Our second review for Peachy Keen has us looking at another of the TENGA Flip-Holes – The Black. For those who are absolutely mad for texture in their masturbators, then listen up – because this is the one for you.

So we’ve gone a bit masturbator mad this week, but i’m not going to apologise because sometimes my arse does need a rest – but fear not, we’ve got a load of new dildo reviews to come – but until then, we’re going to take a look at the TENGA Flip-Hole Black. Earlier this week we reviewed the Red version. Next week, I will also be posting a comprehensive comparison guide – so for those who are undecided as to which Flip-Hole to go for, hopefully this will make things much easier for you. So without further ado, let’s just get on with it, shall we?

First Impressions

I’m not going to prattle on too much about the packaging, as I went through it in detail in our last review – but rest assured, the Black Flip-Hole is packaged exactly the same, and includes the 3 sample tubes of ‘hole lotion’ as well – so that’s good!

Out of all of the Flip-Holes, this has to be the one I was ‘most’ excited to try out, as the internal texture is just absolutely crazy. Out of all the models, the Black is designed for the most complete sensation – it’s designed to completely encapsulate your member as you slide in and out. The material here is also every so slightly softer, which is important as the textures and shapes are far more pronounced – any firmer, and it would be most uncomfortable.

As before, there are three pressure points on the Flip-Hole designed to either create a suction effect, or just to intensify the sensation (as it forces the material to grip you even tighter).

In Use

As I mentioned in my review for the Red Flip-Hole, I mentioned that I had personally favoured the ‘Wild’ lotion, as it’s much runnier. When using this with my Mr, he opted for the ‘Mild’ lotion which is much thicker (and somewhat stringy). I opened up the toy and began to apply the lubricant. The thicker lube plopped out in big ‘blobs’ and using my fingers, I worked it into every nook and cranny. It took almost a whole tube to completely lubricate the inside of this Flip-Hole. So whilst it’s an absolute texture delight – it’s a bloody lube-hog!

I gave it to him and after applying a bit of lube to himself, he slipped in. He’s slightly larger than me in the cock department, so when he fully inserted, the sides bulged like they were trying to break free. From a simply voyeuristic point of view, it was freakin’ awesome. Thankfully, the sides do stretch a fair bit, so there was no worry of anything breaking. “How does it feel?” I asked him. He just groaned.

So what makes the texture inside the Black Flip-Hole so special? Well let’s take a quick look. On one side, there are 2 rounded nodules right by the entrance. On the opposite side, there is one single rounded nodule (but this one is centralised). So already, as you ended, you are being massaged all round. As you probe deeper, there are 2 sets of ‘flaps’ which will brush over the shaft as you move in and out. Towards the bottom, on one side you have a large rounded bump which your shaft will slide in-between. On the other side, is just a series of ridges – but when combined with the other side, completely surrounds your penis and provides some incredibly intense stimulation to the glans.

After watching the Mr. enjoy himself for a while, I decided I was getting a bit jealous and wanted to try it out for myself. He willingly obliged. As soon as I began to slide in, I could tell I was in for something special.

As you first push through the hole, those rounded balls tease their way around your shaft and grip you firmly. If you squeeze the first pressure pad as well, this intensifies the tightness and it feels really good – especially as you slide in deeper. As you push through the ‘flaps’ it creates an additional ‘penetration’ feeling, and again, they brush against the shaft.

As you reach the end of the unit and reach the all encompassing ball – this is where it gets really fun (especially if used with the top most pressure pad). At this point, I decided I needed to add additional lubricant. Whilst the ‘Mild’ lube is good, because it’s ‘thicker’ and the texture in here is much ‘closer’ it does tend to feel ‘dry’ much quicker. So I broke out the ‘Wild’ lotion and went for it.

The slightly runnier, looser lube made a massive difference to the texture. As it wasn’t as ‘thick’, I felt more of the texture – and as I slipped in and out, it really felt like it was completely hugging my penis. As always, when using the middle pad to create suction, it was very loud and ‘slurpy’ and for some, it’s off-putting.

It was very easy to just drift away as the soft TPE sleeve smothers you. And it certainly didn’t take a massive amount of time to reach a very welcomed orgasm. Both myself and the MR agreed that this one definitely had the best texture, but as it is indeed much thicker, we felt the amount of suction produced was actually much less – so if you want a stronger, vacuum sensation – the Black one is not for you.

Clean-up and Maintenance

As before, the Black is rated for 50 uses (mileage will vary) dependant on how well you look after it! To clean, remove the clip and flip it open. Then you will want to give it a thorough rinse with warm water and some anti-bacterial toy cleaner. As the texture inside this one is much denser (and there are lots of nooks and crannies for fluids to congregate) you will want to get in with your fingers to ensure everything is fully flushed out.

This also means it takes a little bit longer to dry as well, but it’s easy – simply drape it over the clip and let it drip/air dry. Double check it’s completely dry before you place the clip back on and then you can store it away. The sleeve will be slightly tacky once it’s been washed. Now it doesn’t say you need to powder it, but if you wish, a very light dusting of cornflour will help stop it from feeling so tacky. Just be very sparing – the last thing you want is clumps of cornflour mixing with lube the next time you use it!


So personally, this is one of my favourites out of all four Flip-Holes. I am definitely a texture fiend, and I love the all encompassing feeling this toy creates when used. If you prefer your masturbators to have stronger ‘suction’ then I would consider either the Silver or the Red – the texture is much lighter, with the focus being on the vacuum.

However, if you like tighter textures then this is definitely a winner, especially when combined with usage of the pressure pads. As I mentioned earlier, you will need to pay a bit more attention when cleaning and storing this one – it’s very easy for lube and fluids to get trapped in between all the bulbous lumps and bumps. But it’s definitely worth it. A big, fat thumbs up from me!

Edit: PeachyKeen sadly do not exist any more BUT you can still pick this up from LovehoneyPK-WebBanner-[728x90]

I would like to thank our sponsors ‘Peachy Keen’ who sent me the TENGA Flip-Hole Black for free in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affects my opinions or experiences with this toy. All experiences and opinions presented in this review are 100% honest and my own. 
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