I wasn’t really quite sure how best to write this review, given the product name, so I apologise in advance if anyone is offended. But I like to think we’re all grown ups around here and we can just move past names and look at the product as a whole…

So yes, we are about to review a lubricant that is affectionately called ‘ManCunt‘. This was sent to me because I had wanted to review the Cumshot lube, however Wolf over at MEO had insisted that that particular lube was being discontinued, and was being replaced by this – he assured me it had the same texture and appearance.. but was better.

Either way, I have found myself enjoying a little bit of ‘cum play’ or rather using lube that ‘looks’ like cum on dildos/masturbators – and this lube at first glance looked like it was going to be a great new substitute… if only it wasn’t for that bloody name…. 😛

First Impressions

Despite the glaringly pink ‘CUNT’ written in capital letters on the side of the tube, the packaging is very simple. Featuring a pump dispenser, this makes it incredibly easy to dispense during a hot session, and also means you can’t dispense too much and create a mess.

MC (as I am now going to call it) is a hybrid lube – this means it’s a water-based/silicone mix. This gives it a good amount of longevity, whilst staying slick for longer (and doesn’t become too dry or sticky). It has a very thick, creamy consistency – which makes it feel closer to the GiveLube Thick lubricant, rather than a ‘cum’ lube.

The lube contains glycerine so again, for those who are blessed with a sensitive vulva or vagina may want to steer clear, however it’s perfectly safe for anal use, which is where this lube was used the most.

In Use

Thanks to it’s thick consistency, it was easy to apply to any toy, and it stayed exactly where it was needed. It certainly made insertion of dildos and butt plugs much easier. As it’s a hybrid, it’s safe to use with silicone toys. I would always recommend doing a patch test first – but I have so far managed to use it with several silicone dildos and butt plugs without any issue. It works especially well with stainless steel toys.

This lube really shines during intercourse, however. As it’s a hybrid, when applied to the skin, it creates a soft, slippery surface that doesn’t dry out too quickly. After use, the skin feels soft and moisturised, and there is no ‘sticky’ or tacky feeling. When in the heat of the moment, when you potentially have slippery, lubey hands – the pump dispenser was a god-send and made reapplication a no-fuss affair.

The colour is very similar to cum, however the texture is far too stiff – so it’s not something I could use to simulate ejaculation. However, after getting the Mr on his hands and knees, and pumping a squirt or 2 over his butt, it certainly had me aroused. It made penetration smooth and even after a rough session, it took about 15/20 minutes before we felt we needed to reapply.


Lube reviews always feel difficult to write, as there is never really much to say, and I don’t want to ramble on too much. The bottom line here, as a lubricant, this works really well for me. It’s smooth consistency makes it great for use solo with toys, but also makes intercourse smoother and relatively fuss free.

There is no stickiness that you get from normal water-based lube, but doesn’t feel as oily as a standard silicone lubricant – this is a hybrid that works. The colour is a turn on, but I do wish it was ever so slightly runnier so I could indulge in those cum-based fantasies that have slowly been creeping into my head. But as an anal sex lube, it ticks all the right boxes for me.

Whilst some of the ingredients may not be suitable for vaginal use, it is Paraben free and not tested on animals… so that’s at least something, right?

Where to Buy

You can order a bottle of Hybrid Lube from MEO for €14,90 (£10.82). You get 125ml in a bottle.


I would like to thank MEO.de for sending out the ManCunt Hybrid Lubricant for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect or alter my opinions on this, or any other product we receive for review. All thoughts and experiences are 100% genuine and my own. Affiliate links have been used within this post. 

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