I thought for today’s review, we’d take it back down to basics. You don’t have to spend stupid amounts of money to have a good time. Just because something is classed as ‘luxury’ – doesn’t always mean it’s going to be good.

But I also take into account that a lot of people who might be reading this blog, may not be as ‘experienced’ as myself – and therefore I do feel a little bad about not focusing any reviews on toys that might be suitable for the beginner/intermediate toy player – so for that, I am sorry – but I am going to make a change today!

So I dug deep into the toy box, and pulled out this little gem – I realised I hadn’t written a review for it anywhere, and in actual fact, it’s not a bad little toy – so let me tell you a little bit more about this gorgeous purple little beauty.

There are times when I am just not in the mood for a full blown prostate massage, no do I want to constantly feel like I’m being stuffed with a cucumber. Sometimes, I only need a small amount of stimulation to get me ‘in the mood’. In all fairness, those moments are very few and far between – but I always like to have something on hand for every eventuality. And this little vibrating plug seemed to tick those boxes.

First Impressions

This Bedtime Bullet plug is a Lovehoney own brand product, and as always, comes packaged in a very simple ‘no frills’ style box – it just features one picture of the toy with a brief description of what it is and what it does. Absolutely nothing to be threatened by, or be put off by. Inside, the plug is nestled in a very basic plastic tray – and there is a care leaflet detailing use and care instructions.

The toy consists of 2 parts – the butt plug with wire and then separate control unit. They connect together with a simple ‘headphone jack’ style connection. The remote requires 2 AAA batteries which are not included. Simply unscrew the top, slide out the battery compartment – pop in the batteries and you are ready to go – simple as that. The base of the plug has a suction cup base to allow you to play hands free in alternative ways. Unfortunately, this plug is NOT waterproof.

The plug measures 4 inches of insertable length, and circumference ranges from 2.5 inches to 4 inches at it’s widest point, making it perfect size for beginners. The shaft is made from soft, silky body safe silicone and the remote control is made from body safe ABS plastic.

How To Use

As I mentioned earlier, there are times when I don’t need massive amounts of stimulation, nor do I need to be filled up so much – there’s only so much I can take . For those moments, I reach for this little guy. It’s similar in size to the Tantus Twist plug, although this is perhaps just a little bit thinner. The Silicone is soft and smooth, however there is a little bit of drag initially – but once it’s lubed up, it’s slips in easily – helped by the tapered tip. It’s also quite flexible, so once inserted, it moves with you and is surprisingly comfortable. I can certainly ‘feel’ it inside, but it doesn’t fill me up – so girth queens need not apply!

The suction cup base is very flexible, so when lying down with the plug inserted, the base folded to sit between the cheeks, but still provided enough flare to stop it from vanishing. It also stayed in quite nicely as well – you don’t need to use massive amounts of lube, and I was able to clench onto the thin base and keep it firmly in place – although this is definitely not a plug you want to put in and move around too much.

The reason? Well simply put, it’s the cable. It’s not the longest of cables – and in the heat of the moment, you can easily forget you were holding a remote, get into other things and then get the shock of your life when you get up to move and there’s a ‘CLUNK’ when the remote hits the floor. Of course, I could just be less of a klutz, but realistically – that ain’t going to happen any time soon. This especially comes into play when using the plug with the suction cup – just to give it a go, I slapped it both on the floor and on the wall and back onto it – it’s OK but when using it against the wall, I had to keep hold of the remote, otherwise it dangled around by my ankle and it was quite annoying – and I’d much rather have my hand’s free to focus on ‘other things’.

The vibrations are ‘OK’ for a plug of this size. The vibrating element sits right in the middle of the plug, so it disperses the vibrations equally throughout the whole plug – however once inserted, I found that it ended up tickling my ass hole more than providing any internal vibrations – or at least, not at a level that I would really notice and find pleasurable – but, when I’m in the mood for a quick session – or I want to have a masturbation session with some added flair, the vibrations, whilst weaker than most other vibrating toys I have, they were still welcomed. There are 10 functions in total – 3 speeds and then 7 patterns – all of which are a mixture of various pulsing patterns. All of them felt like for like to be honest – when using this, I tend to stick with the constant speed settings.

Clean-up and Maintenance

As the toy is made from silicone, a simple spritz and rinse with some toy cleaner and water will be enough to get this nice and clean. Do be careful, as this isn’t waterproof – so don’t submerge the plug or the control unit. Storage wise – it’s safe to store with other silicone toys and I still store mine in the original box. The silicone does tend to attract dust, so when you next bring it out to play – you may want to just give it a little wipe over. I would also recommend removing the batteries when not using as well, just as a precaution.


If you are still relatively new to anal play, and you’ve never experienced vibrations up there before – then for £16.99, you can’t really go wrong with this little plug. It’s short enough to not be intimidating, but not so thin that it’s going to leave you feeling unfulfilled. Of course, those who are more experienced with anal play, will find the length and girth severely lacking, and if you are a power queen – the vibrations will leave a lot to be desired – but for me, that’s fine – I have my girthy power houses for when I’m in the mood with them. However, for those times when I’m just not feeling the Rosa or the Revo, or can be bothered to piddle about with the B Balls and a Magic Wand – this little silicone wonder will suit me just fine.

Where to buy

NOTE: This product has been discontinued.

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