Right, we’re almost done with the Lumunu lot. Thankfully, this review is a little more positive than the last one.

So far, most products have scored low. I feel I should address this briefly. I firstly believe that in terms of build quality, Lumunu have got it right – all of the insertable toys I have tried have all been made from completely body safe materials. Price-wise, they are certainly affordable for most people. Packaging is faultless – I genuinely like how they have branded themselves, and how they package most of their products – and the little touches like providing the lube, batteries and storage bags is a nice touch.

The problem here for me, is that the vibrations produced by these toys just aren’t anywhere near the level I like. Have I been spoilt by more luxury products? Well it’s entirely possible. I try my best to enter these reviews with a clear mind, and just let the toy speak for itself – but if it doesn’t work for me, I’ll tell you – and I will do my best to try and explain why it doesn’t work for me, so even if I rate it low, it’s entirely possible that you may like it. Anyway, let’s get on with it.. I’ll try not to ramble any more.

First Impressions

I’ve covered the packaging so let’s just get straight onto the toy. So here we have a wired remote control vibrating plug. The plug itself is coated in silky silicone and has curved t-bar anchor base at the bottom. The shaft of the plug measures 3.5 inches in insertable length. At it’s widest point, it has a circumference of 3 inches. The remote is powered by 2 AAA batteries (which are provided) and is connected to plug via a headphone-jack style plug. The cable measures just over 32 inches in length.

The remote is incredibly light, and is made from ABS plastic, although it feels like it’s coated in a thin layer of silicone – so it feels really comfortable in the hand. The plug has 10 vibration settings ranging from 3 constant speeds and 7 alternating pulses and waves. It’s simple to operate – simply press the power button and then press the function button to cycle through the different settings.

In Use

As someone who is used to slightly larger toys, I wasn’t expecting this one to really do anything for me. It has a small rounded tip which helps make insertion easy, and thanks to it’s size, it doesn’t really take much effort at all anyway (making this a great vibrating plug for beginners). Once inserted, I grabbed hold of the remote and got to work straight away. When it buzzed into life, I was pleasantly surprised at how strong the vibrations felt, even on the lowest setting.

The vibrations were certainly strongest around the lower two-thirds of the plug, but the vibrations were travelling well enough that they were being felt in the tip. This intensified as I increased the plug to it’s top speed. The vibrations are still not quite the really deep, rumbly vibrations I like – but they are nowhere near as ‘high-pitched’ as the vibrations in things like the Swell Anal Vibrator or the Deluxe Butt Plug.

The patterns were pleasant, and I found I was aroused quicker with this than I was with any of the other insertable toys I have tried from Lumunu. The curved anchor base fit comfortably between my cheeks, so I was able to move around with the plug inserted and it wasn’t uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t long enough to really stimulate my prostate (I think mine is just a little bit higher up) but the vibrations inside did feel really pleasant, and during a regular masturbation session, it certainly helped amp things up a little bit – but if I was to just use this toy and only this toy to stimulate me to orgasm, it’s never going to happen – it’s just not big enough or strong enough to rock my chasm.

Clean-up and Maintenance

This toy is NOT waterproof, so when cleaning, you’ll want to unplug the remote. The plug can carefully be rinsed with some warm water and toy cleaner (just keep an eye on that cable). If the remote get’s a little ‘lube-y’ then a wipe with a damp cloth will be enough to clean it. You can store it inside the provided bag to try and keep it dust and fluff free.


You know what, I really liked this cute little plug. Like the Lovehoney Bedtime Bullet Plug, for those days when I don’t want anything massive inside me, and I just want a little perk up during a masturbation session, this little plug is perfect – it doesn’t require any warm up or preparation – I can just pop it in, whack up the vibes and whack off and I’m happy. It’s well made, really easy to use and does what it’s supposed to do – and that’s all that really matters, right?

If you would like to give this toy a try, you can order direct from Lumunu for €24.99 (which equates to £18.33)

This item was sent to me by Lumunu in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion or experiences with the product in anyway. All experiences and opinions reported here are 100% my own.  Affiliate Links have not been used within this post. 

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