One of the things I wrote down on my ‘sex toy resolution’ list earlier on this year was to give electro sex a try. I’m always keen to expand my sexual repertoire, and all of my fellow blogger friends had been raving about electro sex and ElectraStim – so I made it my mission to get hold of and review an ElectraStim product.

Luckily, ElectraStim had tweeted about potential reviewers, and I shot them an email. Within a couple of weeks, I was emailed back and offered the chance to review not just an ElectraStim unit, but one of their silicone prostate probes as well. Naturally I was over the moon.

What arrived was the ElectraStim P-Spot Gift Pack, which included the Flick Duo EM80-E unit, along with the prostate probe. When brought separately, these items retail at an RRP of £242.15. The pack is £219 – saving you £23.15

Note: The ElectraStim P-Spot Gift Pack was sent to me free of charge by ElectraStim in exchange for an honest review.

The gift pack arrives nicely packaged in a black organza drawstring bag. Inside are the 2 boxes containing the Flick Duo and the Sirius, as well as a little sample bottle of lubricant.

ElectraStim Flick Duo EM80-E

First Impressions

The Flick Duo unit is presented nicely in a fairly plain box which features a simple image along with a list of product features around the sides in different languages. Inside, is a sturdier, plain black ‘keep-sake’ box. Lift off the lid and you are greeted by the tiny Flick Duo unit. And I mean, it’s tiny. And it’s incredibly light – it almost feels like it’s made of air.

Lifting up the tray the Flick Duo sits in reveals a cardboard flap, which needs to be removed. Under here, you will find an instruction manual, 4 electro pads, 2 connecting cables, a USB charging cable and a small storage bag.

It’s best to give the Flick Duo a charge before use – just plug in the USB cable and attach to either your laptop/PC or USB wall plug adapter. A full charge can take up to 3 hours, but this provides you with 3 hours of playtime.

The idea of playing with electricity around your junk does feel somewhat terrifying, and I have to admit, prior to the unit arriving, I was scared. I really didn’t know what to expect, especially as I had seen some different Electro units that looked like giant car batteries. However, looking at this small, friendly set-up, I figured “how scary can it be?”

 In Use

The Flick Duo is incredibly easy to use. Before you get started, take note of the warnings – Do not use:

  • If you have heart problems/arrhythmia
  • If you wear medical devices (i.e. Pacemaker) or have metallic surgical implants.
  • If you are pregnant.
  • If you suffer from Epilepsy
  • If Pain Exists
  • Above the waist area (especially across the chest)
  • Over inflamed/swollen/damaged skin
  • If you suffer from any penile/vaginal/anal disorders.

OK, so now that’s out of the way, we can experiment with ElectroSex!

The Flick Duo is a dual channel stimulator, which basically means you can potentially operate more than one attachment with the unit. Single channel stimulators mean you can only use one attachment at a time. This becomes quite important when we look at the Sirius a bit later. Out of the box, it means you can use all 4 electro pads at the same time.

When attaching units, always make sure the power unit is switched off. To attach the pads, simply take a connecting cable and plug that into one of the outputs on the unit, and then attach a pad onto each of the red and black connectors on the cable. Now place the pads somewhere on your body (remembering to stay below the waist). When experimenting, we moved the pads around the thighs, buttocks, genitals and all manner of combinations in between.

Once you have placed the pads where you desire, you can switch the Flick Duo unit on. Each channel has 25 different levels of intensity, and with that, there are 8 different patterns of stimulation.

  1. Continuous
  2. Alternating Wave (gentle massage effect which sweeps between the 2 channels)
  3. Escalating simultaneous wave (Slow, steady wave which speeds up before slowing down again).
  4. Alternating Pulse (A low frequency burst pulse which alternates between the 2 channels)
  5. Escalating Simultaneous Pulse (Slow, steady pulse which builds up to a faster, more intense pulse)
  6. Simultaneous Falling Rest (A pulsing pattern with an rest pattern that decreases until the stimulation is constant)
  7. Alternating Dual Pulse (Medium burst pulse followed by a faster rate).
  8. Rapid Fire Escalate (Increasing number of impulses fired to each output before starting again).

When using the pads, the sensation on the lower settings is exactly what I had expected, as I have in the past used a TENS machine – there was a slight ‘twitching’ sensation which penetrated deep into my body. As the intensity heightened, my muscles reflexed and contracted. As we started to get into the higher intensities, it started to feel a little prickly and it soon got a bit too much for me.

When placed around the genitals and perineum, using the various patterns helped to achieve a ‘massage’ sensation – where it felt like my perineum was being ‘kneaded’ and my penis was being ‘squeezed’. You know, it’s really difficult trying to describe the sensations the Flick Duo creates – they are nothing like anything I have ever experienced before. My first session with just the pads was cut short, as the sensation was just a bit too much, especially around that area.

When using with a partner, you can share the pads, and create stimulation purely by touching. The idea is very simple – connect 2 pads to one channel and then you each wear one pad. You are now part of a circuit. When you touch, you now complete the circuit, allowing the simple act of touching transform into something far more stimulating. This was both erotic, hilarious and at times, painful.

So with pads attached to the thigh to start off with, we began to touch and caress, and we got the stimulation flowing through our thighs and lower body. It felt nice, but at the same time, I have to admit to feeling not overly… sexy. So we switched the pads to places that were slightly more ‘intimate’ and this made a difference – with the pulses now stimulating the perineum, things were started to spring into action. Literally. And then, as we lay their kissing, we broke body contact – so as soon as we pulled apart from kissing, all of the energy was focused through our lips, and suddenly it was like being slapped in the face.

We both jumped and then proceeded to burst into a fit of giggles “Don’t break contact like that again!” he said. It wasn’t ‘painful’ as such (especially as we were still on lower settings) but it made everything tingle. Bear in mind that the smaller the contact area, the more intense the feeling will be.

When using the unit during sex, you can again share the stimulation by again, wearing the pads around the genitals (so above the penis, and around the vagina/perineum). When you make ‘contact’ again, not only will you feel the stimulation from the pads, you’ll also feel tingles from anywhere you touch. However for us, it soon gets to a point where even on a lower setting, it was still quite overwhelming and all the wires and sticky pads were just kept getting in the way. I much prefer to use the pads for foreplay teasing and massage. I think using the Electra Loops would work better for our particular play set up.

The Flick Duo is ‘Flick’ enabled – meaning when you switch it into ‘Flick’, gestures with the unit will allow you to increase the intensity of the stimulation, just by flicking the unit. This is great when the pads are attached to the buttocks – you can virtually flog/spank someone using the power of electricity! Or if you attach a pad to the base of the penis, and then use an elastic band to hold the unit to your hand whilst you stroke, you can certainly spice up a regular masturbation session, with the intensity increasing with the faster strokes.

There are 4 different Flick settings:

  1. Left channel is Flick Sensitive
  2. Right channel is Flick sensitive
  3. Both channels are Flick Sensitive
  4. Both channels alternate.

This allows you to switch things up and can come in handy if you’re using all 4 pads in different places, or you have more than one attachment plugged into the control unit. This feature can come in handy when used in combination with restraints and blindfolds for an extra-sensory overload.

ElectraStim Silicone Noir Sirius Prostate Probe

 First Impressions

The Sirius prostate probe arrives in a similarly designed box to the Flick Duo unit, however inside, all you’ll find is the probe in a bed of polystyrene which is wrapped in plastic (so you know it’s not been touched or tampered with prior to it arriving to you).

The Sirius is made from 100% platinum cured silicone so it is body safe and feels delightfully silky to the touch. The Noir features ‘Sense and Play’ meaning the shaft and tip can be bent into position, allowing you to ‘customize’ it, to provide the best fit for your body – this, I think is absolutely genius – as everybody is built different, which is why many prostate toys can be very hit and miss for some people.

The Sirius as 4 connector points, meaning you can use it with both channels on the Flick Duo unit. One channel will control the perineum electrode, whilst the second channel will control the electrode embedded in the shaft. If you only have a single channel stimulator, then you’ll only be able to use one part of the Sirius at a time.

In Use

The Sirius inserts like any other prostate massager. In terms of size, the Sirius has an insertable length of 4 inches, and a circumference of 4.45 inches at it’s widest point, making it suitable for users of almost any experience. It can take a few tries to get the Sirius to the right shape that will work for you (so this can mean taking out and re-inserting a few times after making adjustments) but BELIEVE ME – it is worth taking the time to get it to the right shape for you.

When you have got it to the configuration you are happy with, simply grab your 2 connecting wires and hook one channel up to the perineum arm, and the other to the shaft. When used this way, you won’t be able to use it in a sitting position – the connectors coming out of the Sirius wont allow it, so you will need to use this in a laying down position (not a massive problem for me).

Once you’ve taken the time to get comfortable, you can then turn on the Flick Duo. As always, take it slow and bring up the intensity until you can start to feel sensations. You can then increase them until you find an intensity you are comfortable with.

On my first go, I managed to get all the way up to 25 on the internal pulses, but only a 5 on the perineum pulses – as it was far to ‘prickly’ on the outside. However, after a discussion with Hella when I went to the ETO show, I found out this was most likely because the arm was not creating enough contact with the skin. Ensuring it’s flush with the body (and using some water-based lube) should reduce the ‘prickliness’ – and sure enough, on my second attempt, it definitely made a difference. I still couldn’t get past anything higher than an 10 on the outside (not yet, anyway) but I was certainly able to take it up a little bit higher than I could previously.

So how does the Sirius feel inside? Well, in short – FUCKING AMAZING. Again, I really don’t know how to describe it – there really are no words. When switched on, the Sirius made my entire anal canal twitch and contract. The tip was in contact with the prostate, which also felt like it was twitching – in fact, the whole of my lower body was just tingling and I just felt so aroused.

At one point, it felt like the entire Sirius was moving around inside me. My favourite setting when using the Sirius was pattern number 8. The way the pulses jumped between internal and external had my toes curling and I was frantically clutching at the bed sheets. After an hour of this, I just touched my penis and already I was on the cusp of an orgasm. As I slowly rocked my hips in time with the pulses, it took just a couple of motions to reduce to me a shivering, post-orgasmic wreck. I had made quite a mess and I was incredibly breathless.

Each subsequent session always ends the same, and as I slowly get used to the sensations, it takes less time to achieve an orgasm. It really is something that needs to be experienced. Things get even more interesting when you pair it up with the Flick Mode. As you stroke your penis, the speed of your stroke controls the intensity of the stimulation to the prostate and this leads to even quicker and more spectacular orgasms.

 Clean-up and Maintenance

The Sirius is silicone and can be rinsed with warm water and toy cleaner before being stored away – just always ensure it is completely dry before plugging it in and using it. The unit itself can just be wiped down with a slightly damp cloth – be careful to not submerge the unit.

You get a nice little storage bag which fits the unit, the cables and the pads. The Sirius can be stored separately – unfortunately, the bag is too small to include that as well – but as the Sirius is silicone, it can be stored safely with other silicone toys.


The down side to all of this (if it’s really an actual downside) is that getting hold of good quality electro stimulators can set you back a fair bit of cash. Sure there are many ‘cheaper’ alternatives, but when it comes to this sort of thing, for your safety and enjoyment, you really want to ensure that you get hold of something more reputable.

At the moment, my thoughts are mixed. The Sirius Noir is INCREDIBLE. I rate that VERY highly and if you are serious about prostate stimulation and are looking for something different, yet highly pleasurable – than you can’t really go wrong.

However my experiences with the Flick Duo and the pads left me feeling just a little deflated, but only because using the pads was a little awkward for our ‘set up’ – I fully suspect that if we get hold of some of the adjustable electro cock rings, our experiences will be exponentially better. Although for general teasing and getting used to the sensation of electro play, the pads are a smooth and relatively un-intimidating introduction.

That said, I’m definitely open to exploring more electro sex, and the Flick Duo still has a lot of potential for spicing up foreplay – it’s just using it during sex was a bit awkward and ended up being slightly more frustrating than exciting.

If you would like to get hold of the ElectraStim Flick Duo and/or the Sirius Silicone probe, then you can get hold of it from the following retailers:

Flick Duo EM80-E


Silicone Noir Sirius Probe


The ElectraStim Flick Duo EM80-E and Silicone Noir Sirius Prostate Massager gift pack was kindly sent to me free of charge by ElectraStim in exchange for an honest review. This does not sway my experiences or opinions on this product or anything product we review. All thoughts and experiences presented in this review are 100% genuine and my own. Affiliate links have been used within this post. 


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