We’re back with our final review from our batch of Fun Toy’s vibrators. I was genuinely excited to try out the Fun Toys GJack and I had hoped it would be better to use than the divisive GVibe 2.

As discussed in our previous reviews of Fun Toys products (G-Plug and GVibe 2), The GJack was sent to me after I had a discussion with one of the company reps at the ETO Show back in June. I have to be brutally honest and say the reason I was intrigued was because it looked similar to the Big Boss by Fun Factory, but on the smaller side.

I had an initial play with it on the stand and was impressed by it’s soft silky coating and ‘realistic’ spongy texture. The GJack is made from what they are referring to as ‘revolutionary bioskin’ material. This means absolutely nothing to me, but the rep had assured me that the GJack was perfectly body safe (but come on, anyone can say that… right?).

However I couldn’t see/feel/smell anything that made me feel like I needed to be on my guard. So I accepted the offer to review and now here we are.

First Impressions

The one thing that Fun Toys have gotten consistently right is their packaging. It’s simple but luxurious. The tubes look great, and everything packs neatly in there. I’ve not actually thrown any of my packaging away – despite the fact I am given a storage bag in the tube. As always, inside the tube is the GJack rechargeable vibe, the magnetic USB cable, the storage bag and a little instruction booklet.

The GJack is available in 2 colours and we were sent the rather luminescent ‘hot pink’ colour. If that’s not your thing, then it’s also available in black. The GJack is waterproof and boasts 6 different vibration settings, each with around 8 levels of intensity. It has an insertable length of 5.75 inches. Around the tip, it has a circumference of 4.75 inches, which narrows down to 4.5 inches.

The GJack takes around 2 hours to charge initially, which will give up to 4 hours of playtime. The shaft of the GJack is coated in a smooth silky material that feels like silicone. Underneath, there is a ‘spongier’ layer, which then gives way to a much firmer plastic. The composition of this is a ‘secret’ – here is what I was told by a company rep when I asked for some more information about the ‘BioSkin’ material:

“The Bioskin is a new material that has never been present in the adult industry before. Jack Romanski, the inventor of Gvibe, participated actively in the creation of the revolutionary material together with a team of experts. It took them almost 18 months. The composition is secret and the formula is patented. What we can share is that Bioskin is a hypoallergenic, non-porous material made of different layers of other materials (no silicone involved) that create a feeling/sensation of “human skin”. Another unique feature is revealed, when the bioskin gets warm, which happens within a minute. The Bioskin quickly transfers its temperature to that of the body –  it adapts to the body temperature and it gives an amazing warm feeling. FunToys is planning to reveal new products made of Bioskin material in the future.”

I flame-tested the GJack to see what would happen. Each test (regardless of where I put the flame) all that happened was some mild discoloration. The material didn’t degrade, catch or melt. So whilst I was still none-the-wiser about the composition, I was feeling slightly more confident that I would be able to use it without issue.

First Impressions

After coming to the conclusion that the GJack potentially is body-safe, it was time to take it for a test run. The finger loop is fairly large, enough for me to slip to fingers through comfortably, and still be able to reach the controls. The tip is tapered and soft, making insertion simple and comfortable. The ‘coating’ has a silky nature, so I found I didn’t need to use as much lube, unlike when using the Big Boss.

The shaft here is slender and shorter, so I didn’t need so much of a warm up. The shaft is still quite firm though, due to the solid plastic core through the middle which is housing the vibrations. The Big Boss G5 is definitely softer and slightly more flexible. But still, the GJack still feels fine when inserted, and has enough length and girth to provide a gentle full feeling.

The GJack’s biggest weakness is its vibrations. They have mild strength and definitely err on the buzzier side. They have a delicate rumble on the lowest settings, but as soon as you get to the mid-point, they become buzzy and shallow. I found myself clicking the plus button, hoping to squeeze a bit more juice out of it. But it just wasn’t to be. So whilst it might look like a Big Boss, it certainly does not pack the power. There’s no punch; more of a wimpy slap. I definitely prefer my vibrations BIG and STRONG.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that there will be plenty of people out there who will enjoy this, and I don’t think for a second that the GJack is inherently a poorly conceived product. As a dildo, it’s nice to thrust with, and the vibrations do add a certain je ne sais quoi. But when you’ve toyed with the likes of the Prism/Rosa or the Big Boss and Moody, it’s just underwhelming.

The curve in the shaft is nice, and as the central part is solid, you can really feel the curve. It was able to make some contact with my prostate, and when thrusting, it did feel nice. The vibrations were definitely more of an after thought. I could have worked my way to an orgasm just using it like a dildo. But I already have dildos that do that for me. I expected more.

The patterns are fairly standard with your mix up of your usual pulses, waves and crescendos. To give the GJack some credit, the vibrations are felt prominently in the tip, which is where I want them to be, and they do travel through the rest of the shaft fairly well, so do you feel it all over. The ‘BioSkin’ feels nice enough as well, and it does indeed warm up quickly. It looks, feels and behaves like Silicone but apparently it’s definitely not silicone.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Whilst it’s ‘NOT’ silicone I’ve been treating it like silicone without issue. The GJack is waterproof, so clean-up is incredibly simple. A good rinse with warm water and some toy cleaner was all I needed to do. Once it had been cleaned, I left it to dry and then checked to see if it had retained any ‘butt’ odour. I couldn’t detect anything. I checked it again a few days later, and I still couldn’t detect anything. After several uses, I’m still not detecting any retained odours or discoloration (other than from where I flame tested it).

The ‘BioSkin’ coating also seems fairly resistant to dust as well. A storage bag is included though, although as I mentioned earlier, I’ve been keeping them all in their tubes anyway.


I’ve yet to discover anything about the GJack that would make me think that’s it’s not body safe. The material behaves in the same exact way that a silicone toy would. It would be nice if they could give some more information. I’m sure there is a way of doing it without giving away the whole ‘secret’ recipe.

On the positive side, the GJack is very well made, feels sturdy and is beautifully presented. It’s smaller girth/length makes it more manageable, especially if you’ve been put off by the chunkiness of the Big Boss. The vibrations have a certain element of power, but those who crave deep rumbles will be severely disappointed. If you are someone who enjoys the buzzier, softer vibrations – then perhaps the GJack is for you.

For me, it just left me desperately wanting more. The curve in the shaft was nice, and it was able to provide some stimulation to the prostate. However the weaker, shallower vibrations just weren’t enough to satisfy me. It’s difficult when you know you’ve got similar, but better toys in your toy box. The urge and desire to re-use the GJack just isn’t there. Still, it was far easier to use than the GVibe, and at least the GJack knows exactly what it is.

Where To Buy

The GJack comes in 2 colours – Noir (Black) and Pink.

You can order from Simply Pleasure for £69.95


I would like to thank Fun Toys for sending us the GJack free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our experiences and opinions of this product, or any other product we review. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

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