We’re Back! And we’re kicking of 2017 with a look at the brand new PULSE III Duo. I was so excited to find out Hot Octopuss were bringing out a brand new model of one of my favourite toys ever. But would it live up to the hype?

The PULSE was the first penile specific vibrating masturbator I had tried that had actually worked. I had once tried the Cobra Libre by Fun Factory; but it never quite hit the mark. But despite the orgasmic success of the original, it still had a few issues. Thankfully, Hot Octopuss must have been listening because back in 2015 they brought us the PULSE II. It neatly addressed all of the main concerns I had with the original, whilst bringing on some new features.

Firstly, it was now available in 2 version – SOLO and DUO. The main difference was the DUO had a separate motor designed ‘for her’ (or for anyone with a vulva) to grind against. The PULSE II added in patterns and made the whole unit waterproof as well. I was finally able to give it top marks. It was exciting times.

Towards the end of 2016 (what a year that was, eh?) Hot Octopuss sneakily announced the PULSE III and before I knew it, a PULSE III Duo was sliding it’s way into my hands for review. It’s times like these that I feel truly blessed. The new model boasted a new charging system, a more powerful secondary motor as well as a couple of other new features. Is this the definitive PULSE model? Well let’s read on and find out…

The PULSE III Duo was sent to me directly by Hot Octopuss free of charge in exchange for an honest review. 

NOTE: Apologies for the photos – I am having some trouble with the lighting in my studio, and the over-cast winter days are NOT helping! I am looking to get some new studio lights soon. 

First Impressions

In terms of packaging, the PULSE III Duo looks exactly the same as the previous incarnation. Although sadly (as you will see in the photos) I had a bit of a mishap; hadn’t realised the box had fallen off the arm of the sofa and I proceeded to sit on the box, thus squashing it slightly. I apologise for my clumsiness. As you open the box, the contents are the same – you get the PULSE III Duo unit, the remote control, a USB magnetic charging cable, a storage bag and a manual.

The PULSE III Duo is once again made from 100% silicone, and this time has a navy blue tinge. It’s actually a pretty nice colour actually. Aside from the new colour, the design is the same. It features the winged flaps which grip onto the penis and the vibrating pulse plate to stimulate the frenulum. The design works, and yet even after all these years, it still makes me think of Darth Vader. But I digress…

So one of the actually useful new additions is the magnetic charging cable. This is far easier to use than on the older model. It sits flush and is relatively stable – knocking the PULSE didn’t seem to knock the cable off, which is good. It requires a 4 hour charge which gives around an hours worth of playtime.

In Use

Operation of the PULSE III Duo is exactly the same as with previous models. It can be used flaccid or erect and with or without lube; each will provide a different experience each time. It’s one of the reasons that I enjoy the PULSE so much, because it is surprisingly versatile – but is also suitable for those with disabilities, or who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. The PULSE has certainly pulled an orgasm from me without being fully aroused before.

When I used this on my own, the experience was exactly as I expected it to be – nothing more, nothing less. The wings fit snuggly around my member, and the pulse plate sites firmly against the frenulum. As I turn it on, the oscillations massage my sensitive spots and within a few minutes, I can feel the familiar sensation rising within me. Each orgasm with the PULSE is satisfying. As with the II, the III maintains a selection of patterns to vary things up. They are nice, but I find I always go back to the main ‘constant’ setting. Although the various pulses and waves can be great for teasing. The PULSE III Duo performed as expected. So I cannot fault it here.

When used with a partner, this is where we definitely have more fun with the PULSE III. I can clamp it on to my other half, switch it on and then blindfold him. As the PULSE does it’s thing, I can move around and tease him in all manner of ways – even more so if I have restrained him before hand and he can’t move. It’s great to just leave the PULSE on and have it milk him until he can’t take it any more. You can stroke with the PULSE (it has some little ribs to provide additional sensation) or you can just leave it in place – either way, the results are always messy. I would definitely recommend using lube if you do want to stroke with it. The silicone is a little on the ‘draggier’ side.

Now whilst neither one of us have a Vulva, we can still make use of the secondary motor. Back when we tried out the PULSE II, I had the MR straddle me, so it would rest against his perineum. The extra pressure of him sitting on me whilst I had the PULSE buzzing away provided a stronger sensation, and he enjoyed the additional perineal tickles. Although at the time, I had hinted that I wished the motor was stronger, especially as it was on the buzzier side. Well, Hot Octopuss have made the motor stronger – 25% stronger – but truth be told, I really can’t tell the difference. And the vibrations are still buzzier, rather than the rumble I really like. However, I did note that when the secondary motor is on, it did make the vibrations from the pulse plate feel a little stronger, so that’s a plus I guess.

Clean-up and Maintenance

As with the previous version, the PULSE III Duo is completely waterproof making clean up and absolute breeze. A good rinse under the tap should be enough, but a spritz of toy cleaner wouldn’t go amiss. Thankfully, a storage bag is provided for you – and it will hold the PULSE, the remote and the cable nicely – so you can’t lose anything. And it will help keep the silicone relatively dust free in between uses.


So I have to be honest – this has been one review i’ve been a bit hesitant to write. The main reason being, the PULSE III Duo is NOT a bad product in any shape or form. Sure, the secondary motor vibrations are sadly a little lacklustre and still on the buzzier side. But the rest of the PULSE performs brilliantly and provided me with some truly wonderful orgasms. My biggest issue is i’m not sure enough has changed, to warrant recommending this instead of the PULSE II.

Sure, the new charging cable is pretty nice and is less fiddly, but is it really worth the higher price tag? Granted, the PULSE II is slowly being faded out, so realistically, if you’ve never owned a PULSE before, then by all means; go for the PULSE III. If you have the PULSE II Duo (or Solo) – i’m just not entirely sure it is worth upgrading. If the main feature had seen a power upgrade, or perhaps offered some more patterns – then maybe, just maybe I could convince you to switch.

Where to Buy

The PULSE III Solo retails for around £79.00 whilst the Duo is £99.00. Prices may vary from retailer to retailer.

DUOLovehoney / SheVibe (US,CA, AU, UK)

The PULSE III Duo was sent to us free of charge in exchange for an honest review by Hot Octopuss. This does not sway or alter my opinion in anyway. All thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own. Affiliate links have been used within this post. 

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