I was awoken by the gentle trembling of the bed. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light of the bedroom, I looked over to his side of the bed. What I saw was not what I was expecting. I lay there in complete silence as I observed the scene.

I could make out the silhouette of his body, arched, in the throes of intense pleasure. His head was pressed back into the pillow, and he was quietly moaning. I could make out his fist, clenched tightly around his cock, as he stroked it deliberately, firmly. I didn’t want to disturb him, so I lay there completely still. But already, I could feel my own cock stirring.

I let out a soft cough, and the bedside light switched on. He looked over at me, with a smile on his face. His cock was twitching, glistening. I went to speak, but he pressed his finger to my lips. I could taste him. He simply went back to stroking his cock, but this time, he was angled so I could see everything. I pulled the duvet away so I could expose myself. He looked at the bulge in my boxers, that were struggling to contain my excitement. He smiled, and gestured for me to remove them. I did so, without taking my eyes off him.

As my own cock burst free, he let out a deep moan, but said nothing. I lay back, and began to stroke myself. The only sound I could hear, was our breathing intertwined with the occasional groan of pleasure. And yet, still not a word was said; but our attention was focused solely on each other. I wanted to reach out and grab him. I made to do so, but he pushed my hand away, and gently shook his head.

I could see he was getting close. Beads of sweat were forming on his brow, and his stroke had become faster, more intense. His other hand was clutching at the sheet. I watched his chest rise and fall rapidly, timing my strokes with his. I decided to move position. I turned myself around and lay at the foot of the bed, so I could look directly into his eyes. Our legs, entwined together.

And still, silence. I could feel myself getting closer to the brink. And I could tell he was too. He looked at me, and softly nodded his head. It was time. I got on my knees and moved in between his legs. I pressed my cock against his, and then gripped them together. And I began to stroke. Both cocks in one hand, together. He arched his back, and tilted his head right back, and at that moment, I could feel his warm load in my hand. It was all I needed to push me over the edge, and I came all over his cock and his stomach. And still, silence.

I leaned in close, and kissed him on his lips. Again, I opened my mouth to speak, and he placed his finger on my lips again and smiled. I collapsed next to him, and he wrapped his arms around me. It was wet, and sticky but I didn’t care. He pulled me close and nuzzled his face into my neck. The only sound was our breathing. And with a smile on my face, I closed my eyes…

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A big thank you to Girl on the Net for including me in her hot Audio Porn project.

Thank you for reading! I wanted to have another go at writing a short piece of erotica for Masturbation Month, so I hope you enjoyed it! 

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