I’ve only been blogging for just under 8 months now, although I have been purchasing and reviewing sex toys for almost 5 years now. In that time, I have got to experience some amazing and truly innovational toys. But for every toy I do get to try, there’s so many out there that I still haven’t got round to trying – and this year, that is going to change.

Everyone makes resolutions every year, usually ‘quitting smoking’ or ‘getting fit’ etc – and these generic resolutions that are made every year (even I am guilty of making them) always fizzle out. So instead, my resolution to myself this year, was to have more orgasms, and more ‘special’ time with my husband. I always want more dildo’s, butt plugs and cock toys. That’s not a bad thing, right?

So, I pledge that by the end of 2015 – I will have reviewed and added to my collection the following toys. Some of these are ones that already exist, and I just have a personal desire to try them (I just haven’t got round to it yet!) – others are upcoming toys – so limited information will be available – but be assured, I’ll be watching their development closely! So without further a-do – what is on my to-do list for 2015?


I have to admit, there aren’t many dildo’s on my wish-list at the moment, but those that are all come from US based company Tantus. By the end of 2015 – I pledge that my depths will be stimulated and titillated by: Flurry, Cush, Vamp.


Regular readers of the blog will know that I do love anal fun – whether it’s a dildo, prostate massager or a butt plug. As we enter 2015, there’s a few plugs that have caught my eye:

Nuo by Je Joue – A vibrating butt plug that can be controlled by my iPhone? The geek in me is positively giddy over the prospect of this little beauty. Update: 15th Jan – I received this in the post today for testing by Lovehoney – so look out! A review will be up shortly! One down! YEEHAW! You can now read the review for this here

Ace by Nexus – After the success of the Revo Stealth, the Ace is high on my wish list – and it’s remote controlled too – is 2015 the year of hands free pleasure? I bloody hope so!

Cruiser by Cascade – A interchangeable, vibrating, self-lubricating anal pleasure tool-kit. Another product that is not available yet, but will be launching in February. Sign me up! Update: I received this at the end of April from Lovehoney. We are in the process of reviewing – a full review will be up shortly! 

Anything by nJoy – The Pure Plug is another toy I see mentioned on twitter ALOT so of course, I have to have it. That said, looking at the whole range of nJoy metal toys – I guess I just need to have them all. That’s not greedy, right?


Kiiroo Onyx – Teledildonics. This is a word that a little a while ago, had no meaning to me. It sounded like just a buzzword for a technology that would never see mass appeal. However, Fleshlight have gotten involved by providing the internal sleeve for this cyber-masturbator – which was enough to pique my interest. Trying to talk about this in a short paragraph is tough, so head on over to the Kiiroo site and take a look for yourself.

Twister / Tempest / The Good Egg by KNKY – OK, so this was actually a series of products found via IndieGoGo – and these feature a new trend appearing in sex toys – heated elements. They also can be controlled via a dedicated smartphone app. They also have the Wanderlust – a unisex vibrator for both G/P-Spot stimulation. No idea if and when these will be manufactured and out in the public, but I’m hopeful that these come to fruition.

PULSE II by Hot Octopuss – OK so this is a product that is not available yet, but is due for release later this year. There is little information about the updated version of the PULSE ‘Guybrator’ – but rumour has it that it’s now, at the very least waterproof. We shall have to wait and see! We now know there are 2 versions of the PULSE II – Solo & Duo. The Solo is pretty much the same as the original, but is now waterproof and includes patterns as well as constant vibrations. The Duo is the same shape and style, but features an additional remote-controlled motor on the other side of the toy, where your lady friend (or guy friend) can grind against it during foreplay – making it the ultimate couples toy. This has now been reviewed! You can read our 10 out of 10 review of the PULSE II DUO now

HUMPUS by Humpus – Yeah, OK – this is a weird one, but you know – there are some things that I just want to try for myself, no matter what anyone else says. Let me just have this one, OK? This item is now no longer on my ‘wishlist’. After a lot of soul searching, this product is not something I no longer feel excited about.


Mona Wave by LELO – This one is probably an odd choice, but I’ve noticed that a lot of vibrators designed for g-spot stimulation, are not too dissimilar to prostate toys – and this one doesn’t just vibrate, but it moves!

Key by Jopen Comet II by Jopen – Again, another random choice, but it looks so exquisitely shaped – I really want it to give my prostate a good work out – and it VIBRATES. Failing that, I’ll get the regular comet – which seems to be worshipped in the blogging circle.

Rosa Rouge by L’Amourose – I know I’ve tried the Rosa – but the Rouge features a new twist that I am interested in trying out – it warms up! And I have to be honest, I love temperature play – and the Rosa was my favourite prostate toy of 2014.. so it just makes sense! UPDATE: 21st Jan – Received this from L’Amourose today, so a review will be up in the next couple of weeks. Another one down! Woohoo! You can now read the review for this here


Electrastim – OK, so this is something that was gaining popularity last year, and part of me is both aroused by the idea, but also damn terrified. But stimulating my prostate with tiny electrical pulses does sound like something I really should be looking into. Update: I received an ElectraStim Flick Duo and Sirius Noir Prostate Probe at the beginning of June. The review will be up shortly. 

Other things I need to try this year – I need to start looking for some good door restraints. I also need to try an insertable made from wood. I’d also like to try something made of stone, and, should my budget ever change – I’d like to try an artisanal glass dildo – like a Fucking Sculpture (although I may need to start playing the lottery more).

Well there you go – that’s my wish list / plans for 2015. Of course, we’re only in january, there’s going to be a whole host of toys out there that haven’t been announced yet. But based on current trends, I think 2015 is going to be an exciting year. What about you? Do you have any suggestions on what I should try in 2015? Why don’t you leave me a comment below or send us a tweet @thebiggayreview.

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