This will be the sixth vibrating male masturbator that I have tried. This one has the added perk of ‘rotating’ as well.

That word alone was enough to give me second thoughts after my experiences with the Zini Bang Bang masturbator. This, however, is slightly different. I was very skeptical, but you know me – I’ll try anything once. So was the Rotating Head Teazer able to repair the damage caused by the Bang Bang?

First Impressions

The outer packaging is fairly basic, and to some extent, somewhat crass – with the diagrams on how to use it. I suppose it’s fairly useful to have it, but some people might be a bit put off – then again, Pipedream are not one to mince their words when it comes to product advertising and descriptions. But for them, this is actually quite tame.

Inside the box, you get the Teazer (which is wrapped in a thin layer of foam – handy for storage later) – and you get 2 sample bottles of their ‘Moist’ lubricant and Toy Refresher (cleaner). This is a nice little touch, although I found that the Lubricant was actually just a little bit too runny for me – I prefer something a bit thicker. But it wasn’t terribly unpleasant.

The toy itself is made from body-safe silicone, and has a solid plastic handle which houses the batteries. You’ll need 3 AA batteries which are not included (so make sure to add some to your order). The end of the toy features a ‘mouth’ shape opening which has a width of 1.5 inches and a depth of 1.5 inches. The inside of the opening is dotted with lots of little ‘sensual’ bumps for providing added pleasure when using. Immediately I had flashbacks to the ‘Bang Bang’ and the Paso masturbators. Needless to say, at this point, I was still somewhat hesitant.

The toy has 3 speeds and a further 4 patterns as well as the ‘rotating’ function. When you first turn it on, it fires up into its ‘lowest speed’. Pressing the up and down buttons increases/decreases the speed. Pressing the little wavy button cycles it through it’s patterns. Pressing the middle button turns on the rotation, and pressing it again rotates it in the opposite direction. Generally, it’s fairly simple to use, and the buttons are nice and solid, so even with slightly slippery hands, it’s relatively easy to operate.

In Use

As this is made with silicone, you will want to probably just give it a bit of a wash beforehand, as unfortunately, it attracts dust like a magnet (as you can see from the pictures). You’ll want to only use a water-based lube (and plenty of it) on both the penis and inside the sleeve. When you are ready to go, you just slide the opening over the tip of your penis. The ‘mouth’ totally encapsulates the glans. When you fire up the vibrations, it does send a nice tingling feeling down the entire length of your shaft, and this intensifies as you increase the power.

Time to fire up the rotation. Now, I had to contain my giggles… When you first switch it on, it looks like a little alien fish, bobbing it’s head around – but, of course, for science, we must put our childishness behind and proceed with the experiment. [Shifts awkwardly.] See the below video to show you the rotations/vibrations in action.

So, there are three speeds of rotation (and the up/down arrows cycle through the speeds). When you combine the rotating with the vibrations, it does start to provide a new and somewhat interesting sensation. Now, this is not a toy that you can thrust a way into, but I found that if you gently moved the toy up and down whilst it was rotating, it did start to give the feeling you were receiving a blowjob, albeit a somewhat ‘toothy’ one. It took a while, but it did eventually lead me to a fairly satisfying orgasm. But, because it did take me a while to shout ‘EUREKA’, when I finished both my hand and my member were feeling a little… numb. I think part of me was still a little hesitant after previous experience. It also could be to do with the design of the toy as well.

I am specifically talking about the little ‘pleasure’ bumps. They appear to be made from a harder silicone than the rest of the sleeve, and initially it felt like teeth were gently scraping the tip of my penis. It wasn’t completely horrible – it was fairly gentle – but it could be off-putting for some people. If the nubs were a little softer (or maybe even just little waves) than I believe it would have actually felt alot better.

Also, when you ‘get into it’, you start to wish the opening was deeper… It would have been amazing to have felt the rotation all down the shaft, rather than just the tip. It does provide some interesting and pleasurable sensations, but there are just a few things stopping it from being amazing.

The toy is waterproof, as well, so you can take it in the bath or shower if you wanted. However, I wouldn’t recommend – I did try this, and, of course, as it’s a silicone product, you can’t use a silicone lube. The water-based lube was really easily washed off – and without lube the little nubs really do feel like teeth – not very fun!

Clean-up and Maintenance

But being waterproof means it’s fantastically easy to clean – simply rinse with water and some toy cleaner and then let it air-dry. I personally kept the little foam sleeve it came in, so once it was dry – I popped it back in there, then stored it in it’s box to make sure it stays in tip-top condition!


Personally, I think there are better masturbators out there, but this one is certainly not the worst I have tried. I applaud companies for taking the initiative to try something a little bit different, and this is a little way off from being perfect – but that said, it made a nice change from using a standard stroker, but I fear the novelty value may wear off fairly quickly.

Where to buy

Note: This product has been discontinued.

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