We were very big fans of The Handy here at TBGR HQ. After suffering what we considered to be irreparable psychological damage after trying the ‘Autobl*w’, we didn’t think anything could convince us that these so called automatic masturbators were worth our time of day (or your hard earned cash).

But The Handy blew us away (literally). Not only did it work, it worked extremely well – to the point I was using it DAILY. 2 and a half years later, the novelty wore off a little bit but one of the things I had hoped to see when I wrote my original review, was the option for different sleeves/textures to be made available.

What do I want for the future? Definitely more sleeve options.

Well it’s happened. And The Handy Team very kindly arranged to have their new Dream Collection of sleeves sent out to us to test out with our device. As we’ve been quite quiet on the blog recently, let’s just get straight down to it!

I would like to thank The Handy for sending us the Dream Collection Sleeves free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

First Impressions

There are three sleeves in the Dream Collection; Lotus (which is designed to replicated vaginal penetration), Touch (which is meant to simulate a firm-handed grip) and Lips (which, as I’m sure you can guess; is designed to replicate oral). The sleeves are made from the same clear TPE as the original True Grip sleeve that came with the Handy.

The packaging is quite cute; a simple cardboard box with the sleeves inside a little plastic capsule inside; sort of like a kinky Kinder Egg. Each plastic shell has a hole in the top which I am assuming allows air to circulate, so if you pop your sleeve away whilst it’s still a bit damp – it will still allow it to dry.

The Touch sleeve is open-ended, has a penetrable length of 4.3″. It has a canal diameter of 0.8 inches at it’s narrowest and 2.7″ at its widest point. The Lotus is closed, and had a penetrable length of 5.5″ and a canal diameter of 0.5″ at its narrowest and 2″ at its widest point. Lastly, the Lips has penetrable length of 5.1″ and a canal diameter of 0.9″ at its narrowest and 2.4″ at its widest point. Despite the names and references to anatomical parts, the actual sleeves themselves are very non-descript.

In Use

In order to fully assess how good these sleeves feel, we needed to use them solo as a standard masturbation sleeve; and then with the Handy.


The Touch sleeve was the least exciting of the three sleeves, in my opinion. Whilst it doesn’t feel bad, when it’s compared to the sensations provided by the other sleeves; it’s a little… generic. Boring. The internal texture is just standard bumps and ribs; and aside from the narrowing points at each end, the sleeve maintains the same diameter throughout. So on it’s own, as a standard wank toy; it’s alright. Not the most exciting, and honestly I’d much rather just use my hand.

When used with the Handy, it’s the sleeve I had the most trouble getting to actually work with the device. It’s the smallest, and lightest of the sleeves – but my machine just really seemed to have trouble getting it moving (even when my dick is drowning in lube). When I did eventually find the right rhythm, I did enjoy watching the tip of my glans poking through the other end, which led to a spectacular view of my orgasm.

My score: 💦💦💦 out of 5 squirts (It’s ok, but I’ve had better).


I can’t say I’ve ever really experienced what vaginal intercourse feels like, so I cannot say with any degree of certainty how accurate this was; but what I can say for certain, it was a pretty good sleeve. The internal canal was a little more interesting, with sections that were wide open, others that were narrower; and despite the end being closed off, the bottom section of the sleeve really envelops the glans and it feels gosh darn good.

When used on the Handy, the motion is smooth and it glides over my penis with ease. The longer length of the sleeve is noticeable (it’s just over an inch longer than the Touch sleeve) it just generally feels like it ‘fits’ better. I don’t really know how else to describe what I mean. But in a nutshell, it was good.

My score: 💦💦💦💦 out of 5 squirts.


And so we come to my favourite of the three sleeves (although only just). The texture of the Lips sleeves allows for something that the other 2 sleeves don’t; there is a mild suction effect created by the fact the sleeve narrows towards the bottom, and then enters a cavernous ‘throat’ section. With a good coating of lube, this does feel ever so slightly like a sloppy blow job (I mean, if you *REALLY* close your eyes, block out the sound of the motor and PRETEND). But still, as far as sensation goes, it was very good and was the sleeve that brought me to orgasm the quickest.

My score: 💦💦💦💦💦 out of 5 squirts.(A good time was had).

Clean-up and Maintenance

The boxes state the best method of cleaning is with soap and water, directly after use. This is just good practice with sleeves made of TPE as they can go cloudy, turn black if they are not properly washed or cared for after use. In order to maintain a ‘fluff-free’ exterior, I would let them air-dry if possible, as their tacky nature is a magnet for lint from towels etc.

The box doesn’t mention the holes on the cases, but I still firmly believe that they will still allow the sleeve to dry if it goes away a little bit damp. I did try and I haven’t noticed any side effects yet.. but I will keep you posted.


As far as masturbation sleeves go, they do exactly what they set out to do. They aren’t anything exceptional or revolutionary – but sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. It’s nice to have additional sleeve options that are designed to be used with the Handy – because even though we have tried various other sleeves – your success rate in getting them to work is vastly uncertain. But they are certainly a step-up from the original sleeve that was included with the Handy unit.

My only issue with the sleeves is the cost… at the time of writing they were on SALE for under €30 a sleeve. That’s on SALE. I still think that’s quite expensive for what is a very basic looking masturbator sleeve. I’m guessing you are also paying a little more for the additional packaging, which is absolutely nice – don’t get me wrong – it certainly helps keeping everything clean and hair-free for your next session. But I’m grateful that you can buy the sleeves separately, rather than as a pack – meaning you can just pick the sleeve/sleeves that sing to you. Although a bundle deal wouldn’t be a bad thing either.

Where to Buy

You can pick up the Dream Collection Sleeves (or any of their other additional sleeves) directly from The Handy. At the time of publication, the sleeves were on sale for €30 a piece. If they go up for sale at any other retailers, I will also update in due course.

Handy Dream Sleeves

I would like to thank The Handy for sending us the Dream Collection Sleeves free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you wish to help support the blog and keep content coming, please consider making your purchases through these links. It helps us pay the bills and keeps providing you with reviews! Your support is greatly appreciated. 

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