Sometimes, I look at toys and I get lots of weird and wonderful ideas. I love taking a toy that’s marketed for one purpose, and trying it out in another way. This is how I discovered my love for things like the Tango and Magic Wands.

But sometimes, it doesn’t always work out that way. The Comet II is something that I have long had my eyes on. It’s a dildo/vibrator that’s touted as a powerful G-Spot vibe, but I couldn’t help but feel it would be an excellent little prostate massager. For ages, the chance to try this out had alluded me. But then Harmony came to my rescue. They sent the Comet II (along with a few other goodies) for review, and I was finally about to see a dream come true. Well, sort of.

See, unfortunately, things didn’t quite go to plan. On paper, I really want to love the Comet II. But in practice, it really doesn’t work that well for, and this is definitely one occasion where I think it’s intended purpose is indeed the best. But we’ll come to that shortly.

The Key by Jopen Comet II Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator was sent to us free of charge by Harmony Store

First Impressions

The Comet II, as you can tell by the name, is the second in the Comet line of sex toys. The original Comet (sadly discontinued) didn’t vibrate, but was coveted across the land as being a pretty solid dildo. Even back then, I thought I would love to try one. But my chance came and went. But here we are, I have the Comet II in my hands and i’m extremely excited.

The packaging is relatively simple. You lift up the top part of the box, and then lift up a little flap which is hiding your Comet II and the charging cable. Underneath that is a little instruction manual and a storage bag. So far, so good. The storage bag included has a sort of ‘plastic’ satin finish, and is big enough to store the vibrator and the charging cable.

The Comet II is made from body-safe silicone in the shaft and ABS plastic in the handle. The silicone is relatively silky, with minimal drag. The shaft is curved, with a large bulbous tip, which has a circumference of 5 inches. The rest of the shaft averages at around 3.5 inches of circumference. As for insertable length, the Comet II measures in at around 5.5 inches. The vibrations are controlled via a single button in the handle, and it boasts 7 different vibrating patterns, but at only one intensity.

The vibrator is waterproof, for aquatic play and easy clean-up and is USB rechargeable. The Magnetic charging port is relatively secure, although still best left on a flat, stable surface. A charge usually takes around 4 hours and should give 2-3 hours of playtime. All in all, the Comet II is built well, and feels like a toy that’s usually double it’s price. So why didn’t I get on with it?

In Use

My first time out with the Comet II was an absolute disaster. I’m not blaming it totally on the toy, a lot of it was to do with me at the time, but still; as days go, i’d rather forget it. Initially, I had thought the 5 inch circumference around the tip wouldn’t be too much of a problem, as i’ve definitely used dildos with a larger circumference. So I decided that we would just ‘lube up’ and go straight for it. I was using Sliquid Sassy at the time, as I do for most of my anal toys.

The first time I tried to insert the Comet II, I just couldn’t get it in. Whilst the tip is not the largest insertion i’ve had, it is extremely firm, so it feels a lot bigger than it is. After a few attempts, it became painful so I had to stop. I was extremely disappointed in myself. But I had to remind myself that even bloggers have off days, and that I shouldn’t beat myself up; we’ll just try again another day. And so I did.

The next venture was a little more successful. Naturally, I had decided that this time, we would do a lot more preparation before we began insertion. This meant making sure I was clean, and then warming up. Once I felt I was ready, I tried again. This time, we were (with a lot of patience and grimacing) to get the tip of the Comet II inside. Thanks to it’s much larger size, there was a significant POP when it was finally inside, and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Thanks to the curve in the shaft, it was relatively easy to find the prostate, and the large bulbous tip certainly placed a lot of pressure.

Now it was time to turn on the vibrations. Pressing the button on the handle, the vibrations spring into life. The good news is, the vibrations are pretty much focused in the tip, with only a mild amount of travel down to the handle. The bad news is, they are definitely on the buzzier end of the spectrum. They are not the buzziest, by far; but when your prostate has been teased and pleasured by the likes of the Rosa or even the Rabbit; it’s a little disappointing.

That said, they are of a decent strength, and I could certainly feel it, just not as powerfully as I would have liked. But I am definitely one who craves and needs power down there. Manipulating the Comet II is a little tricky – the handle becomes incredibly slippery once lube is involved, and there really isn’t anything stopping the Comet from going too far. For myself, I know it’s not an issue, as no matter how much i’ve tried, I simply cannot get anything to go too deep. Intentional or by accident. For some, the curve might be enough to keep you safe, but I would certainly exercise caution.

Unfortunately, the Comet II never led me to an orgasm by itself. For me, the pressure it exerted is just a little too ‘pokey’, and the vibrations just aren’t up to the rumble I generally like. Also, that hard tip requires a warm-up everytime I want to use it, and for those lazy masturbation days, it’s just too much effort. Which is real shame, because really, there is nothing physically wrong with the toy. It’s just definitely not one I can recommend as being great for prostate massage. But hey, that’s what I’m here for, and I know i’m not going to be the only one who thought this would be good. But now i’ve done it, so you don’t have too.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The Comet II is completely waterproof, so clean-up is an absolute breeze. Just rinse with warm water and then dry, and you are good to go. As this has a motor in, I wouldn’t recommend boiling or putting through the dishwasher. You can store it safely inside the storage bag, and as usual; this is a necessity in our house because darn pug hair get’s EVERYWHERE. And whilst the silicone doesn’t have much drag, it still draws out those hairs like a magnet.


Well i’ve definitely learned a lesson here. But is it going to stop me from challenging toys and seeing if they can be repurposed? Not at all. It’s just unfortunate that in this case, it hasn’t all worked out as well as I would have hoped. So as a vaginal/G-Spot vibrator, i’m pretty certain this will have it’s fans. For me, however, as a prostate massager, it’s not quite appropriate.

For me, the biggest issue is it’s key (lol) selling point; that giant head. Don’t get me wrong, once it’s inside it feels… OK. But getting it in there in the first place was a real bugger. There is absolutely no give in the head at all. I wonder if the tip was a bit spongier, then maybe, just maybe I would have liked it. It certainly would have made it easier to insert. The curve, I think, is also a tad on the ‘dramatic’ side, so whilst it exerts a lot of pressure, it’s just a little bit ‘too much’ for my liking.

The vibrations are also a bit.. meh. I mean, they aren’t totally weak and they are not completely buzzy. There will be plenty of people who will find the vibrations satisfactory. I’m just sadly not one of them. I definitely think i’ll be sticking with my backdoor rabbit for a while…

Where to Buy

If you still want to give the Key by Jopen Comet II Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator a try, you can pick it up from Harmony Store for £69.99.

The Key by Jopen Comet II Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator was sent to us free of charge in exchange for an honest review by Harmony Store. This does not sway our opinion on this or any other product we review. Affiliate links have been used within this post. Please consider using these to make your purchase, to show your support for the blog. 

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