Lately, i’ve become obsessed with hybrid and cum lubes. I never realised I had a mild ‘cum fetish’ until recently, but I am thoroughly enjoying revelling in it. I also am really enjoying the sensations that hybrid lubes can provide, and they are rapidly becoming my personal lube of choice.

A quick recap of what a hybrid lube is – typically these lubes combine the benefits of both water-based and silicone lubes. Water-based lubes are delightfully slick and slippery, but tend to dry out very easily. Silicone lubes are incredibly silky and long-lasting, but can be tricky to wash off. A hybrid lube gives you best of both – the slick, silky slippery feel of a silicone lube, that’s washed off easily like a water-based lube. They have become my preferred choice for everything – and because they are hybrid, you are able to use it with silicone toys – although I would still always advocate a patch test to ensure. But so far, i’ve had no issues.

So we are looking at the LOAD Hybrid Cum Lube by Mister B, provided to us by CloneZone for our fair and honest review – it’s the last review i’m doing for CloneZone (although hopefully not the last one ever!). I had a chat with the people behind Mister B at ETO this year, and they were very lovely and hopefully we’ll be working with them soon. In the meantime, let’s get on with it, shall we?

First Impressions

LOAD is packaged in a simple flip-tip bottle. It’s definitely one of the least offensive names for a lube as well. On the label, it’s described as a ‘medical’ hybrid lubricant, designed to look and feel like your own ‘load’. I’m not sure what they mean by ‘medical’ – hopefully someone from Mister B can clarify what they mean. It’s compatible with condoms and has not been tested on animals (although it does say it has been approved by ‘filthy pigs’ so…).

The lube is supposed to be tasteless and odourless… for the sake of science, I of course tasted some because, well sometimes in the heat of the moment, lube ends up in places you wouldn’t normally want it. It’s not ‘entirely’ tasteless. When the lube first hits the tongue, there’s like a bitter, almost fizzy taste… but it does dissipate fairly quickly and doesn’t leave a lingering after taste. As for smell, there is a feint sort of aroma, not unlike the smell of the PVA glue you may have used when you were at school (you know, the one that was fun to plaster all over your hand, so it dried and then you could peel it off like it was your skin… or was that just me?).

In Use

LOAD has a slightly looser consistency than the hybrid by MEO, however it’s still very creamy and thick. It doesn’t quite have the same viscosity of ‘Spunk’ lube (review coming soon) or even the Bad Dragon Cum Lube. At least, not when it first comes out of the bottle, anyway. Once it’s been applied and rubbed in, it does loosen up a little bit, and when it forms drips, it is fairly convincing as cum, so from a visual aspect, it’s not that bad. Not the best, but not bad.

When used with masturbators, LOAD creates a smooth glide that doesn’t reduce the sensation of the sleeves too much. There was never an urge to reapply during a quick session. As I mentioned earlier, it is a bit of a turn on (especially when using something like a butt fleshjack) seeing the creamy white lube dripping around the orifice, like you’ve just delivered a ‘cream pie’. It’s a nice, safe way of indulging in those moments.

When used with dildos and butt plugs, insertion is incredibly smooth, and I found a little lube does actually go a long away. However, here I would still feel compelled to reapply a little after 20 minutes or so, but generally, it lasted a long while, and at no point did it ever feel ‘sticky’ and neither did it ever feel to ‘oily’ either. The same applied when used during intercourse – it stayed slick and slippery when you needed it, made penetration easy and comfortable and was then super quick to wash off. That’s kind of all I really want in a lube, and this succeeds.


Comparatively speaking, this lube contains the EXACT same ingredients as the MEO Hybrid Lube – so in terms of performance, they are both fairly equal. However, as I mentioned earlier, I felt that the LOAD lube was a little looser than MEO’s, however there texture is still incredibly thick and creamy. So why would you choose this over the other?

Well, it’s going to come down to the pure fact that LOAD is available in larger quantities (100ml or 250ml) and it has a far nicer name. I also think it works out cheaper as well. So as a cum lube, again, it doesn’t quite hit the mark – but as a nice hybrid lube – again, it’s decent. It offers long lasting glide, and skin feels soft after use, without that nasty tackiness some lubes can give.

Where To Buy

You can grab your bottle of Mister B Hybrid Cum Lube from Clone Zone Direct for just £7.99 for 100ml or £11.99 for 250ml. Readers of The Big Gay Review can also save 10% off their orders at Clone Zone with code BIGGAYREVIEW (until 31st December 2016).


Mister B Load Hybrid Cum Lube was sent to me free of charge, in exchange for my honest review by Clone Zone Direct. This does not affect the outcome of this review, or any other review that we do. All thoughts, findings and opinions in this review are 100% my own, honest thoughts. Affiliate links have not been used within this post. 

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