Today’s review is one that i’ve been sitting on for ages. No particular reason, other than the fact I hadn’t had the time to post it, but i’m happy to report that it’s a good one. Mostly.

A few months back, I began following a Twitter account for Blewit! Their feed was incredibly cryptic, and despite asking on numerous occasions what it was that they did… they said nothing. I had sort of guessed by the name… but I was raised to never assume. So I waited. Patiently. And before long, I was receiving an email from Lovehoney, who asked if I would be interested in reviewing a new masturbation product… the Blewit! Pleasure + Performance masturbator…

And so, they sent me this new product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. I admit, I was quite anxious to see what it was all about, but at the same time, sceptical that it would somehow improve on what Fleshjack/Fleshlight have been doing for many years. But, as always, I threw myself in 100% and was left pleasantly surprised…

First Impressions

The Blewit is a male masturbator, not too dissimilar to a Fleshlight. It’s about the same size, but instead of the round, torch-like body you get with those, the Blewit is a more… arty shape. It’s a gorgeous shade of blue, and features a slightly twisted, geometric shape. Admittedly, when I first saw it I thought “Ooh, that looks like it will be uncomfortable to hold” – but it’s not. The twist fits beautifully in the hand and the Blewit is surprisingly light.

Firstly, the packaging is wonderful. The Octagonal case features a thin cardboard slip, and a harder, more firmer ‘storage case’ which features a magnetic flap. As you lift it open, you find the Blewit! resting inside, held in place with a cardboard strap. The inside of the lid features some simple instructions to get you started (not that these things are ever difficult to use). This already feels much more extravagant than the flimsy cardboard boxes the FL/FJ’s come in. However, this is setting off alarm bells. The last product I reviewed which had gorgeous packaging turned out to be a massive dud. I really hoped this wasn’t the case here.

The Blewit! unit is comprised of the outer case, the screw cap opening, which features holes which doubles up as ventilation (more on that later), and the suction control button towards the top. Inside, the textured sleeve features a series of indents and bumps, as well as a few ridges near the non-specific orifice entrance. From here, it feels like any run of the mill masturbator.

Setting it aside slightly is the fact that Blewit! provide you with removable rings that help control the tightness of the opening. Installed is the ‘standard’ and they provide you with a secondary ‘extra tight’ size ring. The idea is that you can use the Blewit! as a performance trainer (more on that later too).

In Use

So, how does it feel in use? Well, if you’ve ever used anything like a Fleshlight or Fleshjack then you will have a good idea. The sleeve feels like the same sort of material that FL/FJ sleeves are made from – they are soft and squishy – however unlike with FL/FJ, there is a slight odour with the Blewit! sleeve. It’s not terribly strong, and it’s only noticeable if you put the sleeve right under your nose. However, the Blewit! has a few things that make it a worthy adversary.

First of all, there is the case. With its twisty nature it was so much easier to grip on too, especially when you may have gotten carried away with lube – I’ve often found Fleshlights slipping out of my hands during vigorous use, but not here. I was still able to keep a firm grip and get some speed going as well. It also looks pretty sweet too. The blue colour of the case is a welcome addition to the toy box, and the twisted shape gives it an added ‘artistic’ element – meaning if you accidentally left it outside, it wouldn’t be immediately obvious as to what it is.

Secondly, there was none of those awkward ‘slurping’ noises that you can sometimes get with these types of toys. Sure there is the sound of the air escaping through the suction control, but none of that lip-smacking slurping that can sometimes be a little off-putting. This was especially a big bonus for my Mr – he really detests those sorts of noises (doesn’t usually bother me) – so that was a massive plus for him.

Speaking of suction control, it’s easy to use with a simple ‘on/off’ switch at the base. For even less suction, you can completely remove the suction control by unscrewing it. This is much easier to use than the screw caps on the FL/FJ as these become tricky to use when you have slippery fingers.

As for the sensation, it’s very much like for like. The inside of the sleeve features a series of bumps along the entire length of the canal, except towards the entrance where it is ribbed. The general tightness is ‘moderate’. The rings provided offer a slight difference in sensation, but not one that I personally noticed. They simply make the entry feel a little bit tighter when used with the Extra Tight ring. There is where the ‘performance’ factors in – if you suffer from premature ejaculation, or you just want to train yourself to last longer, you can switch between the 2 rings to intensify the stimulation.

For the sake of covering as many bases as I could, for any of you who may have the Fleshlight mounts (i.e. pillows or furniture) – the Blewit fits comfortably into these as well.

There are some issues here, that need to be taken into consideration when choosing whether this is the right product for you. First of all, the sleeve is NOT removable. The reason for this, is that Blewit! claim that their clean-up routine is much more efficient, and does not require the sleeve to be removed. This does mean that those of you who wish to warm up the sleeve prior to use, may find this tricky. You can potentially drop the whole unit into warm water, but it takes a long time to bring the sleeve to a ‘realistic’ temperature. If you have something like the Fleshlight Warming Rod, then you can get around this.

Clean-up and Maintenance

So Blewit! claim that their maintenance routine is simple, fuss free and is the reason why the sleeve is not removable. When you have ‘finished’, you unscrew the bottom cap which reveals a ventilation grid. Simply flush water through the internal canal, and it will drain out the end. Once you are confident that you have removed all traces of lube and bodily fluids, you can grab the main screw lid, slide out the clear plastic tray that sits inside and screw it back on. You can then stand the Blewit! up somewhere to dry. The ventilation holes at both ends is supposed to ensure a steady air flow through the canal to ensure it dries quickly and evenly.

In experience, however – I have found that the sleeve takes the same amount of time to try as a regular FL/FJ, however I would say that the convenience of allowing it to be stored and dried at the same time makes this not necessarily a bad thing however, I would still ensure you leave it somewhere to completely dry before actually putting it away.

Once dry, grab hold of that clear plastic tray from the cap, replace it inside the cap and pour a little bit of renewal powder and then screw this back onto the body. Give it a shake and that’s it! On the first run, the sleeve was still wet the following morning, and dusting didn’t quite go to plan – it clumped. Subsequent attempts have gotten better – I now leave the Blewit! above the radiator on a lower setting which ensures it dries much faster, and ensures that powdering is a lot smoother. It takes a little bit of finesse however once you get into it, it is much easier to clean then a regular FL/FJ.


So we both liked the Blewit!. In terms of texture and sensation, it was pretty much what I would have expected something like this to feel like. It feels pleasurable, but it’s not a ‘knock your socks off’ kind of sensation.

Where the Blewit! excels in it’s design and function for cleaning and maintenance. The case is much more comfortable to hold, especially for those people with smaller hands, and for those who get carried away with the lube! It’s much lighter to hold as well, which makes strain on the wrist much less. It’s also cheaper than most full size FL/FJ units.

However, for some, the fact you can’t remove the sleeve to warm it up, or ensure a thorough cleaning might be a deal breaker. The tightness rings are a nice added touch and enhance the sensation slightly. If this is your first foray into masturbators like this, it’s not a bad place to start.

Where to buy

NOTE: This product has been discontinued.

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I would like to thank Lovehoney for sending this product to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. This does not affect my thoughts or opinions on this product, and I will always present to you my 100% honest and genuine thoughts and experiences. Affiliate links have been used within this post. 

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