It’s rare nowadays that I get extremely excited about potentially reviewing a toy. But this is one of those moments where I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a toy.

When you first think of sex toys, one of the first things you might think of is a rabbit vibrator. Thanks to programs like ‘Sex and the City’ – the rabbit was thrust into the limelight, and the Rabbit Pearl vibrator by Vibratex soon became a bestseller. Go to any sex toy website, and I guarantee you will find some version of a rabbit vibrator.

I’ve long lusted after a rabbit. I don’t know why, I just have. But their shapes are generally not ideal of anal play – the shafts are usually much longer and not as curved. The ears are also often in the wrong angle to provide external stimulation. To be fair, rabbit vibrators often are very hit and miss with t heir target demographic anyway. Everyone is built differently. But I still hoped that one day, I would have a rabbit I could call my own.

And now I do. The Rabbit Company have crafted not one, but TWO rabbit toys, aimed for anal stimulation. Queue excited squeals NOW! There are 2 versions – the Beaded Backdoor Rabbit and the focus of today’s review; The Backdoor Rabbit. When they arrived, I couldn’t wait to tear into them, and my first impressions were GOOD.

Of course, the proof is in the pudding – so the only thing I can do is really put them through their paces. So without further ado, let’s tumble down the rabbit hole and take a trip to wonderland…

First Impressions

Long time readers will know that I love a good package. I also appreciate the boxes that they send me products in. And here is no exception. The Rabbits are packaged simply, but rather nicely. There is a white outer-slip that details the product and provides nice life-size photos of what’s inside the box. As you slip it off, a plain colour keepsake style box greets you with a simple logo on the top. It’s not quite luxury, but it does still feel quite exciting as you open it.

Underneath the lid, you’ll find the vibrator inside a plastic shell with a lid covering it. Next to that is a smaller box, which holds your USB charging cable. And that’s pretty much it. The Backdoor Rabbit we have here is black in colour, but is also available in a rather regal looking ‘blue’. So, let’s address the first obvious issue right off the bat.

YES. The Backdoor Rabbit does look a little like the LELO LOKI. Put them side-by-side and they look almost identical. Usually, this would be an issue that would cause outrage in the community. For me, it’s not an issue, and I’ll tell you why. Spoiler Alert: The Backdoor Rabbit is just BETTER than the LOKI, in a few different ways (all of which, I will get to shortly).

Secondly, when LELO appointed a known abuser as a spokesperson for their awful range of HEX condoms which can be pierced and maintain structural integrity (do I really need to explain why that is actually a bad idea?) then I really couldn’t care less if someone rips off their design. There, I said it. Now the politics is out of the way, let’s get back to the actual toy.

The Backdoor Rabbit is made from 100% body safe platinum cure silicone and it has a delightfully silky feel. The shaft is curved and features a narrow base, which widens towards the middle, before narrowing to a pointed tip. Unlike the LOKI, the BDR (as I will refer to it from now on) has a slightly squishier texture and a completely flexible neck. It has an insertable length of around 4.5 inches and a circumference of 4.5 inches around its widest point.

The BDR is powered by 2 incredibly strong motors; one in the shaft and one in the ears. It features 6 different vibration patterns, which can be switched between 5 different intensities. You can also operate the motors independently from each other, or have each motor on a different pattern. This allows for a truly unique experience. But more on that later! The Rabbit is USB rechargeable and requires an initial charge of 2.5 hours, for 2 hours of playtime.

In Use

Whilst this is marketed as the Backdoor Rabbit, I do believe that it would be suitable for both anal and vaginal usage – however this review will purely focus on the anal/prostate use.

The first thing that really impressed me about the BDR was its vibrations. I was genuinely surprised at how strong and rumbly they actually are. And I have to admit; I was really concerned that they were going to be strong, but really shallow and high-pitched. But I was happily mistaken. When I first turned it on, even the lowest setting was pretty deep and rumbly. As I moved it up to the 5th and final speed, I was salivating. It almost comes close to the raw power of the L’Amourose ROSA. Not quite, but it’s not far off.

Comparing the BDR side by side with the LOKI, I can see and feel the difference quite explicitly. On the top speed, both of them feel fairly similar. The big difference is the tip of the BDR resonates slightly faster, which gives it a much stronger feeling. The LOKI, in comparison feels a little ‘washed’ out. I also believe the squishier nature of the BDR is allowing those vibrations to feel deeper.

The vibrations in the ears are a little on the shallower, buzzier side of things. But not drastically, there is still a slight delicate rumble. It is rather amusing watching the little ears flickering manically as you crank up the speed. It definitely offers a cute little tickle! So it was safe to say that I was completely enamored with it from an abstract ‘ooh doesn’t this look like it could be good’ kind of way. It was time to actually use it as intended, and see if the feels would still be the same.

As someone who is slightly more experienced, I didn’t conduct a warm up before using the BDR – just a good dose of water-based lubricant to make entry easy and comfortable. The tapered tip really helps here, especially as the shaft widens towards the centre – but before long, it had ‘popped’ in and I was ready to go. The controls are relatively easy to use, with one press of the power button, the BDR was rumbling away at my door to wonderland.

With a bit of leverage and some clenching of the pelvic floor muscles, the tip of the BDR nuzzled itself against my prostate and began to work it’s magic. As I increased the intensity, I could feel the vibrations all through my lower abdomen. It was having a positive effect on the rest of my body too. My skin was covered in goosebumps, and my cock was twitching away, like it had a mind of it’s own.

The vibrations from the ears added a little something extra, but honestly they were lost a little bit. Whilst the vibrations are strong, they aren’t deep enough to really give any major sensation externally. It was definitely more of a pleasant tickle, rather than anything toe-curling. Although I did find that when I turned off the motor in the ears, I did sort of miss them. But that is when I discovered the ability of controlling the motors independently – and things changed.

So when you first switch the BDR on, both motors spring into life. If I hold down the middle button (which looks like the company logo) – this turns the ears off. Pressing the button again switches them back on. If I press the button again, then I can change the pattern the ears are on. And it goes the other way, if I press and hold the bottom wavy button, this will switch off the main motor, but leave the ears buzzing away. A second press turns it back on, and a third press changes the pattern. So at this point, each motor can be doing their own thing.

My favourite combination was the shaft on a pulse setting, with the ears on a constant vibration. It was also quite fun to have both the shaft and the ears on a pulsing pattern – but a slightly different one. This created a completely chaotic sensation that had me giggling and clutching at the sheets. I have to applaud The Rabbit Co for making a vibrator that is so versatile. The ability to have the 2 different motors on different settings is something I would like to see more of.

The BDR brings me to an extremely satisfying orgasm every time. I don’t experience the big ‘O’ every time – that’s really dependent on my state of mind at the time. But when used during masturbation, my orgasms definitely felt stronger and more enjoyable. There are times when I could just lay there and let the BDR do its thing, and even though I wouldn’t achieve orgasm, I still felt happy. It just feels… nice.

It’s great fun finding other uses for toys, and the BDR is no exception. The ears themselves are perfect for stimulating those other erogenous zones, like the nipples. I also found it titillating when I pressed the ears against the frenulum. The vibrations weren’t strong enough to elicit an orgasm this way (and I didn’t expect them too) but it certainly felt rather lovely. What a nice little way of getting warmed up before you jump right in.

Clean-up and Maintenance

For the life of me, I don’t understand why we can’t just make all luxury vibrators waterproof. It pains me when I see that it’s only splash proof, and not waterproof. I like to give my toys (especially if they’ve been up my bum) a thorough clean in the sink. But here, you will need to be a little bit more careful.

The suggested care routine is to cleanse the silicone shaft with an antibacterial spray/soap and then rinse carefully with some lukewarm water. It’s important to not let the base of the BDR get wet, as I believe it’s the charging port that’s not waterproof, so if you do manage to get water in there, then your BDR might be buggered, and you won’t be.

The one thing missing from this package is a storage bag. It would have been nice if one could be provided, especially as most luxury toys do offer you some sort of storage option. Sure you can keep it in it’s original box, when it’s rather long, and space in our toy boxes comes at a premium lately, and there just isn’t room for it! This is where the LOKI redeems itself slightly.


Well in case you couldn’t tell, I was really impressed with the Backdoor Rabbit. Sometimes you do just really like a toy, and the words just continue to flow. It’s not perfect, but it’s still a rather enjoyable piece of kit, one that will be seeing lots of play. The vibrations in the shaft are definitely the big draw here, and the way that tip flickers as it vibrates should mean that there will be some very happy p-spots/g-spots out there.

The ears are a little on the underwhelming side when taken on their own, but actually, in the grand scheme of things, they do offer something. The best part is of course, the ability to have the motors do something completely different. That’s what gives the BDR the edge over most similar toys. (Although let me clarify, I’m sure other toys like that exist – this is just one of the first I’ve tried).

It is a little on the pricier side ($190, compared to the $169 of the LOKI) – but it’s still cheaper than the LOKI WAVE. Personally, I would be happy to pay that, because I am getting a little more for my money than I am with the LOKI. I just wish it were completely waterproof! But we can’t have it all, can we?

Where to Buy

Currently, I can only find the Backdoor Rabbit available directly from The Rabbit Company. As soon as it becomes available from other retailers, I will update this review accordingly.

Update: I *think* this particular item has been discontinued; but I can still find the Beaded Backdoor Rabbit for sale. 


I would like to thank The Rabbit Company for sending us the Backdoor Rabbit free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our thoughts or opinions on this, or any other product we review. Affiliate links have not been used in this post.

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