true. Lovehoney offer thousands of products at competitive prices, offer FREE Discreet delivery when you spend £10 or more and they have an unbeatable no quibble, 365-day return policy! 

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