Sven spent his first week with us in his box. I’m not proud of it, I usually pride myself as being the gracious host. However a 65kg sex doll is not something one is usually accustomed to having to make provisions for. And for that, Sven, I can only apologise.

In case you aren’t aware, Sven is a WM Doll that has been very kindly sent to use by Ben from DollTraining for review. If you missed part one of this series; where Sven arrived (and where he was given the name Sven) you can go and check it out here. This post contains affiliate links. 

However, I did make an effort to try and make him look and feel a little more… stylish. Although I made the mistake of ordering from Wish (mainly because it was incredibly cheap). I ordered him a basic top, a couple of pairs of underwear and a pair of shorts. Sven is lucky enough to be in better shape than I am, so unfortunately we can’t share a wardrobe. Yet. It’s a work in progress.

Sadly; Wish is a bit of a gamble as to whether you are going to get what you actually order. On this occasion; his new shirt and underwear arrived in… I want to say, around a week after the order (that’s their express delivery option as well…). The shorts, however, were a no show. Thankfully, their refund policy is pretty good (I guess because they have to refund so much?!). I have yet to get around to purchasing a replacement; but we still had a better fitting shirt and some new underwear to dress our new friend in.

I asked my husband if he could give me a hand getting Sven out of his box. I wanted to check him over, as one of the things you’ll need to do when owning a doll like this, is move it around so as to ensure the TPE doesn’t sag, but also to ensure it doesn’t get any indentations (which regrettably, Sven has developed a few creases on his butt).  We seem to be getting better at lifting him out of the box; but make no mistake, Sven is still incredibly tricky to move around. But we’ll get there. It’s all about practice, practice and more practice…

We sat Sven down on the bed, ripped off the basic vest that had been provided, and began to dress him in the new outfit we had for him. Now dressed in a black string v-neck linen shirt, and a pair of mesh briefs; Sven was starting to look a little more… inviting. We laid him down on the bed and just admired his body. Squeezing his thighs; rubbing our hands over his washboard stomach. I was starting to get a little turned on. “Can we get him into a bent-over position?” I asked. “I just want to see how well it can support itself”.

With a little effort, we got Sven into a downward dog style pose; his round bubble butt high in the air, whilst his face was pressed down into the duvet. “God, his arse is so spankable” I muttered, as I planted a firm ‘SMACK’ on his bouncy cheek. “That is SO SATISFYING”. His cheeks wobble with every impact. My husband stood up. Whilst still laying next to the doll, I reached out and started rubbing his groin. I could feel he was hard. Looks like Sven is going to be put to the test quicker than I thought. I pulled down his trousers and began to stroke him. He stood there, moaning, all the whilst looking over at Sven’s arched back.

“Do you want to…” I said, whilst motioning over to our new friend. “Yeah…” he said. I stood up and stripped down, and reached for a bottle of lube. I positioned myself down by Svens head; eager to try out the mouth whilst David positioned himself behind Sven. In the position we were in, it was tricky to actually have us both use the doll at the same time. We’ll need to experiment with positions and ways to support the doll; I certainly have some wicked spit-roasting ideas in mind… So instead, we focused on just fucking the doll.

I knelt next to David, and watched with eager delight as he lubed up the butt hole on the doll, and then carefully slipped himself inside. He grabs hold of the dolls hips and thrusts himself deep inside. My cock is twitching, aroused by seeing his dick move in and out; all the while he grips onto the waist of the doll. I move to stand behind him, and press my throbbing cock against his hole, whilst he pounds away at the doll.

We swap over; I position myself behind the doll, grab onto that squishy ass, and slip my cock deep inside. “Oh my god” I said. Where David had already been inside; the orifice was warm. It felt incredibly real; it was also surprisingly tight. My husband grabbed hold of my hips as I was thrusting, all the while he was kissing and breathing heavily down my neck. We each took it in turns; eventually, David was getting close. I urged him to keep going, and he soon started to tremble as he reached orgasm; splattering the cheeks and hole with his warm load.

Ready to blow myself, I moved into position and unloaded all over the dolls butt. We both then collapsed onto the bed; whilst Sven continued to lay with his butt arched in the air, now glistening with a mixture of lube and spunk. “Well… there was… an interesting experience” I said to David. “Uh huh…” he whispered back. After getting our breath back, it was time to give Sven a bit of a clean-up. A damp flannel made good of cleaning off the excess lube and bodily fluids. His butt hole was a little trickier to clean out; it required a bit of a vigorous fingering. But after what Sven had just endured; this was a piece of cake. We’ll cover more on the cleaning and maintenance of a sex doll when we publish our final review.

For now, I am happy to report that Sven is no longer a stranger; and he is now becoming quicker to move around. Until the next time, don’t forget to check out DollTraining to see what else they have to offer.

Stay safe, wear a mask, wash your hands.


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