2014 was a great year. I was introduced to the one of the best vibrating toys I have ever had the privilege of trying. Now, in 2016, L’Amourose are back and hoping to set the world aflame for the second time round.

When I first experimented with the Rosa, I was completely bowled over. It was beautifully made, featured incredibly powerful, deep and rumbly vibrations and totally redefined anal pleasure for me. And whilst It was named as one of my top products of 2014, I was extremely eager to find out what L’Amourose had in store for the future.

Towards the end of 2015, L’Amourose teased that something new was coming, and soon the Prism V and Prism VII were introduced to the world. The kind folk over at Pasante made my Christmas by sending the Prism V and the newly revamped Paramour Pleasure Set Pour Homme (review coming soon). And now that i’ve given the Prism V a thorough work out, it’s time to reveal what I thought of their latest offering…

First Impressions

The packaging for the Prism V is slightly more understated, compared to the opulent elegance of the Rosa. It’s much cleaner, and simpler here. Featuring a clear window on the lid of the box, allowing you to see the Prism inside. Underneath the foam bed is the manual, charging cable, storage pouch and warranty card. Unlike the Rosa, which has a separate charging dock, the Prism V is just charged via a USB cable.

Standing at a modest 7.5 inches, the Prism V has an insertable length of around 4.5 inches. At the tip, it has a circumference of 4.25 inches around the widest point. This slims down to just under 3 inches around the narrow, slender ‘S’ shaped neck. Like the Rosa, the Prism V is coated in smooth silicone, however this is a thin layer over a firm ABS plastic interior. There is absolutely no flexibility or squish in the Prism. The Prism V is named after the fact it has 5 (V) vibration modes. Each mode has 12 intensity settings (so similar to the Rosa). There is a single motor, however when switched on, the whole shaft of the Prism vibrates.

At the base, the handle follows the trademark ‘diamond’ effect. The initials ‘ar’ are imprinted on either side, and on the front, you’ll find the controls. They are embedded into the handle the same way they are on the Rosa, however they are in a slightly more ‘user’ friendly position. You’ll need to charge before use and 1 hour of charge should give around 2 hours of play time.

In Use

The head of the Prism is slightly smaller than the Rosa (by about .25 inches) and whilst that doesn’t seem like a lot, it makes a huge difference as I am able to insert the Prism from a cold start much easier than the Rosa. Now at this point, I feel I should remind you that the Prism doesn’t have a ‘flared’ base. Usually, I wouldn’t recommend a toy for anal use if it doesn’t have some sort of protection to stop it from slipping all the way inside.

However, in my experiences, the sharpe ‘S’ curve in the handle allowed me to use the Prism without it travelling too far. But my ass has never been one to grab hold of something and drag it deep inside. So it was fine for me – however you know your own ass – if you want to use this anally like I did, then USE CAUTION.

The vibrations in the Prism V are indeed strong and rumbly, much like they are in the Rosa. However, because the silicone here is much thinner, I found the vibrations actually feel a little shallower, and therefore on the higher speeds, almost feel slightly buzzier. But only slightly. They are still powerful though, and are at the level that I generally tend to favour when playing around with the prostate.

So there are 5 different vibration patterns. The first is your traditional ‘constant’ setting and usually ends up being the one I enjoy using most. The second setting is a slow ‘wave’ where it builds up and then slows down. This is great for a long, drawn out ‘teasing’ session, as the vibrations escalate and then drop away. The third setting is similar to the second, but faster and slightly more intense. Setting four is just an on/off pulsing (my least favourite) and lastly the one I like to called ‘Random Craziness’ as it pulses, buzzes and crescendos into a frantic, frenzied pattern – this one is probably my second favourite, thanks to the randomness of it all. Really keeps you on your toes!

So how does it feel in use? So when inserting, I make sure that I have a clean, lube free hand so I can ensure I maintain a good grip on the handle of the Prism. Once inserted, like the Rosa, the Prism snakes it’s way inside, but as i’m not now restricted by the large base of the Rosa, I can really angle the Prism into the optimum position to work over my p-spot. The firmer nature of the Prism as well, allows you to exert a little bit more pressure as well, therefore enhancing the sensations.

Whilst the buttons are in a slightly easier to reach place, once you’ve got yourself going, it’s still quite difficult to find the correct button, as the buttons are sunken into the handle. This is one of those occasions where I think raised buttons are needed. It may not look as ‘pretty’ but LELO manage to get away with it, i’m sure L’Amourose could as well.

So the Prism feels great against my p-spot, but I did find myself desperately craving the external vibrations that the Rosa gives me. I definitely find that for me, personally, I am more likely to orgasm when I have both the internal and external stimulation – hence why I personally (as much as I do like the Prism) prefer using the Rosa or the LELO Hugo for prostate play.

If you don’t need the external stim, and like the shape of the Rosa, then by all means – give it a try. It’s cheaper, still powerful and still as aesthetically pleasing as the Rosa. However, the distinct lack of a flared base makes me think that ultimately, this is best left as a g-spot vibrator, rather than a prostate toy. It’s really up to you to decide, but remember what I said: Use care if using this anally. 

If you are looking for how the Prism V compares as a G-spot vibrator, check out this awesome review from the likes of Dangerous Lilly (spoiler: It’s her favourite G-spot toy!)

Clean-up and Maintenance

The Prism V is completely waterproof so clean-up is as simple as rinsing with warm water and toy cleaner. The silicone here doesn’t appear to attract as much dust and fur as other silicone products – but thankfully you are provided with a cute little storage bag which helps keeping it in tip top condition before your next use. As this is USB rechargeable as well, this makes this much easier to be used ANYWHERE as well, so that’s always a plus too.


So the Prism V is a beautiful toy. It’s slender, sleek and every bit as luxurious as the Rosa. It’s got decent rumble under that smooth silicone exterior and much like the Rosa, it really does hit my spot. However, due to the lack of flared base, i’m really anxious about recommending it as a prostate toy. Whilst i’ve been able to keep control of it, my concern would be that some people could get carried away and the last thing I want is my readers to be having to make a trip to casualty!

On this one occasion, I think this is definitely left better as a G-spot toy, and instead would perhaps recommend looking into the Prism VII instead, as that as a clitoral ‘bump’ towards the bottom, which would act like a safeguard (whilst also providing some of the much needed external stimulation).

Where to Buy

NOTE: L’Amourose are no more; and therefore this product has been discontinued.

lamarouseThe Prism V was sent to me by L’Amourose/Pasante in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my experiences or opinions using the toy – all experiences and opinions presented here are 100% my own. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.  

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