Readers familiar with the blog will know that I absolutely love anal toys.

It was only really about a year ago, that I started to really get heavily into them, and that’s because I discovered there was more to just ‘sticking things up my bum’ – there was a great deal of pleasure to be had when it’s done properly – and that is how I discovered prostate massage.

For those that have read my guide on Prostate Massagers, may have noticed that I mentioned this little beauty as being a great beginners toy for exploring P-Spot play. So I thought it was high time to dust off my review from Lovehoney, and present it here on the blog.

I have tried several of the glass toys from the Icicles Range – and I was extremely excited to find out they had made a prostate specific toy – so when I was asked to test it, I jumped at the chance. Want to know how I got on with it? Well read on, and find out…

First Impressions

I really cannot fault Pipedream and their attention to detail on the Icicles range. I’ve received many products from this particular retailer, and sometimes I’ve found the packaging can be a little vulgar. However, the Icicles range really are a thing of beauty. I would be absolutely thrilled if someone bought me one of these as a gift. The simple, elegant box has a magnetic flap on the front, which when you open up – reveals the glass toy nestling inside it’s foamy bed. It’s amazing how packaging can enhance the overall experience of a toy. Sadly, I no longer have the packaging of this particular toy, however hopefully these will give you a general idea of how it looks when it first arrives:

The plug itself is about 4 inches long, and has a modest girth of 3.5″ at it’s widest point. It’s really quite cute and doesn’t look too intimidating – making it perfect for beginners. This particular plug is curved with prostate stimulation in mind. The tip is tapered to allow for easy insertion, and narrows to really allow you to maintain ‘grip’ on the plug so it doesn’t slip out! Instead of a flared base, it has a nice big finger loop, meaning you can slip this inside and not worry about losing it. However, the loop does restrict you from doing things you might normally be able to do with a flat bottomed, flared base plug. For me, this wasn’t so much of an issue – I’m not one to generally walk around with plugs in anyway, but if you are, then you’ll want to bear that in mind before you make a purchase – however, I figure if you are the kind of person who likes to walk around with plugs in all day, this probably isn’t going to be the right sort to ‘float your boat’ – but personally, I don’t think you should let that put you off!

The plug looks really quite pretty as well. It’s a fairly ordinary looking piece of glass (and I think it personally could have done with an extra decorative flair…) but even so, because it’s glass, it still maintains a really nice air of class and elegance that nobody can really deny.

In Use

When I’m using a plug, I generally just insert and then carry on with my regular bedtime fun. This time, I decided that I would try something a little bit different. Firstly, you’ll want to make sure you’re all lubed up (and as this is a Glass toy, you can get away with using any lube that you want) and then slowly insert the toy. Insertion is really easy, thanks to the tapered tip – and I find that as it’s glass, you don’t really get the ‘drag’ that can sometimes come with using toys coated in Silicone. After inserting, I lay there for a few minutes just to get comfortable.

I wanted to use this the same way that I would use an Aneros toy. The idea is, that you don’t physically touch the plug with your hands – you create all the stimulation by using your pelvic floor muscles and clenching. So after I was nice and relaxed, I lay there and began to clench – breathing in on the clench, and breathing out as I relaxed. The movement of the plug was subtle, but the tip of the plug was coming into contact with the prostate, and it felt really good! I kept this up for an hour – just laying there enjoying the sensations. It didn’t lead me to a hands free orgasm on the first go – but nothing ever does for me – however after a lot more practice (like the Aneros toys) – you can achieve some truly wonderful orgasms with this plug.

For those that want to wear it during sex, or out and about – I have a couple of warnings: The finger-loop at the bottom is not as big as I think it should be, and if you have used a bit too much lube and try to sit down, you may find that it is still possible to lose this up there! I have to admit, I did have a very close call when I first used this. I soon learnt that this is best left for use when you are in the bedroom and not moving around too much – which if you are a beginner, is probably what you are going to be doing anyway.

One other thing that I wanted to try, was adding some vibration to the mix. So, with a small towel between the plug and the tip of my Magic Wand vibrator, I gave it ago. The vibrations travelled really nicely through the glass, and certainly took it to another level. It’s not something I would do every time, but to spice things up a bit, it was definitely worth a try, even if it was just once. It’s also a good idea to try putting this in the fridge/warm water for 15 minutes before play-time as well – the different temperatures add something unique and exciting to the whole experience as well.

Clean-up and Maintenance

All you need is water/toy cleaner and a good dry off with a towel – or you can even pop it in the dishwasher (although if you do it, make sure you put it away before anyone has a rummage in the dishwasher looking for a mug to make coffee…). It’s easy to store (I currently store mine in a little bag) and as it’s glass, it’s totally safe to store with other toys as it’s non-porous and it’s 100% body safe.


This is a gorgeous little plug, perfectly designed for prostate play, and any man who has not experienced the joys of a butt plug or prostate play – you cannot go wrong with this stylish, elegant and down right knee-trembling toy.

Where to buy

Note: This product has been discontinued.

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