When I tell you this review is long overdue; it’s an understatement. I’ve had these ZOLO products in my posession for SO LONG… but nowhere was selling them! It’s hard to make a recommendation if I can’t tell you where you can get it from?

And then, the incredible SheVibe came to my rescue. As I was casually browsing one afternoon, I spotted some new arrivals; hurrah! I can finally get the reviews going! So with a good excuse to dig them out and remind myself of what I thought of them, off I went to get my ZOLO on. Today, we are focusing on the StrokeMeister. When this arrived, I think this was the one I was most excited to try; as essentially it’s very similar to the classic TENGA Flips. Nothing revolutionary, but I was always very fond of the TENGA flips, but i’m also fully aware that TENGA tends to err on the pricier side.

So how did we get on? Well you’ll just have to pull up a chair and read on!

The ZOLO StrokeMeister was sent to us directly from XGENPRODUCTS, free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

First Impressions

My previous experience with ZOLO is… well, very interesting. I have to admit, my hopes were certainly not ‘up’ but I was quietly optimistic. When the package arrived, and I began to unbox our new goodies, I was pleasantly surprised at how well packaged everything was. Not quite up there with the TENGA hard plastic shells; but here we have an attractive blue study case with a magnetic flip lid. It’s got a certain air of elegance that I appreciated in my toy packaging.

The StrokeMeister is a squeezable masturbator; so there are pressure pads that you can squeeze during use to increase suction and enhance the sensation. It’s a plastic outer case with a TPE textured sleeve. The material is much firmer than on a TENGA, and isn’t as sticky. The case opens like a book to allow for easy cleaning; but what immediately stood out, was the fact the StrokeMeister can be completely disassembled for cleaning. This is a feature that before I even used it; I fully appreciated.

In Use

The StrokeMeister has a decent amount of ‘heft’ to it. If you have ever used a Fleshlight/Fleshjack/Flip Hole before; then the weight is extremely comparable. The entry hole is a non-descript ‘O’ shape. Applying lube is easy; simply open the case, drizzle in your desired amount of lubrication, close and then away you go. Immediately upon penetration; the firmer texture of the sleeve was very noticeable. Not in an unpleasant way; but I could immediately see this was going to be a slightly different experience than with a Flip Hole.

The pressure pads do a great job of squeezing and sucking you deeper into the StrokeMeister. All the nodules and bumps of the texture grip the shaft and just overall feels… really nice. It’s extremely noisy though; so if you aren’t a fan of all the squelching and slurping that can happen with toys like this; you may want to steer clear. Or invest in some ear plugs. You know, your choice.

There is nothing absolutely ground-breaking with a toy like this. Truthfully, the sensations of this and any other manual masturbator are pretty much the same. However I will say if you do prefer firmer stimulation; I certainly do think the StrokeMeister could be your new best friend. Every orgasm achieved with the StrokeMeister was satisfying and you know, that’s all I really ask from my masturbators. Can it get me off? Does it feel nice? Would I use it again? Yes, Yes and Yes.

My only concern is whether it’s appropriate for those penises that are bigger than 6″ in circumference. My husband, whilst still able to use it, did note that it was a little snug, so I worry that because there isn’t a lot of room for expansion (because the sleeve is much thicker); i’d be worried that thicker girths won’t be able to enjoy this the same. I cannot say for certain; but something to bear in mind if you happen to be blessed and are considering purchasing this toy.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Oh my god! Can I just say, it’s such a simple thing; but the fact I can completely disassemble this toy for cleaning makes me SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY. My biggest issue with the original Flip Holes; was the fact lube and bodily fluids could sometimes get trapped between the hard plastic and the sleeve; and you couldn’t take out the sleeve for cleaning.

The StrokeMeister, however; I can remove the sleeve so I can thoroughly ensure all liquids are completely gone before I put it away. It’s so easy as well; when you open the StrokeMeister, there are ‘straps’ that hold the sleeve in place. Simply unclip those, and the sleeve pops out. They even include a second set of clips inside the box, just incase. It’s the little touches like that, that elevate the StrokeMeister from an ‘OK’ product to something a bit more ‘need-worthy’.


All in all, my experience with the StrokeMeister has been an absolute pleasure. Firstly, it’s cheaper than most similar style masturbators; has a good firm texture for stimulation AND it comes apart for a good thorough clean; ensuring your StrokeMeister will be sucking and squeezing you for a long time to come.

I’d be very curious to see if this is a product that gets expanded on in the future; whether that’s offering a softer texture (or as you can remove the sleeves, what about being able to purchase different orifices/textures?). I can see a lot of potential with the StrokeMeister; it’s a product I can see myself reaching for often.

Where to Buy

Hurrah! The ZOLO StrokeMeister is now available from SheVibe for £57 (for what you are getting, I think that’s a pretty reasonable price).

The ZOLO StrokeMeister was sent to us directly from XGENPRODUCTS, free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you wish to support the work we do, please consider using these links to make your purchases. It doesn’t cost you any extra, and it helps us keep maintaining the blog (and getting products to review!).

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