Oh I do love a multi-purpose toy. I also love toys that vibrate around the penis. I generally respond VERY favourably to that sort of stimulation, so i’m more often than not, happy to add another contraption to the box of tricks if it ticks all of those boxes.

German retailer MEO have always been extremely generous and are more than happy to work with bloggers. After having another browse through their vast collection of products, I picked out a few items – one of which was this cute, quirky little stroker – the MAIA RAY. It vibrates, is made of silicone and it can be used by almost anyone – that always feels like a big plus in my book – if a toy can be used by more people. So I added it to my wishlist and waited.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out the way I hoped, and sadly the MAIA RAY is a bit of a let down to be honest. Which is extremely frustrating as I can see a huge amount of potential, but it just seems to fall short of the mark (at least where it counts). So let’s just get straight down to business.

The MAIA RAY Silicone Stroker was sent to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review by MEO

First Impressions

The MAIA RAY arrives in very understated packaging – a simple orange/grey motif. On the back is a clear panel that allows you to see the RAY stroker in all it’s bright orange glory. Inside the box is the RAY featuring a removable bullet, an instruction sheet and a small advertising leaflet detailing other products in the MAIA range. This will be the first product I have explored from this company.

Ignoring the ‘for men’ and ‘for women’ details on the back, it gives you a few ideas on how to use the RAY. You can use it as a stroker around the penis, or it can be used to stimulate externally (such as over the body for massage or as an external masturbator for the vulva/clitoris. Unfortunately, neither myself nor my partner have the required parts to test out that theory.

The RAY is made from 100% silicone, and has a flexible structure inside, allowing the ‘wings’ of the RAY to be flexed into other shapes. The bullet is removable and is powered by 1 x AAA battery (not included). The bullet is waterproof and features 10 different vibration patterns. It’s nice and lightweight, making it comfortable and easy to hold.

 In Use

So it’s called the RAY because it looks like a ray fish. It features 2 ‘wings’ that feature a series of long raised lines along the surface to provide stimulation. Towards the tip is a little collection of soft, flexible ‘spikes’ to provide pin-point vibrations to your sensitive spots. The wings contain a skeleton that can be bent and flexed into shape dependent on how you wish to use it. Bend them inwards and you can create the stroker to slide over the penis. Flex them outwards and then you can use it as an external stimulator.

The included bullet can also be removed and also used for external stimulation. The vibrations are medium strength – stronger than I expected for a bullet powered by a single AAA battery, but they still certainly left me wanting a little bit more. Inside the RAY, the vibrations, as soft and buzzy as they are, do transmit through the RAY, so they could be felt through every part of the RAY. They were just on the more ‘subtle’ side.

When used as a penis stroker, the RAY is… OK. I found it actually worked more effectively when it was just held in place, rather than actually stroked along the length of the penis. The reason being that once you are trying to hold the RAY and stroke with it, it feels slightly awkward to hold. However, when held in place, the vibrations encapsulate the penis quite well, and the little spikes at the tip, when in contact with the frenulum, feel rather nice. Also, the silicone is quite ‘firm’ – so stroking doesn’t feel nearly as pleasant as it should.

The vibrations are what really let it down though. Whilst I could feel them, they were just so gentle. I mean, I could orgasm with it, but it took a LONG time, and I had to mentally encourage an orgasm out of it. Not like things like the RISE of the PULSE that can have my knees trembling in just a few minutes. But that’s a personal preference. For those who like longer, drawn out edging sessions may find this more to their liking. But it’s not something I really enjoyed.

The RAY works quite nicely as a ‘textured’ massage tool. It wraps around the arms and legs nicely – and when flattened, with a bit of oil, it can glide of the back nicely, and the vibrations add a nice little extra touch. As I mentioned, I am unable to confirm how this would work as an external masturbator for the vulva/clitoris – I can’t see why it wouldn’t – but again, I would imagine the low powered buzzy vibrations won’t work for everyone.

Naturally, I had to give the RAY a try with a different bullet, to see how it would compare. Switching out the included bullet for the IGNITION certainly made a slight improvement. Whilst the vibrations are still on the buzzier side, they were slightly stronger, which enhanced the overall feeling. The TANGO obviously beefed the RAY up to the ‘orgasm in under 5 minutes’ category – but to be honest, you really shouldn’t have to buy/use different products to make this one work. If you are lucky enough to already own a TANGO, then perhaps you might still find something of use here. If not, you’d be better off looking at something else.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The RAY is waterproof, so cleanup is an absolute breeze. Simply rinse under the tap with some warm water. You can remove the bullet if you wish and clean it separately with a damp cloth. The silicone does have the habit of picking up the odd stray hair, and unfortunately, you don’t get a storage bag with this toy – so it might be worth storing it in the box to keep it as dust free as possible.


The RAY is not going to please everybody. It didn’t really please me in the ways that I had hoped. But there will be some people out there who enjoy it. If you don’t mind the softer sensations, and want a masturbator that’s flexible and made from body-safe, non-porous materials – then great – the RAY could be just what you are looking for.

If you prefer the stronger vibrations, and happen to have a TANGO knocking around, then again, go for it – silicone masturbators are so few and far between. With a more powerful bullet, you can do so much more with the RAY. If you don’t have a TANGO and need stronger vibrations – go for a RISE or a PULSE – ultimately it will work out cheaper as they are both rechargeable, powerful and silicone.

When not used as a stroker, the RAY does work surprisingly well for massage, and I think going forward, this will most likely be how it’s used. Which is a shame, because the concept I think, is fantastic. I think if it was bundled with a far more powerful vibrator (rechargeable, of course), a good storage bag and was perhaps made with a slightly softer silicone, then you could potentially be onto a winner. But in it’s current configuration, I would be having a hard time really recommending it to anyone.

360 Degree Product View


    Where to Buy

    I was sent my MAIA RAY by MEO.de where you can order one for €49,00 (£42.00 as of 20/9/2016).


    I would like to thank MEO.de for sending me the MAIA RAY free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my thoughts or opinions on this, or any other product we are sent for review. Affiliate links have been included in this post. 

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