Like many of us, when faced with the prospect of lockdown; it was a chance for us to explore and indulge in our hobbies and passions; do those things that we otherwise wouldn’t normally get a chance to do.

My husband was no exception. He began turning our garage into his own little workshop. I had no idea he harboured a passion for carpentry and wood-work; it’s funny how even after 18 years together, we still learn something new about each other. Within a few weeks, he had completely cleared everything out, and slowly (and surely) was kitting it out to be his own little domain.

Since he’s converted the garage, he’s built a few little bits around the house, but his current pride and joy, is the work bench he made. It currently takes pride of place in the centre of the workshop. It’s an impressive table; solid, chunky and very strong…

In my head, I had played out all sorts of sexy scenarios for getting down and dirty; smothered in grease and sweat… and sawdust? OK maybe not the last part; there is just something sexy about the thought of being taken by those rough, calloused hands; getting thrown against the bench whilst the heady aroma of sweat and wood filled the air.

One afternoon, I was enjoying my usual afternoon bath. I knew he was out in the garage, working away on his current project. As I lay there, the warm water lapping softly over my crotch; I started to daydream. As I felt myself getting harder, I knew today was going to be the day we make it happen. We are fucking in his workshop.

I hastily dried myself, and popped on some loose fitting clothing; I wanted him to have easy access. I nonchalantly crossed the garden and tapped on the door (he had a habit of being so carried away, that every time I walked in, he would jump). “Come in” he shouted. As I opened the door, there he was, sweat beaded on his brow, his hands dirty… I could feel things stirring down below.

“What have you been up to?” I asked, stroking my fingers along the length of the work bench. “Oh a bit of this, bit of that…” he said. He began to show me the plans he had made for a new unit he was working on. I leant against the bench, slowly pulling down the back of my shorts to reveal my arse in a jockstrap. “Mmmhmmm” I nodded, as he took me through the detailed measurements. I bumped my hip into his, and that was when he noticed. I felt his warm hand caress my cheek, and he gave it a firm squeeze.

This man knows how to get me going; the moment he begins caressing my butt, I am at full mast. He sends shivers down my spine and has me shivering in ecstacy before anything has even happened. These hands are magic. I positioned myself in front of him, leaning over the bench, and pressed my arse against his crotch. His hands kept a firm grip on my waist, and as I pressed harder against him, I could feel things starting to throb in his jeans.

The room was hot, and I was already starting to feel those trickles of sweat run down my back. As he softly moaned, I continued to grind against him; then the tell-tell jingle of his belt coming undone. I spread my legs slightly, and as I did, I felt his hot, hard cock press up right against my hole. He began teasing, stroking his dick over my arse, sliding it between my cheeks. By this point, my cock is beginning to drip, and I drop my shorts all the way down, giving him full unencumbered access to my hole.

I felt the warmth of saliva slip between my crack; and he pressed the tip of his cock into my hole. I leant as far forward as I could, and he slowly slipped inside. As he built up a slow, but firm rhythm, I pushed back, feeling him penetrate me deeper, hitting my prostate and causing my knees to buckle slightly. I grabbed onto the other side of the bench for support with one hand, whilst stroking my own cock; which was sticky with precum. “Oh fuck…” was all I could muster as he pounded away. My head was spinning.

“I’m gonna cum…” he said. “Oh yeah…” I muttered as I pressed harder against him. My own cock twitched as I felt his warm load splatter against my arse, and slowly trickle down my thighs. He shuddered as my hole grazed against his now spent member.. “Oh stick it back in” I whispered. With one final thrust deep inside, I was ready.

“Oh shit…” I cried; as I unloaded several spurts of spunk all over the surface of his work bench. He nuzzled his face into my neck and softly kissed me, as I stood, shaking. The last drops of semen dropped to the floor. The surface of the work bench was covered in sawdust, sweat and spunk. After a quick clean up using an old rag; I pulled on my shorts and began to head back inside.

“You’ll have to come out and see me in my workshop more often” he said, with a soft smile. “Yeah… I think I will…” I said, and slowly headed back inside.

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