My appreciation for Fleshlight/Fleshjack was reignited after trying out one of the ‘Ice‘ units a little while ago.

In terms of male products, Fleshlight really is one of the better quality products you can get out there. They are more expensive than your typical stroker, but you get something, that with care, will last a good long while – and the great thing is, there are so many different styles, colours, textures, orifices etc – there will literally be something for EVERYONE.

Now the last Fleshlight/Fleshjack product we looked at was the ‘Sex In A Can’ Count Cockula – a vampire-themed masturbator that was designed to look like a can of beer. I was completely expecting it to be a disappointing gimmick, but it turned out to be one of the most fun, if unusual masturbators I’ve used in a long while.

When I ordered this toy from Bloke Toys, I obviously wasn’t really paying attention – I was so drawn to the texture inside, that I threw all caution to the wind and ordered on that alone – so when it arrived, I was a little taken aback by what was inside…

First Impressions

The Sword is packaged like most other FL/FJ products – a simple cardboard box with a clear plastic window. Inside, the Sword is held in place at the bottom with a small piece of cardboard. When you remove the Sword from the box, you’ll also find a little sachet of lube. It was upon removing the Sword from it’s box that I discovered that this was not going to be like any FL/FJ I have used before – for the Sword has a SOFT case, instead of the usual hard plastic. The idea being that you now have even more control over the sensations, because you can now squeeze and manipulate the case (and the sleeve). Well, this was glorious news – and now meant I was definitely very eager to give this a try.

So The Sword is about half-way between the full size FL and the Sex In A Can units – it’s about 8 inches tall and has been designed to look like the handle of a Sword (funny, that). As this is a Fleshjack, the orifice is your traditional ‘butt’ and has a unique textured canal that widens, tightens and has various ribs, ridges, lumps and bumps all the way through it. There is also a lady version called the Blade which has a vaginal opening, with a distinct ribbed texture.

Aside from the soft plastic case, there are another alteration to consider – suction control. There isn’t any. Well, there might be, but not really. The base of the Sword contains four holes and a removable plug (which in essence is really to help with cleaning) but I suppose you could remove the plug during use to completely remove any resemblance of suction if that is your desire. But as far as the old adjustable screw-bottoms – that’s gone on this particular model. For me, it’s not an issue, as I always use my FJ/FL with the bottom unscrewed anyway – but I can see this being a deal breaker for some people.

In Use

I was very excited to try this out, as one of the reasons I originally had chosen TENGA over Fleshlight was the fact that the Flip Hole had squeezable sides – you could adjust the pressure in various places to increase sensation. This was something I’ve always thought that Fleshlight was missing – especially as they do have some truly exciting textures.

The anal orifice is really quite inviting, and has a good amount of realistic detail – the various lines and wrinkles you would expect to see are presented here quite nicely in their patented Flesh material (which is definitely worth warming up first) which helps enhance the overall experience.

So how does it feel? Pretty bloody amazing, I have to admit – for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the soft case really does work wonders. The texture inside the Sword is simply delightful – with each thrust inside, my shaft was teased and massaged by the various ribs, bumps and nodules. On their own, they felt incredible – but when you start squeezing the outer case – everything just gets more intense. The case really does have a lot of flex to it, so you can squeeze it in almost any direction.

Secondly, the length and size of the actual internal sleeve. As someone with a fairly average size penis, the regular full-size FL/FJ units can sometimes leave me feeling a little inadequate – or perhaps just unfulfilled – as I can never enjoy the full length of the sleeve, and on some sleeves, they stick the best texture right at the base because obviously thats where the end of your penis is supposed to go – but if you aren’t long enough, you can miss out. Thankfully here, the sleeve is shortened, thus making my 6 inch length much happier, but also the texture runs the entire length of the sleeve meaning I am getting pleasure all the way through. But also, with the ‘softer’ case – I was able to ‘thrust’ a little bit deeper as well.

Once the sleeve has been warmed up, the sensations are so much more pronounced. It was really odd, but watching myself slide in and out of the Sword turned me on even more (I guess partly down to the warmth, but also as a testament to the realism of the orifice. I recently had a lot of fun using this on my husband whilst he was restrained and blindfolded – the soft squishy case came in handy – watching him squirm as I stroked and squeezed the sword along his shaft.

On a side note, The Sword is one of the most comfortable toys I’ve held as well. Whilst I love the original Fleshjacks, the cases are quite large, and after a while, can feel too heavy/big in the hand. Here, it’s much lighter, smaller and a better shape for my hand to hold. Not once did my hand/wrist get tired from using this in a prolonged session.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The clean-up routine with the Sword is a little trickier than with regular FL/FJ units – but only just. When you’ve finished, you remove the sleeve as normal, give it a through clean and then allow it to completely dry (inside and out) before giving it a quick dusting of renewer powder to bring it back to it’s silky smooth original state. Now, getting the sleeve back into the case is where you may struggle a little bit – as the case is much softer and pretty much the exact same size as the sleeve – it can be tricky coaxing the sleeve back into the case. It’s not stupidly difficult, and I’ve probably made it sound a lot harder than it actually is – but it definitely doesn’t slip back in as easy as the regular sleeves do into the regular cases. There, I think that should cover it.


I can’t lie, I personally loved this toy. The realistic looking orifice was definitely attractive, and the texture was stimulating and thorough enjoyable (and when warmed up, feels incredibly life-life) and the addition of the flexible, squeezable case adds a new dimension of fun to the proceedings – it’s great being able to have more control over the sensations. Admittedly, the whole ‘Sword’ styling is a little corny (same goes for the ‘Sex In A Can’ toys) but if you look past that superficial issue, this could be one of the best Fleshlight/Fleshjack toys I’ve used, and possibly one of the best manual strokers I’ve used. High praise, indeed.

Where to buy

You can still order the Fleshjack SWORD from the following retailers: Harmony Store

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