Sometimes, writing a review can be really difficult, especially when a product can be polarizing. But then I just have to stop and remind myself that not every toy will work for everybody – and that’s OK. I had such high hopes for the GVibe2.

There are times when I try desperately hard to like or enjoy a toy, especially when the Mr. says that he thoroughly enjoyed it. The GVibe2 is one of those toys. Admittedly, it’s a product that I had never really been interested in –it’s odd shape put me off – but after speaking with a Fun Toys rep at the ETO show this year, both myself and the Mr. agreed that it was potentially worth a look.

The GVibe2 arrived in a bumper delivery with some other toys in the Fun Toys line-up.

First Impressions

Like the G-Plug & G-Ring, the GVibe2 arrives in a cardboard tube with more beautiful hand-drawn artwork on one side, and a picture of the toy on the other. Lifting up the lid, and you will find the instruction manual and the GVibe2 sealed inside a plastic bag. There is a ring of foam around the handle securing it into place. Underneath the vibrator, you will find a magnetic USB charging cable and a storage bag. All in all, it’s pretty nice packaging for a toy. It does feel somewhat special.

The vibrator itself boasts 3 motors – one in the base of the shaft, and 2 in the tips, which curve outwards. For some reason, when I look at the GVibe2 I am reminded of pegs that you use on the clothesline – not a very sexy thought, I know but there we are. The handle of the toy is looped, allowing you to slip your fingers through and hold it comfortably whilst you control the vibrations. The GVibe2 has an insertable length of around 6 inches. At the base of the shaft, it has a circumference of 4.25 inches. The tips have a circumference of 2.5 inches.

The GVibe2 boasts 6 vibration modes, ranging from constant to varying buzzes and waves. Each setting has around 10 different speed options. The toy will need a 2 hour charge initially, but will provide up to 4 hours playtime on a single charge. It’s coated in silky smooth silicone and is waterproof. On paper, it sounds like a pretty decent toy.

In Use

They claim that the toy is for anybody – and this is supposedly an improved model that has ‘100%’ more power than the previous model. Unfortunately, I never tried the old model, so I cannot confirm if this is indeed the case. The other ‘modification’ they have made is to reposition the motors in the tip, so they can now be used for prostate massage. The little leaflet inside gives you various ideas on how to use the GVibe2 so naturally we would have to try out as many of them as we could to make sure it was thoroughly tested.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to give you any idea on how this can be used vaginally, but if you really want to know, then you can read this review of the original GVibe by Emmeline Peaches – that will at least give you an idea of how this model will perform.

So the first way we tried out the GVibe2 was to stimulate the penis and testicles, as shown in several of the diagrams. There were a few ways in which you could do this. As the Mr. lay comfortably on the bed, I grabbed the GVibe2 and began to experiment. Firstly, as he lay there, I used the ‘prongs’ to just cup the testicles. I started out on the lowest speed, and then increased it as he relaxed and things started to ‘twitch’. His silent but heavy breathing indicated that we was enjoying what was happening. As he firmed up, I took him in my hand and began to stroke whilst the vibrations teased and tickled his balls.

Now at full mast, I moved the GVibe2 to begin teasing the shaft – with a little bit of lube, I began to slide it along his shaft, with the 2 prongs either side, and the central motor was on the underside of his penis. Gentle sliding this up and down felt like I was playing some sort of instrument, but it seemed to be working as he continued to quietly moan. I was so looking forward to trying it out myself after seeing how he reacted. The last thing we tried involved placing the GVibe2 against the throat during oral. Apart from tickling my voice box, this did absolutely nothing to enhance the sensation.

When it came to switching it up and using it on me, I was ‘ready’ and very excited, so I lay back and handed control over to the MR. He started out the same way by cupping my balls. Sure, it tickled and it felt nice but I promptly became bored of the sensation. Moving on to stroking the shaft, that felt mildly better but something still felt like it was missing. I decided at this point that I would need to come back to the GVibe2 another day.

On it’s next outing, the GVibe2 almost won me over – I decided that actually, the sensation of it tickling the old testicles was the better feeling, so I lay on the bed with it resting on the mattress and against my perineum whilst holding my balls aloft. As I began to masturbate normally, the added sensation of the vibrations down below worked well and when I reached orgasm, it was pretty enjoyable. When used to stimulate and stroke the shaft, the sensation just wasn’t strong enough to lead me to orgasm by itself.

The only thing I hadn’t done yet was to try it for prostate massage. I have to admit, I wasn’t convinced it was going to work. But I still needed to give it a try. The prongs are narrow and fairly easy to insert with a small amount of lube. I started by using it so the prong curved upward as it went inside, and the second prong would just rest against the lower part of my back. I started this way, rather than the way described in the photo (with one prong resting against the testicles and the other inside the anus) because I wanted the shaft to curve upwards, as that’s the best way of me hitting my prostate. Using it this way, it just about reached the spot.

And this is where my biggest issue with the GVibe2 becomes apparent. It’s the vibrations in the tip. They just aren’t strong enough. My prostate is a proper princess when it comes to vibrations, and it likes them SUPER STRONG.

So I decided to try it the other way around just to see if it would make any difference, and hoped that the added stimulation of the testicles/perineum would make up for the lackluster internal vibrations. Unfortunately, they did not and using it this way meant it wasn’t really even coming into contact with my prostate. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was a nice little tickle around my butt, but it was just that – a little tickle. It wasn’t going to move the earth for me.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Apparently the original GVibe wasn’t completely waterproof, which made cleaning it a little tricky, especially in-between the 2 prongs. Well the GVibe2 is completely waterproof – meaning you can thoroughly rinse it with warm water and some toy cleaner to get it looking shiny and new again. There is a nice storage bag included as well, meaning once it’s all clean you can safely stow it away with the charging cable ready for next time.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I really do appreciate it when companies try to create toys that are inclusive and suitable for use by everybody – a feat which I admit is difficult considering we all are different. The GVibe2 isn’t inherently a bad product – I think there are plenty of people out there that may enjoy it’s unique sensations, and bare in mind, I’ve not been able to use the toy to it’s full potential because I don’t have all of the required parts.

For me with the ways that I can use it, it just didn’t wow me and I think the main reason for that are the vibrations. Most of them are focused in the main central motor which doesn’t really get anywhere near my sensitive spots, and the 2 motors in the flexible tips are just very weak. Combined with the fact that they were quite buzzy as well, it just feels like it’s missing something. As a prostate massager, it doesn’t quite work for me either. If we were to use this again, I know it works well at getting the Mr. in the mood – so with that in mind, it’s a good foreplay device but certainly is not the main attraction – at least not for me.

Where To Buy

The GVibe2 comes in 3 colours – Noir (Black), Dark Blue and Pink.

You can order from Simply Pleasure for £99.95


I would like to thank Fun Toys for sending us the GVibe2 free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our experiences and opinions of this product, or any other product we review. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

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