Things have been a bit crazy the past few days – so I haven’t gotten through these reviews as quickly as I would have liked, but we’re almost there!

We have got 2 reviews going up today, and the last Lumunu review will be up hopefully tomorrow or Thursday. Please just bear with me! So let’s just get straight on with things.

First Impressions

I need to disclose right up front that this is not going to be a great review. I’m sorry, but I can’t lie or withhold my true feelings just because I was sent it for free. You know I respect y’all way too much to do anything like that. As I write this, I’m still trying to understand exactly what is ‘deluxe’ about this particular toy, apart from the packaging – which is definitely nice than the rest of the Lumunu products we’ve looked at.

Presented with the same white box with Lumunu branding, however this time, you slip the outer case off and you are greeted with a solid ‘keep-sake’ box with ‘Deluxe Butt Plug’ printed in shiny silver foil. On the flip side of the box, printed in both german and english is the phrase “I am laying on my back, turn me around!” – an oddly charming touch of design there. It certainly feels like I’m about to open something a little bit special.

Lifting up the lid, you see the storage bag, the sachet of lube and then, nestle in a bed of foam is… well…

Hmm.. OK, let’s get the positives out the way.

So firstly, the ‘plug’ if you can really call it that, is made from soft, silky purple silicone – so it’s completely body safe. The plug is essentially a small set of anal beads with a bullet vibrator attached. The insertable portion of the plug is approx 4.5 inches. The beads (of which there are 5) are all 2.5 inches in circumference. The base of the plug that holds the bullet vibrator has a raised ‘hump’ which has lots of little nodules on which is supposed to help provide perineal stimulation.

The bullet takes 1 AAA battery (which is included) and has 10 settings – 3 constant speeds and 7 varying pulse and wave patterns.

In use

Thanks to it’s smooth silicone and size, insertion is incredibly easy – so those who are still quite new to anal play, will find this easy to use. For me, as I am a bit more experienced, and like the slightly full feeling, this was very under-whelming. But I had high hopes it would do something for me, as outside of the plug, the bullet felt like it had a bit of a kick to it, despite the vibes perhaps being on the slightly higher pitched ‘buzzy’ end of the scale, rather than the rumblier vibes I generally tend to prefer.

The silicone beads are very soft and flexible, so with that in mind, it wasn’t doing anything for me, at least on it’s own – I had hoped that things would change once the vibrations were introduced. Carefully reaching down, I turned on the bullet. On the very first, low setting – the only thing I felt was just a slight ‘tickle’ on the outside. So I knew I needed to kick it up a notch. On the second setting, the ‘tickle’ on the outside increased, but I still wasn’t really feeling anything inside. Time to go to the third setting. OK, this time I felt ‘something’. But only just. If I still couldn’t feel anything on the higher setting, then the patterns stood no chance – but I cycled through anyway. My perineum got all of the vibrations, but they just aren’t the right kind to illicit the right kind of reaction from me – they were just too ‘buzzy’ and ‘tickly’.

In an effort to try and redeem the plug, I grabbed my trusty Tango which has the deep rumbly vibes that I like and with a LOT of effort, took out the basic Lumunu bullet and inserted the Tango. Now this time, I felt something. The deeper vibrations of the Tango worked it’s way through the silicone so much better. I definitely felt something on the inside that was very pleasant, and the vibes now snaking their way through my perineum were having the desired effect and I was able to lead myself to a satisfactory orgasm – although it did take a lot longer than I would have liked.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Now I’m not 100% certain that the bullet is actually waterproof – so I would remove it from the sleeve before rinsing the plug with some warm water and toy cleaner. Once it’s clean and dry, you can store it in the supplied storage bag, which is recommended to try and help keep that silicone free from dust and fluff! Always remember to remove the battery from the toy when it’s not in use to help prolong battery life.


Well, I wasn’t really over-joyed with this ‘plug’. It’s not something I would consider using like a regular butt plug, so it’s not one I would consider inserting and carrying on with general daily activities like I might do with a steel plug, or a regular non-vibrating plug. The only way that I could redeem this was by switching out the bullet for the Tango – and that’s not really something I should be doing. If you are having to switch out parts of the toy, then it’s not one I should be messing about with in the first place. If this was my first vibrating anal toy, I might be a bit more forgiving – it’s got a decent size that’s not intimidating, it’s easy to insert and is made from silicone – all plus points. But in terms of function and overall sensations – it just doesn’t quite hit the mark for me.

If you would like to give this toy a try, you can order direct from Lumunu for €23.99 (which equates to £17.57)

This item was sent to me by Lumunu in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion or experiences with the product in anyway. All experiences and opinions reported here are 100% my own.  Affiliate Links have not been used within this post. 

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