Whilst I absolutely adore getting to test out some of the weird, wacky and wonderful sex toy creations that folks come up with; sometimes you just like to keep things simple – and you don’t need to reinvent the butt plug to create one that will thrill and delight.

It’s been a long time since I reviewed anything by Bvibe; in fact, the last time we reviewed something was back in 2016 when we reviewed their rimming plug. An opportunity presented itself to maybe try out some of the more recent offerings from the brand and so I agreed to take on the subject of todays review; the BVibe Trio remote control plug – so named as the plug has not one, not two but THREE motors inside. My hole is literally crying out to give this a try. And so without further ado, let’s give it what it wants and dive right in to see what the score is…

I would like to thank Bvibe for sending us the Trio remote control plug free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

First Impressions

The packaging for Bvibe products is very simple but feels somewhat luxurious; the box is sturdy with a magnetic flap concealing the toy inside. You’ll find the plug and remote control nestled in a plastic tray and underneath you’ll find the magnetic USB charging cable, an instruction manual and… a storage bag! YAY! I always get excited when they include a little bag… and it’s a nice little bag as well! My favourite touch however comes from the little unicorn sticker inside the bag that proudly exclaims ‘Anal is Magic’. That it is, my friend.. that it is!

As for the plug itself, it’s a medium sized plug made from delightfully smooth purple silicone. It’s your classic cone-shaped plug with a sturdy and chonky base. It’s got an insertable length of XX inches with a circumference around the tip of 2.25 inches; before widening to 4 inches at it’s widest point and then narrowing down to 2.5 inches for the neck. It takes about 1.5 hours to charge and that should give you around 2 hours of play. The Trio plug is ‘splash proof’ which they say makes it ‘shower friendly’ and OK to clean under running water but should never be left submerged (like in a bath) as this will damage it.

In Use

I’m going to say it right now, this plug absolutely knocked my socks off. It’s very unassuming looking but that triple motor… oh boy, yeah. Orgasm central. The motors are very carefully positioned with one in the neck of the plug, one located in the middle and the third up in the tip. This ensures that when all three motors are running, it’s creating an all encompassing sensation. The Trio features 8 different intensities and 9 vibrating patterns. And this is a rare occasion where I’m going to say that the patterns on a vibrating toy are BOMB.

The remote control pairs with the plug instantly, so there’s no need to be faffing around with bluetooth and it supposedly has a range of about 30m. Couldn’t verify that for sure but I certainly had no problems controlling it throughout the house. It had a decent response time making this a great toy for couples to play with. For me, I just like the idea of being able to slip the plug in and keep my hands relatively free for other stimulation but having the remote to easily change functions.

Insertion is pretty smooth and required no additional warm up for me. The base; despite its size – actually fits very comfortably between my cheeks. And the vibrations… OK, listen – they aren’t the RUMBLIEST but the power is there. Once the Trio was buzzing away in my booty hole; my cock was twitching and getting all kinds of excited. The length of the plug was the right size to be giving my prostate some attention; and as there is a motor right in the tip – it was making me drip.

The motor around the neck of the plug reverberate through the entire base of the plug, meaning you get a little tickle on your taint as well as your hole. But the best part; the absolute BEST part; that had me clutching at the duvet and having to suppress a scream; was the patterns. There is a setting where the vibrations pulse between each of the three motors and it creates this sensation similar to someone or something thrusting inside you. Even though the plug is stationary; it feels like it’s moving. After my spectacular orgasm, I lay in a panting, flustered and dishevelled heap – splattered with my own spunk – wondering why I hadn’t tried this sooner?

Clean-up and Maintenance

As I previously mentioned, the Trio plug is not fully waterproof; so do not be submerging it for an extended periods of time. It’s OK to rinse it under the tap and clean with a good anti-bacterial cleaner (or soap and water). Just ensure it’s thoroughly rinsed and dry before storing it away in it’s cute little bag. It’d be great to see a fully waterproof version – I’m not sure if there was a specific reason as to why you wouldn’t just make a toy like this waterproof instead of just splash proof but hey ho!


Sometimes you really don’t need to do anything complicated to craft a fun, memorable and more importantly, re-playable toy! The Bvibe Trio plug is just a standard vibrating plug – so many brands have these nowadays. But what makes the Trio stand out is the power and it’s patterns; something I’ve not experienced in a plug like this before. It’s a great size meaning I don’t need to do any specific preparation in order to get myself ready to use it. I can just slip it in and lay back. It’s simple, it’s fun and my goodness – it feels amazing.

Where to buy

You can pick up your own Trio plug from the following retailers:

SheVibe / CloneZone Direct

You can also pick one up directly from Bvibe.

I would like to thank Bvibe for sending us the Trio remote control plug free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you wish to help support the blog and the work we do, please consider making your purchases through these links. Alternatively, please share this post with someone you think would enjoy it! Thank you! 

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