What’s this? Another review? Absolutely right, we are finally catching up with all of our outstanding reviews. I just want to take a second to thank you for all of your patience during this time. So this week, we are kicking things off with a new(ish) release from TENGA; the Flip Orb.

Specifically the ‘Orange Crash‘ version (there are 2 Flip Orbs available; if you want me to review the other version, let me know and I will see what I can do). I am a huge fan of TENGA and their masturbators. Their newest incarnations of the Flip range not only offer a higher level of sensation and texture; they are much easier to use and they LOOK so beautiful. Like, honestly, the design is next level.

So when TENGA reached out to ask if I would like to review one of their new Flip models, I of course had to say yes. The difficult choice was choosing which one; I settled for the ‘Orange Crash’ variant, and it arrived discreetly a few days later. So how does this compared to the Flip Zero? Well there’s only one way to find out… let’s dive right in!

I would like to thank TENGA Global for sending us the Flip Orb Orange Crash to us free of charge in exchange for an honest review. 

First Impressions

The Flip Orb features a more curvaceous design, compared to the original Flip Zero, but the function is still pretty much the same; so if you’ve used any of the Flip Zero’s, then you know what to expect here. The major difference comes from the additional texture inside the actual sleeve. The Flip Orb has your traditional TPE textured canal, but they’ve added these additional solid ‘bumps’, to create a unique twisted sensation of both firm and soft. Inside the pack, you get the Flip Orb, a small instruction manual and 2 sachets of ‘Hole Lotion’.

In the Orange Crash version, the orbs are positioned in such a way, that they will essentially surround your shaft as you slip inside. There is an orb directly at the opening which, if used the right way, offers some serious frenulum massage as you enter. The actual sleeve itself is just covered with lots of tiny, little round balls. It’s actually quite a simple texture, compared to the standard Flip Zero models. The case opens in the same way, but inside of their being a bracket to slide through and hold it together, the Flip Orb just has a little cap to keep the orifice clean during storage, but this can be placed on the end during use to allow for great stability.

In Use

So let’s just cut to the chase, how does the Flip Orb Orange Crash feel? Well, pretty darn good! If you have ever complained that you cannot ‘feel’ the texture of your masturbators, this might be the answer to your prayers. With a liberal coating of lube massaged into all of the nooks and crannies, I got myself comfortable and positioned the opening at the tip of my penis. The Flip Orb still has the pressure pads, so just as I was about to enter, I squeezed the sides and released, which created a nice bit of suction, which drew me inside.

Immediately, I could feel the firm orbs gripping my shaft. Despite being made from a firmer material, because they are embedded in the soft and squishy TPE, they never feel uncomfortable. They really do enhance the overall sensation. The Flip Orb creates a decent amount of suction when squeezing, but because the texture is a little firmer, I didn’t need to squeeze so often, because the standard feeling of just sliding in and out felt so amazing.

The new design in the shape of the case also actually works incredibly well, as it’s actually far more comfortable to hold than the original Flip Zero. Not that i’ve ever really had a problem holding the original, as I do have quite large hands; now that i’ve held the Flip Orb, I can actually say the Zero is actually quite cumbersome. The Flip Orb feels better in the hand, even feels a little bit lighter and therefore offers a better experience overall.

Clean-up and Maintenance

What I love about TENGA, is how they have clearly thought about things like clean-up. Much like the Zero’s clip and base converts into a drying standing, the end cap of the Orb can also essentially become a drying base. Once you’ve given the inside out a thorough rinse with warm water, shake off as much excess water as you can, and then you can rest the open case on the end cap to let it air dry before being stored away.

Speaking of storage, the Orb does not come with a fancy storage case like the Zero’s and EV’s. The packaging for the Orb is just standard plastic case that doesn’t really close again, once it’s been opened. Is this a bad thing? Well, no, not really. But when the others Flips in the line have nice fancy cases; it’s a little disappointing to not have it here. But this is the cheapest of the Flips, so I guess that’s the sacrifice?


I think it’s safe to say that TENGA really is my absolute favourite brand when it comes to masturbators. I honestly feel that I am excited by all of their releases, and they are offering things that i’m just not getting from others. Everything is so well thought out. Whether it’s the overall form and function of the toys, to the deeply intricate textures and the sensations that they can provide.

The Flip Orb Orange Crash is an absolute gem and a totally worthy line up to the TENGA Flip range. I love those firm orbs; I can really feel everything as I thrust inside, and the sensation does feel completely unique compared to every other stroker I own. So where next? Will we see a TENGA Flip Orb EV? I for one would LOVE to see that…

Where to Buy

Annoyingly, the Flip Orb Orange Crash isn’t available from many places yet. According to the website, it’s only available in Europe and Asia currently. Ive found it on the following sites (more will be added as and when I find them!). Clonezone Direct

If you want to try the Blue Rush version, you can get that from: Bondara, Clonezone Direct

Thank you to TENGA Global for sending us the Flip Orb Orange Crash free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinions or experiences on this, or any other product we receive for review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. Please consider supporting the blog by making your purchases through these thinks. Thank you! 

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