I recently ran a poll on Twitter, asking what sort of content you would like to see more of here at TBGR. One of the things requested was more Erotic Fiction. There is a reason why you don’t see much of that around here…

… and it’s simply because i’m not very good! Creative writing is a little bit more difficult than writing a review, and often, I literally have no idea what to write about. But in an effort to try and keep things fresh and varied; i’ve had another go. You can check out some previous posts i’ve written in this category: Silence and Thing’s Aren’t Always What They Seem. But for now, here is a new piece entitled “Humidity” – inspired somewhat by true events…

The air was dry, and almost stifling. Even though the air-conditioner was on, I could still feel the beads of sweat around my hairline. I called to my husband in the kitchen; “Can you bring me in a coke?”. I fidgeted uncomfortably, as my shorts were sticking and riding in places they really shouldn’t…

“Here you go” he said softly, thrusting the cold can into my face. “Thanks” I said, as I hastily placed the can on the back of my neck. Oh that felt good… I moved it around my neck and then ran it across my forehead. The relief was only for a second, but it was a glorious second. The can hissed as I cracked open the ring pull, and I gulped the cool refreshing liquid down. A small dribble of cola ran down my chin. “You know, I think I’m going to go have a shower.” I peeled myself off the sofa and headed upstairs. “OK”, my husband called after me.

As I opened the door to bedroom, the intense heat hit me like a brick wall. All of the days heat seemed to be collecting up here. “Jesus…” I sighed, as I slowly climbed the stairs. I opened the window and turned on the vast array of fans we have situated around the room. I slowly peeled off my t-shirt. My skin was ever so slightly glazed. I dropped my shorts, until I was standing completely naked. I moved to be in front of the fan, and stood there and shuddered with relief as the cooler air started whipping around my body.

Sliding back the shower door, I stepped inside and twisted the tap. The initial blast of cold water would normally be too much; but in this heat, it was welcome. The water warmed up slightly, but only a little. The water began cascading down my back, cleansing my body of the days exertions. It was then that I heard the bathroom door close behind me, and there was a sudden draft as the shower door slid open. “I thought you could use some company” my husband said, as he positioned himself behind me. He placed his arms around my waist, and nuzzled his face into my neck. “Oh, you know I’m always down for an extra pair of hands” I whispered, as he started kissing my neck.

He reached in front of me, and took the nearest bottle of shower gel. He squeezed it into his hands, and then slowly began to massage it into a lather on my back. His hands worked slowly, starting at my shoulders, and then moving them down to my waist, before coming in and squeezing my butt. I moaned softly. He knows he has me under a spell when he starts playing with my butt. As the suds began to disappear, he switched it up, and began to run his tongue down my spine. I tingled, as he reached the apex of my butt cheeks. He urged me to lean forward; just enough to give him access. Before I knew it, his face was buried into my ass. His tongue was working my hole into a frenzy. I grabbed at the shower head for support as my knees began to buckle. He stood up and I felt his now engorged cock press against my butt. My cock twitched in excitement, and he reached round and began to slowly stroke it. His warm breath was in my ear, and I realised this shower was no longer cooling me down.

I turned around and pressed him up against the wall. I held his arms up above his head and leant in for a kiss. It was intense. As I pulled away, I softly bit his lip. “Maybe we should get a bit more comfortable?” And I opened the shower door and led him out by the hand. Still dripping wet, I led him to the bed and then pushed him down. He landed on his back, droplets of water sprayed all over the bedding. I followed, kneeling between his open legs. His cock was still throbbing, but it was now glistening. I knelt down and put my face deep into his crotch. His wet dick was rubbing against my cheek as I nuzzled into his pubic hair. I felt his hips arch and he began to groan. I grabbed hold of his dick and ran my tongue up the length of his shaft; his balls still had a slight musky aroma to them. As I reached the tip, I just opened my mouth and took it all inside. He twitched as my lips pressed firmly around his cock. It was soon wet with saliva as I sucked, licked and squeezed it. His eyes were closed, but his face said all I needed to know.

My own dick was now rock hard. I lifted his legs around my shoulders, and I pressed the tip against his hole. Just enough to apply a little pressure. He smiled and bit his lip, as I began to grind my dick against his ass. I turned my head and began to lick at his ankles, occasionally mixing it up with a little soft bite. All the while, I’m pressing my cock harder into his ass, and he is pulling himself closer. I grab the dispenser of lube from the bedside table, and drop a bit onto his hole. I use my dick to spread it around. Holding onto his legs firmly, I position myself and slip inside. His warmth engulfs me and clings onto me tightly. His head arches backwards, and he places his hands on my hips; I let him get comfortable. Once he’s ready, I begin thrusting my hips. Slowly, but forcefully. With each stroke, he gasps and groans. I feel water dripping from my head onto his chest. I don’t know if it’s from the shower, or if it’s sweat. I didn’t care. His legs rest on my shoulders as we fuck; I reposition slightly so I can get in deeper.

“Oh fuck….” he whispers, softly. I smile and pull out, deciding to change position. I lay behind him, and pull him close. I bite gently on his shoulder. He presses himself against my crotch, and so I lift his leg slightly, and thrust my cock inside. He begins bucking his hips, my cock hitting him deep. “Yeah, like that…” he pants. At this point, our bodies are soaked; the temperature has risen and we’re getting tangled up in the sheets. But I keep thrusting and he keeps grinding. “I’m getting close” I whisper. “Yeah…” he says, as he begins to buck his hips fast. “Oh god…” I pull myself out and unleash several thick spurts of spunk all over his ass, his cock and the bed. “That’s it” he mutters, as he begins stroking his cock; just a few strokes and he’s covered his glistening belly with his own cum. There are a few minutes of panting; the sound of the fans intermingling with our heavy breathing. My body is tingling all over and I am soaked.

“Well, I guess that means we need to have another shower…?” I say, as I untangle myself from his legs and sheets. “Yeah” he smiles, “And this time, it’s my turn…”.

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