I remember the first time I tried a TENGA Flip-hole masturbator. It was July last year, and I remember being thoroughly impressed.

I was curious as to whether the comparisons between this and the Fleshlight was true. The TENGA was slightly more expensive, but also looked somewhat prettier than the Fleshlight.

Cut to 12 months later, and I was lucky enough to get the Silver version for £40 in a limited edition male toy bundle from Lovehoney (no longer in stock). I couldn’t believe it, but I was extremely excited. We were fans of the white one, and I figured this one had to be just as good…

First Impressions

I love how TENGA package all of their products. Whenever I get a new TENGA product, I get just as excited as I do when I’m unwrapping a new Apple product – it’s always well thought out, tasteful and it never looks seedy or dirty. Like the White Flip Hole, this is packaged very simply in a clear plastic tube with two hard plastic lids. The bottom lid has three samples of lube included, and holds the Flip Hole. Underneath the bottom lid, is a warranty/user manual tucked away neatly. It looks great and if you presented it to someone as a gift, I think they would really appreciate it.

When you remove the Flip Hole from the packaging, the first thing you notice is the weight. It’s certainly a sizeable toy, and comparable in weight with a Fleshlight (which the Flip Hole is most commonly compared too) – however I think the Flip Hole feels just a touch lighter. The unit is held together with a ‘clip’ which you slide off the unit to allow you to open it, then flip to apply the lube. You then reattach the clip the other way, and it holds the unit together during use. This ‘Clip’ also comes in handy when drying the toy after cleaning (more on that later).

Down the middle of the unit, on both sides, there are three ‘buttons’ built into the soft squishy interior (more on those later). When you open the unit, you are greeted by deep, geometric patterned texture. It’s very straight and looks almost like lots of triangles and diamonds (compared to the White unit, which has lots of nodules and bumps). All of these bumps and textures are all different heights, lengths and different directions – so you know you are going to experience a different sensation with each stroke. The Sleeve itself is made from Skin-safe TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer). This means that you definitely need to use only Water-based lube with this toy, and best kept stored inside it’s original packaging.

In Use

The good folk at TENGA are kind enough to supply you with samples of their lubricants, meaning you can get down to play straight away. The lubricants come in three ‘flavours’, which vastly change the sensations inside the unit. The lubes come in Mild, Wild and Real.

Mild is a much thicker lube (it has the consistency of a silicone lube). In use, this feels much more realistic and also probably lasts the longest out of all three lubes. Wild is a extremely runny lube with a hint of menthol. This one can be a bit tricky to apply without making a mess everywhere. This gives you a much slicker ride, and with a slightly cool tingle.Real is a very standard water-based style consistency. Very middle-of-the-road, but still provides a good amount of slickness.

When it’s time to have a play, simply slide off the clip, open up the unit and apply the lube. Make sure it’s all worked into all the nooks and crannies, then close up the unit and reattach the clip on the opposite end. Then lube yourself up and slide inside.

When in use, as you first enter the Flip Hole, there is a deep ridge at the entrance which provides intense stimulation the the glans and frenulum when you first enter. As you enter deeper into the unit, the textures caress every inch of your shaft, sending ripples of pleasure through you.

One of the things that I love about the Flip Hole, is that those of us who aren’t as blessed, still get to feel all the amazing textures inside – whereas with a Flesh Light, if you are 6″ or less, then it can leave you feeling a bit inadequate as you don’t quite get to experience all the textures all the way down the length of the sleeve – but here, it’s not a problem – TENGA have probably packed more textures per square inch than you’ll ever find in any Fleshlight, so regardless of size, there is definitely pleasure to be had by all here. As you stroke, it really does feel like every part of the sleeve is massaging and caressing you as you slide in and out.

Things get much more interesting when you make use of the buttons – squeezing each one applies extra pressure and a small amount of suction – really enhancing the sensations of the textures. Initially it does make a bit of a ‘squelchy’ noise which can be off-putting, but this is just a fact of life when it comes to toys like these. Once you get into the flow of things, you tend to not notice the noise – and you can have lots of fun alternating the squeezes at different points in the unit, to get different sensations – something you cannot do with a Fleshlight, thanks to it’s rigid outer casing.

The Flip Hole brings me to orgasm every time, and it’s always fulfilling, and is one of the reasons I find myself coming back to this toy regularly.

Clean-up and maintenance

Unlike a Fleshlight – cleaning the TENGA is quick and generally frustration free! When you are done, simply remove the clip, open up the unit and wash with warm soapy water. For even easier cleaning, I pop the Flip Hole in the bath and I use the high-powered shower head to help wash everything out of all the little crevices. A quick spritz with anti-bac cleaner and a final rinse will leave it sparkly, and looking like new.

To dry, simply open up the case slightly, and rest it on the clip and then leave to air dry. Once dried, I like to use just a small amount of cornflour to help keep the textured insert looking and feeling at it’s best as it does tend to get sticky after it’s dried (which is why in the photos, you can see a bit of white powder over the sleeve). When you are ready for your next go – a quick rinse to remove excess powder and you are good to go! I like to keep my Flip Hole in the original packaging, as the TPE is exposed on the sides (where the buttons are) so I don’t want it to get dirty or dusty.

There is one other thing that I need to mention. Unlike the Fleshlight, the TENGA Flip Hole is supposed to have a limited life span – in fact, according to the instruction manual, this is around 50 uses. Reason? Well I’m not entirely sure, I guess due to the nature of the material of Flip Hole, it just isn’t rated to last all that long, especially with vigorous use. If you were to use it more than once a week, then it will supposedly last you less than 6 months – and at a premium price tag – that might put some of you off. I guess it really depends how often you plan to use something like this. We’ve used ours maybe 7/8 times at the time of writing this review and we’ve had it for 3 months. I guess the mileage you are going to get is really going to depend on how often you use it. Just something to think about.


You know what, I actually love both TENGA and Fleshlight. They are both high quality toys that know how to give great orgasm after great orgasm. So really, it’s down to personal preference. The Fleshlight is great, if slightly bulky and a bit of a pain to clean – where as the Flip Hole is smaller, much easier to clean and it gives you the ability to change things up with the pressure pads on the side.
When making a decision, I’d probably base it on how well endowed you are, and how often you plan to use it. If you are likely to use something like this every day or every other day – then regardless of size, go for the Fleshlight. If like me, however – you use them occasionally as part of a good couples session – then you could get away with a Flip Hole.

Where to buy

NOTE: Most models of the original TENGA Flip Hole have now been discontinued and replaced with more advanced models (such as the Flip Zero, Flip Orb and Flip Zero EV). You can still purchase the original Flip Zero Black from Lovehoney.

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