As a gay man, I love anything that has a sense of kitsch/camp value.

It’s the one stereotype I allow myself to get away with. Is it something I generally look for in a sex toy? I’d have to say… no. Not normally, anyway. But sometimes, a product comes along that makes you rethink your values when it comes to sex and sex toys – and it reminds you that sex should be, first and foremost, fun.

I bought this on the strength of the packaging alone. Never has a product’s packaging made me smile quite like the Screaming O Paco’s Taco stroker did. It just screamed “FUN” and I knew that I had to give it a try. Unfortunately, this sat in my toy box for a long time before we eventually got round to using it. So was it worth the wait?

First Impressions

First things first – the packaging is incredibly gimmicky and tacky… and I LOVE it! From the the little cockerel down to the proud declaration that the stroker utilises ‘OPEN-FACED STROKER TECHNOLOGY’. It’s so tongue in cheek and outrageous that you can’t help but feel compelled to open up the box and discovered what is inside. To me, packaging makes up a good part of the overall experience – usually, it’s only the luxury toys with their fancy packaging that gets me excited – but this, this incredibly childish and garish bright colour packaging was doing something – it was odd, like I was rediscovering my long lost childish sense of wonderment and delight… or I could have just been horny. Trouble is, we’ll never know..

So inside the packaging, is the stroker which is sealed in a clear plastic bag. They also provide you with a small sample of ‘Taco Sauce’ (water-based lube). Even this feels like a stroke (ahem) of genius – If you’re going to promote something like this, you go the whole way! The stroker is made from TPE which is a really soft, stretchy elastomer that is also found in TENGA products (specifically the Eggs). Out of the packet, laid flat – it doesn’t really look like anything at all – least of all a sex toy. In fact, it looks like something I put on the dashboard of my car to stop my phone rolling around.

On one side you have 7 thick pronounced ridges that run almost the whole width of the stroker. On the other side, there are ‘indentations’ which also run the width of the stroker too. The ridges are for stimulation, and the indentations act as a ‘grip’. The stoker utilises ‘OPEN-FACED STROKER TECHNOLOGY’ as I mentioned earlier. All that means, is that instead of a self-contained sealed stroker, it’s flat, allowing you to wrap it around your penis – it’s a simple concept, but one that has many many advantages, of which I will come to shortly.

How to Use

So the Taco Stroker is incredibly simple to use – simply apply a liberal amount of lube to the ridged side of the stroker. Then, like you were making yourself a delicious Taco, wrap the stroker around your penis and stroke like you would normally. Now at this point, I can already see a slight problem with the Taco – albeit a very small one, but still something I want to mention anyway. Now, I have large hands. Big old man paws. Holding the Taco was not really a problem for me. However, I do know a lot of ladies like to buy these sorts of products to use on/with their husbands, and I feel that if you are lucky enough to have more petite, smaller hands – then wrangling the Taco might be a bit of an issue. It’s not going to be impossible, but the Taco is definitely a handful and a half.

So how does it feel? Pretty darn good, actually! The ridges are certainly indeed thick enough that they do turn an otherwise ordinary hand job into something a bit more special. The one thing I love about strokers like this, is that changing the amount of pressure/grip you apply to the sleeve really does enhance the overall feeling.

One thing I did note, was that you’ll want to be careful to not get lube on the side you are holding. If you aren’t careful, then the taco will become more difficult than a greased pig to hold on to.

The other great thing about a toy like this, is that ANYONE can use it – regardless of penis length/girth. This is one thing where self-contained strokers can sometimes be a bit problematic. Sometimes it’s too tight if you are a bit girthy, or if you are bit shorter, you might not be getting all of the textures/sensations. However, as the Taco is super-stretchy and open – whether you are smaller or bigger than average – you will get plenty of use from this toy.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The Taco is really easy to clean – warm water, toy cleaner and then this is best left to air dry. Storage can be a bit tricky because of the material – so I do keep mine in it’s original box (and I’ve kept the original plastic bag it came in too). You’ll notice that once it’s been washed and has dried, the material can feel a little bit tacky/sticky – so the best thing to do is apply a liberal amount of cornstarch/flour to both sides of the stroker before you put it away – this will restore it back to the way it was when you first took it out of the box.

The Stroker is designed to be reusable so it should last a little while (just don’t go around stretching it too much!).


So I guess I don’t need to spend wicked amounts of money on masturbator/strokers to have a lot of fun. The simplicity of this product, and the fact that it does indeed feel really pleasant makes this incredibly easy to recommend.


9 out of 10

Where to buy

NOTE: This product has now been discontinued.

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