When it comes to reviewing products on the blog, my aim is to make recommendations (or warnings of what to avoid). Today’s review is slightly different; in the sense the product was recommended to me (and I was swayed by some reviews that I had seen) so I of course had to check it out.

When Lovehoney let me browse their site to pick some products to review; I stumbled across this quirky looking product called the Gyr8tor 2. Now normally, I wouldn’t have given this a second glance; as the toy was listed as a g-spot vibrator. However as I glanced down at the reviews; there were quite a few comments from folks with prostates exclaiming this as something amazing. So of course, my curiosity was piqued – so I had to add it into the mix of products. I really didn’t have any idea what to expect but I was excited.

I would like to thank Lovehoney for sending us the Gyr8tor 2 Set free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

First Impressions

The Gyr8tor (I’m going to hate having to type this out…) combines vibrations and ‘gyroscopic’ motion to produce unique sensations (supposedly). I’ve used thrusting toys before (the likes of the Fun Factory Stronic’s Zwei and Drei spring to mind) so that’s kind of what I was expecting. The packaging is simple and elegant enough; and inside you’ll get the toy, the suction cup cradle and a sleeve that can be used to provide extra girth and texture. It’s also magnetically charged via USB. It takes around XX minutes to charge, and that gives you about an hour of playtime. Although I should note, the manual does say that it’s normal for the toy to ‘heat up’ during use, and that the toy should be switched off every 30 mins to help save the battery. First time I’ve ever seen that recommendation but there we are.

There are 2 main functions of the toy; it has 2 vibration speeds and 4 patterns. It also has 5 ‘gyroscopic’ speeds and 2 patterns. These are controlled by 2 buttons at the base of the shaft. You can use each feature individually, or you can use them together. It’s made from smooth silicone and has a symmetrical, slightly curved shaft with a circumference of 4.75 inches around its widest point, and 4 inches around its narrowest. It has an insertable length of 5.5 inches. After waiting for it to charge; it was finally ready and I had to find out wha the fuss was about.

In Use

Naturally, I needed to see the ‘gyrations’ in action; so I held down the button and it wriggled into life. It startled me so much that I dropped it, and it was now wriggling on the floor like a fish out of water. It’s definitely not a ‘thrusting’ motion, it really is trying to move in a circular motion. But I would imagine once it’s in my ass, it’s going to feel less like circling and more like a thrust. There was only one way to find out for sure.

Vibration Mode

Thanks to it’s tapered shape, insertion is incredibly easy. The round, bulbous base provides a surprisingly decent grip, allowing me to really direct the tip where I want it (at least when it’s just on vibration mode). As always, I started with just the vibrations to get myself warmed up. They’re nice. Not the strongest, and they do have a slight high-pitch to them; however they seemed to be focused towards the tip which is what you would want. With a firm grip on the base, I can thrust to my hearts content and it feels great. Nothing special but it feels pretty pleasurable.

Gyration Mode

We needed to kick it up a notch, so it was time to turn on the gyrations. Once you press the button, it takes a couple of seconds for the motor to kick in (without the vibrations on, you can actually hear it ‘powering up’). Once it did, I was… well, I didn’t really know what to think at first. The sensation on the lowest speed was subtle. I was feeling it more in my hand, as the big round base is where the gyroscope is housed. As you move up the speeds, the sensation gets a little more pronounced and I was half-right. It does sort of feel like a mild thrusting. It doesn’t feel horrible but I also wasn’t sure I was really feeling anything else, beyond the vibrations (and the fact I could thrust with it by myself). Was I missing something?


So let’s try adding the textured sleeve. This requires a little elbow grease (or touch of lube) to slide it on. But once it is on, it now looks more phallic; it looks a lot like foreskin. Visually, it’s quite appealing. The sleeve adds a ribbed texture to the shaft (and an additional 0.5 inches of girth to the circumference). With some additional lube, the shaft still slides in nicely but already I could feel the bumps were making a slight difference to the overall sensation. The vibrations still feel pretty much the same however once we turned the gyrations on…

The extra thickness and the rippled texture feels really good. But it still wasn’t wowing my prostate. Maybe the problem is me trying to lie on my back and use it with my hands. Maybe we need to hitch this up to the suction cup and go hands free.

Let’s go, Suction Cup!

Getting the Gyr8tor into the cradle is a bit fiddly; especially if you’ve already lubed everything up. However once it’s in, the cradle allows the shaft to whatever position you prefer. The suction cup has a pretty decent strength and I could attach it either to my bathroom wall or if I wanted a bit more comfort; it attached to my LoveArc nicely. Here is where I could really see the potential for this toy. As I now ride the Gyr8tor, the movement allows the tip to rub over my prostate. My hands also feel less numb from being shaken around.

It’s still not like, mind-blowing – but with all cares thrown to the winds; I could ride and grind the Gyr8tor to a pretty compelling and satisfying orgasm. But I’ll be honest and say I don’t really see what the actual gyroscopic motion brings that manual thrusting or thrusting vibes don’t?

Clean-up and Maintenance

The Gyr8tor is waterproof, so clean-up is a breeze. I can toss all three items into the sink and give them a good wash with soap and water and then let them air dry (to try and save on the lint fuzzies) and then pop them away. It’s a shame a luxury item like this didn’t come with a little storage bag but at least the box is sturdy enough if you have the space for another boxed vibrator…


So this is tricky one; because I don’t think prostate play was specifically in mind when this toy was created; and I was heavily influenced by what other folks had been saying – and I am all for toys that work with all bodies; rather than being marketed to a specific orifice or gender. With that in mind, I can certainly see why some folks enjoyed this as a prostate toy. It’s certainly a unique offering in terms of its function. It’s just personally, I feel like there are other things on the market that offer a similar sensation – and do it better.

It’s also quite pricey; and for that amount of money, I want it to completely knock my socks off. However this didn’t quite thrill me the way that I was hoping – but you know, if it’s ever on sale for more than half-price; it could be a fun punt to add something different to your arse-nal of butt toys.

Where to Buy

If you want to pick up the Gyr8tor 2 Set, you can order it direct from Lovehoney. Don’t forget to use code BIGGAYREV15 to take 15% off (full price items only).

Not your speed? You can check out the latest offerings here.

I would like to thank Lovehoney for sending us the Gyr8tor 2 Set free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you want to help support the blog, please consider making your purchases through these links. Alternatively, please share this with someone you think will enjoy it! Thank you for all of your support. 

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