Over the past month, we’ve had the opportunity to explore the whole new range of LELO prostate toys – and it’s safe to say, the results were fairly conclusive. The range was powerful, accessible and a vast improvement over their previous offerings.

Earlier this year, I had commented about the MONA Wave, and lamented that this would make an excellent anal toy… if only it had a flared base. Then, of course, the LOKI was introduced to the world and masses cried ‘Hallelujah! An Ass Mona!’. Of course, the only thing it was missing was the ‘come hither’ motion that I had so desperately wanted to try. However I was still excited about the LOKI and it scored fairly well.

So you can imagine my absolute delight and pleasure when it was discovered that the LOKI would be getting a brother…

First Impressions

I was sent a sample LOKI Wave, so I can’t show you the packaging, however I would assume it would look exactly the same as the original LOKI. Let’s get straight on to discussing the LOKI Wave (or LW for short, here on).

LW features the same shape as the original, but now features an additional motor in a perineal arm at the base of the shaft. To that end, it looks like a HUGO with a handle. The shaft is 4″ in length, and has a circumference of 4.5″ round it’s widest point. The secondary motor is about 2.5″ in length. Both the shaft and perineal arm retain their curves to ensure maximum comfort when the LW is fully inserted.

But the best part of the LW is the additional of the ‘WaveMotion’ technology. What this basically means, is that when in operation, the shaft moves backwards and forwards – imagine a finger beckoning you forward. The LW features 5 ‘Wave’ settings, and 5 regular vibration settings.

The LW is completely waterproof, USB rechargeable and the handle is now coated in a thin layer of luxurious silicone, and features a 5-button interface. The middle button turns it on/off. Then you have the +/- (plus/minus) to increase/decrease intensity and the up and down to cycle through the different patterns. This minor cosmetic upgrade is worth it, as it definitely gives the LW a much more luxurious feel, which when you factor in the price… but more on that later.

In Use

Like the original LOKI, the Wave is fairly easy to insert without much of a warm up – the tapered tip makes insertion incredibly easy and comfortable, provided you use plenty of lube! I wanted to give the Wave every opportunity to bring me to orgasm, so I didn’t want to spoil it by using other toys to ‘get me going’. Once the LW is fully inserted, the perineal arm will sit just underneath your testicles, and provides a nice amount of pressure externally.

After taking a few moments to get comfortable, I was soon ‘itching’ to pull the trigger and get the show on the road. As soon as you turn the LW on, it kicks off into it’s lowest vibration setting, and the shaft starts massaging you internally. It’s an interesting feeling, and initially feels slightly startling. The only other toy i’ve used that had some sort of internal motion was the Nexus REVO Stealth & Intense. Whereas in those toys, the shaft ‘rotates’ – this ‘come hither’ motion feels slightly more natural.

As you intensify the vibrations, the external vibrations from the perineal arm really start to provide something a bit more exciting – and this was one thing that I criticised about the original LOKI – whilst the vibrations in the shaft were fairly strong, they were missing an additional couple of notches to really take me over the edge. To be fair, the same applies here – when the LW is at it’s highest vibration setting, it’s no more powerful than the original, however now you have the additional sensations being provided by the external motor, as well as the ‘WaveMotion’, it all adds up to one truly stimulating experience.

I lay there for a good 45 minutes, just revelling in the pleasurable feelings the LW was giving me. The patterns are the same as the LOKI, and found that in this case, I found I preferred the much more ‘erratic’ pulsing setting, rather than the standard ‘always on’ vibration. Before long, I was finding myself ready to orgasm.

I still have a few criticisms, however they are fairly minor. The first is the noise. Whilst the LOKI was fairly quiet, with the addition of the WaveMotion, the LW is now a lot louder. Comparatively, compared to others, it’s still relatively quiet, so in a shared house, as long as you, say had the door closed and perhaps something on the TV.. then no one would be any the wiser. The sound of the actual LW in motion sounds very mechanical, almost robotic. Of course, this is unavoidable but after a while, the noise does get a little bit… annoying… it’s somewhat high pitched.

Secondly, there is only one speed of ‘motion’. There were times when I wished it would go a little bit slower, and then other times where I was wishing the speed to just be ramped up a little bit. When used ‘hands free’ you find that the shaft inside doesn’t move as much – instead, what you find happening is the handle moving instead – however this does have a positive effect, as what this actually then does, is increase the pressure of the external vibrations on the perineum, and this I found thoroughly enjoyable.

Clean-up and Maintenance

LELO have made the LOKI Wave (like the rest of their range) completely waterproof which makes it an absolute breeze to clean – you can thoroughly rinse it under the tap or in a basin of water, with a healthy spritz of toy cleaner and you are good to go. There is still a slight gap between the silicone of the shaft, and the handle – however it’s not as noticeable on the LW – although still pay extra attention when cleaning.

Because it is waterproof (certified to a depth of one metre) the LOKI Wave is perfect to take in the bath or shower for some aquatic fun. I’ve not tried this yet, but I have to say, as this is not a vibrator that can be sat on (due to the large handle) i’m not sure it would be comfortable to use in the bath. LELO provide you with a nice little storage bag, so simply pop it in that, along with the charger and it’s ready to be tucked away with your other toys.


So the big question is – is it better than the original? Well, the short answer is YES. Yes it is. And for the simple fact that it’s dual motor providing even more vibrations. Whilst the strength hasn’t increased, the introduction of the second motor certainly makes a huge difference to the overall sensation. Whilst there was a moment where I was still waiting for a bit of extra power, the feeling wasn’t as strong as with the original, and that’s thanks to that secondary motor.

The WaveMotion is a welcomed addition too – it truly ramps up the stimulation on the prostate and provides a decent amount of pressure without being too intense or overly stimulating. If you’ve used the REVOs and maybe found them too ‘intense’ then the LOKI Wave might be a better choice. It comes in the same colours as the original, Federal Blue and Obsidian Black.


Overall, it ticks all the right boxes for prostate stimulation for me and it just feels even more luxurious than the original. Is it worth the extra £30? Definitely. If you have been considering the LOKI, save up the extra and go for the Wave instead. I certainly think you’ll get much more out of it.

Where to buy

Available from BondaraLovehoney / SheVibe


I would like to thank LELO who sent out the LOKI to me for free in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts, opinions and experiences dictated in this review are 100% genuine and my own. Remember, your own mileage may vary with this product. Affiliate links have been used within this post. 

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